7 Ways to Protect Your Lawn from Damage

Protect Your Lawn
Protect Your Lawn

Everyone loves to keep up with the maintenance of their lawn, and one thing that can turn out to be the real nuisance in that matter is unwanted birds. Not only can they ruin your garden, but they can also make things a bit difficult for you to keep up with.

This might especially be the case when you have sown any sort of seeds in your garden, as the birds will leave patches or make your lawn completely bare. For this very reason, it is significant for you to take precautionary steps in time to protect your lawn from intruding birds.



This begins with making a choice of a number of suitable protective measures you can take in time. Whether it is about setting up a fence around your lawn or using several other non-toxic ways to keep the birds away, here are some of the many ways you can protect your lawn from getting damaged.

Visual Deterrents

Birds like geese can turn out to be one of the biggest threats your lawn might be facing, which becomes quite a frustrating issue for most homeowners to deal with. However, taking adequate steps to scare away the birds can certainly help you to achieve your purpose without having to get into much hassle.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to repel or scare birds away from your garden is using several different kinds of visual deterrents, such as predator decoys, scarecrows, or any other plastic animal that will help you to solve the problem easily.

You can also put your consideration into using reflective items like hanging shiny items around your fence or using old CDs/DVDs that will reflect light and repel birds away from your lawn. As birds are pretty sensitive to harsh lights, this trick will certainly help you to keep them away from your plants.

Repellent Sprays

Another one of the many humane and non-toxic ways to keep the intruders like geese away from your garden without causing any damage to the wildlife is by using any type of repellent spray. This method is also used by a number of farmers to keep birds away from their fields.



The best part about this type of geese deterrent spray is that this would not cause any kind of harm to the animals and would still keep them away by creating a strong, pungent smell that most birds and other similar species do not really like.

This will also stop any damage that might be caused to your plants and lawn because of birds entering this space. You can simply spray your lawn and its surrounding areas to stop the geese or any other birds from entering your garden and ruining it.

Noise Technique

Another one of the many non-toxic and practical techniques to keep the birds away from your lawn is by using the basic noise deterrent technique. This will undoubtedly help you to keep the birds away without having to cause any harm to0 these wildlife animals.

Most of the time, apart from sharp light and smell, another thing that birds are sensitive to is tingling noise, which is why they are reluctant to land in a setting that has a noisy surrounding. This means that you can use this factor to protect your lawn.

You can try to consider hanging several wind chimes with iron or steel bars that will create a noise every time a breeze of air passes by them. Having the clinking sound of these chimes around your garden area will keep the birds away from your lawn. You can also use ultrasonic noise machines to fulfill the need.

Alternative Foods

The lawn or garden area is one of the places in your house where your hobby of planting or gardening can come in handy as you can grow many vegetables, fruits, flowers, and several other food seeds here by taking extra care of everything.



However, one potential threat to your garden seeds can be unwanted birds or geese around your area. For this very reason, one of the many solutions to get rid of them without having to use any harmful techniques is by offering them alternative food options.

By providing the birds to prey on something else other than your garden seeds, you can attract them to alternate options and keep them away from your plants. This will let you keep your grass seeds and newly sown plants remain unaffected and fully germinated within a shorter period of time.

Bird Netting

No matter if you have just started planting new seeds or already have properly developed plants on your lawn, there are a number of ways you might have to adopt in order to protect your garden and grass from the unwanted intrusion of birds.

So to deal with this major issue, another thing you can try to secure your lawn from wildlife is by using the method of netting the premises of your lawn. It will not only cover your plants but will also aid you in protecting them from hungry animals or birds.

You can also find these bird nettings easily from any of your nearest gardening shops or by searching online. Once you have that, all you would need to do is to use this netting around your lawn in order to create a barrier around your plants or seeds.

Motion Sprinklers

Whether it is about public parks or private house lawns, you must have often seen those little water hoses placed around the grass. These water hoses are not only a successful method of watering the plants but can also be used as a great technique to stop any kind of bird damage to the garden.



Things can get even more interesting when combined with some tech-savvy strategies. For example, you can also use motion-activated sprinklers on your lawn that will automatically shower your plants when something moves around them.

This means that every time geese or any other birds will try to enter and hijack your lawn, it will be instantly activated and start sprinkling water all over the lawn. This will not only scare away the birds but will also keep humans away from stepping on your grass.

Guard Dogs

If you think that nothing else is actually working in your favor or you do not want to spend some extra cash on the repellent stuff, another one of the many non-toxic and efficient ways to keep the birds away from your garden is by getting a guard dog.

You must have often heard the term, “ A dog is a man’s best friend.” Contrary to that, dogs are also not such big fans of birds, which is why they are a great way to protect your lawn by scaring away the birds who try to come close to it.

Keeping a dog on your lawn will help you to find an effective solution to the problem without making much effort, as every time a dog sees any bird, it will start jumping, running, or barking around that, which will keep birds away.


In order to sum it all up, all these above-described methods will help you to stop birds from ruining your lawn by stepping on it, digging it, or feeding on your plants. You can also search for other similar methods over the internet to find the most suitable solution to your problem in an effective manner and protect your lawn without having to worry much.

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