EPDGTest App; 4 Quick Ways To Fix EPDGTest Has Stopped Error

EPDGTest App

EPDGTest App is also known as Evolved Packet Data Gateway is an essential factory-installed software on Samsung Android devices.

It plays a critical role in trusted and untrusted non-SGPP access network service delivery.

A lot of people have asked questions like is what is the com.sec.epdgapp package, is it malware, can it be trusted, is it secure, can it be disabled? And so on.

In this post, you will learn everything there is to know about the EDPG Test App.

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What is the Samsung Android EPDG Test App?

EPDG is the application that is responsible for the management of security and authentication via protocols such as proxy mobile IPv6 or IPSec/IKEv2.

Circuit-switched (CS) voice and packet-switched (PS) data communication are used in 2G and 3G network topologies.

However, for both voice and data, the 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network employs a single framework called Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

The Evolved Packet Data Gateway (EPDG) is a network entity that connects the EPC to non-3GPP networks that aren’t trusted.

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What is Com App Package on Android?

Com App Package is the package for EPDG on Android.

All Android apps have a unique package name that is used to identify them and contains vital files.

It is a critical component of the network architecture for the Third Generation Partnership Project’s LTE wireless communication designation for the standard organizations that develop mobile telecommunications protocols.

In a nutshell, it’s a test to see if Wi-Fi calling is possible, before placing a call.

The app just like other similar apps on Samsung android devices requires some permissions to run smoothly.

Android phone manufacturers are known for installing EPDG Apps on their phones.

Permissions Required by EPDG Test App

For the EPDG Test App to run properly on any smartphone, it requires some permissions such as phone, storage, etc.

However, Samsung being a top-rated phone maker because the EPDG Test service App is frequently installed on their devices does not need any permission to run this test apps because it comes with all of the essential permissions.

Is EPDG Test App Safe?

Yes, EPDG Application is a safe app, and it plays a critical role in checking and establishing your phone’s Wi-Fi calling availability, VoWiFi, and VoLTE technologies to see if voice and data are being transmitted safely.

It does not make use of your mobile data or your phone storage.

It just uses your system resources to do checks for specific technologies, thus it isn’t considered bloatware.

How To Fix com.sec.EPDG Has Stopped Error

When the error message com.sec.epdg Has Stopped appears unexpectedly, you may wonder what it signifies.

There are quite a few things that can cause this problem. Things like abruptly or aggressively closing the program.

Third-party battery saver apps might potentially create a problem while blocking the app from working.

It makes no difference what the problem is; you must address it as quickly as possible.

We’ve included a few suggestions to assist you in resolving the issue.

1. Flash The Stock Firmware

Firmware is data stored in the read-only memory (ROM) of a computer or other physical device (read-only memory).

It informs you of the right procedure to follow when operating the equipment. It works in the same way as other software.

If you’re a regular user, you won’t be able to delete or update it unless you utilize special software.

To get Firmware, follow the steps below;

1. Download and install the device driver: 

To begin, you must first download the device driver.

Then, on your Android phone, install it.

You don’t need to execute this step if you’re utilizing the Android root.

After that, you must go to the Samsung website and download it.

You can install the driver as soon as you finish the download procedure.

2. Copy the Stock ROM (Official/Original Firmware) to your computer:

The goal here is to download the original Stock ROM firmware and then set it up.

You can also look for the firmware on Samsung’s website, Google, or the XDA forum.

Select the one that applies to your device.

Then, on your Samsung or any other Android phone, unzip it to install the updates.

3. Get Odin installed on your computer:

Now it’s up to you to download Odin 3.13.1 to your personal computer and extract it.

Then you must save the file to your desired location.

After you’ve saved the file, select “Open as Administrator from the menu.

4. Start the device in download mode:

Turn off the device you’re using.

Then press and hold the power, home, and volume keys at the same time for several minutes.

After the gadget begins to vibrate, you must release the Power button.

Don’t let go of the volume control or the home key.

To access the ‘download mode’ option, use the volume up button.

5. Connect your device to your computer:

Odin must be able to recognize your phone automatically.

It displays the message “Added!” to let you know that it has detected your device.

There is a light blue box that must be used in conjunction with this.

At the ID: COM, the box says “COM:3.”

To put your phone into download mode, follow these instructions.

Select “AP” and “PDA” from the drop-down menus

Now it’s up to you to select “Start” to begin the flashing exercise.

You can try to factory reset your Android phone by navigating to the settings menu.

Keep in mind, though, that you should only do this if your smartphone is fully charged.

It’s best not to turn off your smartphone in the middle of a factory reset because this can cause


Erase Cache

Another way to fix com.sec.EPDG has Stopped Error is to Clear Cache.

Tap “Settings” and select “Apps” from the list.

Click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner.

Then click on “Show system apps” to open it.

Locate the “com.sec.epdg” and click on it.

To clear cache, go to “Storage” and then “Clear cache.”

Remove Untrusted Developers’ Third-Party Apps

Another method that has proved helpful in resolving com.sec.EPDG has Stopped Error is removing of programs from untrustworthy developers as well as any other unwanted apps.

It is possible that the problem could arise from third-party apps.

You can put your phone in safe mode to see if it’s a third-party app that’s creating the problem.

Because safe mode temporarily disables all third-party apps, if you no longer get the “com.sec.epdg has stopped notification” after booting into safe mode, the problem is most likely caused by other apps.

Then you can remove the apps.

Follow the steps below to put your phone in safe mode;

First, turn off your smartphone.

Then, press and hold the Power button until it comes up.

Next, release the Power button and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.

This will put your phone in safe mode and on the bottom left of your screen, you should now notice “Safe Mode.”

Factory Reset Your Mobile Phone

It is important to note that factory resetting your device will cause you to lose all your data.

So it is advised you backup your information before embarking on a factory reset.

To reset your smartphone, simply follow the instructions below;

1. Go to Settings: First, go to Settings and open it. 

This is the location where you may control the reset option.

You’ll find all of the critical tools you’ll need right here.

2. Select ‘General management’ from the drop-down menu:

Your task is to navigate to this option and then open it.

You’ll find everything you need to restore your smartphone to factory settings right here.

3. Select “Reset” from the drop-down menu:

To begin the reset procedure, press the ‘Reset button.

4. Select “Factory data reset” from the drop-down menu:

It’s now up to you to select this choice.

It will assist you in understanding how to set up the procedure while the phone is being pulled

from the factory.

In this instance, the device will prompt you to enter your password.

You should be aware that when you perform a factory reset, all of your data is permanently erased.

As a result, it is preferable to retain a backup of all your data on your device.

It is possible to disable EPDG Test App?

This section answered the question Can I Disable EPDG Test App?

EPDGTestApp is a system app that can be turned off with the Package Disabler app.

It is a very handy tool that aids in device security.

But because it is not a malicious program, there’s no need to uninstall it.

However, if you wish to have it uninstalled, you need to be a user with different system encryption, because it cannot be disabled in the same way that other third-party apps are disabled.

Also, it is recommended you block it first before attempting to delete it.

It can be blocked with the Titanium Backup app, or any other similar app built for that purpose.

Package Disabler software can be used to disable it because it has the ability to disable/uninstall certain system applications that are otherwise impossible to disable.

How to use the Service Disabler app to disable EPDGTestApp.

On your Samsung mobile, download and install the Service Disabler app.

Search for “EpdgTestApp” using the top bar’s Search button.

Disable the EpdgTestApp app by selecting it and tapping the Disable button.

Select “OK” or “Yes” to confirm your selection.

However, it is not suggested that you disable the EpdgTestApp because it is critical system software that could cause problems while testing your device’s wireless connection capabilities.

Final Thoughts

EPDGTest App is a system app on Samsung android phones that is responsible for establishing a network connection before placing a wi-fi connection.

Com App Package is a unique ID name for EPDG.

It is not a virus or malware.

There are a number of things that can make this EPDGTEST App to stop working, but the good news is that it can be fixed.