4 Simple Ways To Search Chrome History By Date | Google Chrome History By Date

Search Chrome History by Date

How To Search Chrome History By Date.

Are you looking for a way to search chrome history by date, or to filter your Google search history, so as to find old browsing history?



If yes, then continue reading.

The default Google Chrome browser History page can be very helpful in locating browsing history, however, it is missing something very important;  it is not possible to jump to a specific date there.

And that is what this post is about.

In this article, you will learn how to search for a specific date in Chrome history, and find Google search history by date.

Let’s go.

How To Search Chrome History By Date



In other to find old browsing history by date, you will need to follow any of the three methods listed in the post.

1.Use Google My Activity to see Chrome history by date

At this stage, you might be asking what is Google My Activity?

Well, it is a tool used by Google to tracks your activity any time you make use of their product or service.

This tool is always active, it is useful as long as you logged in to your Google account. It works for both mobile and desktop devices.

So, to use Google My Activity to find your chrome history date and time on android, iOS, or PC, follow the simple steps below;

1. Visit the Google My Activity page, and click on the ‘Filter by date & product’ button. You may choose to include some queries.



2.Select a specific date or date range.

3.Then on the Filter by Google Product section, Check the Chrome box from the list, and click on the Apply button.

4.Now, your Chrome history will be displayed in chronological order. Google will arrange them based on category.

5. To see more details of each, click on the category.

If you are confused with the bundled style, just click on the hamburger menu, and select Item view. It will change to another look for easy navigation.

2. Use The Chrome History View Application To search Chrome history by date

Another way to see Chrome History for a specific date is by Running the ChromeHistoryView.exe application.

To do this, simply press the F9 key to start the Advanced Options in the Window.



Then check the load only the URL visited in the last ”choose the required date or time range”.

You can also type the last day’s number to view the History in Chrome.

Once you are done, click on the ‘‘OK ” button, and the selected date/time range will be displayed by the Chrome History View.

3.Use The Chrome History Extension To search Chrome history by date

There is yet another method, which is the use of Chrome History by Date Extension.

It is a 367 KB extension navigates your browsing history date, and allows you to browse your history by date, instead of scrolling infinitely.

It is an open-source extension, and as such doesn’t act as spyware. It also respects your privacy. * Navigate…

It does a lot of other things like calculating the total number of hours spent online daily, Filter out specific domains, etc.

4.Use The Chrome History Trends To View History By Date



The Google Chrome History Trends is a productivity tracking tool equipped with a “time-machine” feature that allows viewing your browser history data from present to the past 100 days.

To use it simply click on the extension’s icon, on the Top 10 Busiest Days then click View Top 100.

From there, you can choose the date up to the last 100days.


Yes, I have listed the 4 different ways to search history based on the date on Google Chrome.

However, I recommend Google My Activity services owing to the accuracy of the data, and ease of Navigation.

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