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Is AIM email still functional, and how do I access my AIM email?

The fact that AIM Mail is no longer active has caused a lot of users to get frustrated.

AIM mail, on the other hand, is no longer functional due to the email service’s notification that it will be removed from the list of email service providers.
On December 17, 2017, the email service provider announced that users would no longer be able to access the service.

Meanwhile, the most interesting news is that AOL Mail has purchased the email service.

As a result, any access using the site address will take you to the new AOL Mail.

AOL Mail is one of the most popular email service providers.

It is a free web-based email service provider that is one of the top email service providers.

The development of AOL Mail allows for easy email management by allowing you to organize and access all of your emails from a single platform using the AOL Mail mobile app.

How to Login to Your AIM Mail Account

The day the email service provider informs that its email service will be disconnected.

It put out a short video to its users saying goodbye to the service.

As a result, using the AOL service to access AIM Mail is the only way to do so.

The steps are as follows:

1.Go to to access the AIM Mail login page, which will take you to the official AOL page.

2.Then, at the top of the page, click the Login symbol.

3.After that, click Next and input your email address.

4.Then click Login and enter your account password.

If you try the following approach and are still unable to access your account, please contact us.

That means you’ll have to forget about the account and choose a new email service provider, such as AOL Mail to which you’ve been advised to log in.

How to Access Your AIM Mail Account via POP or IMAP

To access your free AIM Mail account in any email client, use IMAP settings.

1.Check to see if your email program supports IMAP accounts.

2.For the IMAP (incoming mail) server, type

3.For the IMAP login, use your AOL Mail login name.

4.For the IMAP password, use your AOL password.

5.If IMAP SSL/TLS is necessary, select yes.

6.For the IMAP port, type 993.

7. For the Outgoing Mail Server, type

8.For the SMTP port, type 465.

9.Finish the setting in your email program.

Using POP to Access Your AIM Mail Account in Your Email Program: General Settings

POP access may be perfect for you if you prefer to download all of your mail and save it locally on your computer.

1.Enter for the POP (incoming mail) server to download mail from your AIM Mail account into your email software via POP.

2.For your AOL Mail login name, use your AOL email address.

3.For the POP password, use your AOL password.

4.If POP SSL/TLS is necessary, select yes.

5.For the POP port, type 995.

6.For the Outgoing Mail Server, type (SMTP).

7.For the SMTP port, type 465.

8.Finish the setting in your email program.

AIM Mail is wrapped in a distinctly friendly, engaging, and functional web-based experience at, almost as if it were on the desktop.
AIM Mail resembles a desktop application in terms of drag-and-drop functionality, fresh mail announcements, and other features. It is not, however, desktop software.

Still Faster on the Desktop: IMAP and POP Access

AIM Mail has very practical solutions that give you the best of both worlds: IMAP and POP access.

If you miss the speed, richness of functionality, and offline access of a desktop email client, AIM Mail offers very practical solutions that give you the best of both worlds: IMAP and POP access.

With AIM Mail IMAP access, you can see all of the folders and messages that you see on the web in your desktop email client.

When you read an email message in your email client, it will also be marked as read on the web, and vice versa. Everything just works and stays in sync without any effort on your part.

Alternative Email Service Provider to Join

I do not have an AIM Mail account, thus I have no idea if you can access yours.

If you are unable to log into your AIM Mail account. You can try out the following email service providers:

• Gmail
• Yahoo Mail
Outlook Mail
• AOL Mail.

You can, however, register an account on the relevant email website.

Furthermore, once you’ve registered a new email address, you’ll be able to contact your colleague.

Can you Still Download AIM Mail App?

A lot of people are still trying to figure out how to get the AIM Mail app.

AIM Mail, like the AIM Mail mobile app, is no longer available, as I previously stated.

As a result, AIM Mail has been renamed AOL Mail.

As a result, the AOL Mail app can be downloaded to your smartphone.

To download the AOL Mail app:

1.You can access the mobile app store from any internet-connected device.

2.Then, using the search box, look for the application and press enter.

3.After that, you have the option to choose Install or Get.

The next stage, on the other hand, is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Finally, you can use the mobile app to login into your AIM account or create a new AOL email account after installing the app.

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