How To Fix Accidental Touch Protection Not Working –Samsung Phone

Accidental touch protection is the answer to unintended screen touch.

Accidental touch protection.

Accidental touch protection is the answer to unintended screen touch. Ever wondered what accidental touch protection is? Or why it is important?



If yes, please sit back and read this article. In this post, I’ll be giving a detailed explanation of what accidental touch protection is, how to turn it on and off, how to fix accidental touch protection etc.

By the end of this post, you will get the necessary information you need to fix Samsung accidental touch protection keeps popping up. If you already have the touch protection enabled on your phone, I will advise you to continue reading, because you will learn a thing or two that might be helpful to you.

Alright, let’s get started.


Accidental Touch Protection is a unique feature added to Samsung phones to prevent unwanted or unplanned dials. It keeps the screen inactive when in a dark place and prevents inadvertent calls and messages. Sometimes this unintended pressing or touching ends up locking the screen due to repeated entry of the wrong pin. It also reduces battery life.

You can turn the accidental touch protection on or off, depending on your preference. Even though the touch protection feature drains the battery, it is strongly recommended that you turn it on at all times.



Follow the steps below to turn on accidental touch protection.

Accidental Touch Protection Turn Off

This is how to turn off the accidental touches feature on your Samsung Galaxy. This feature blocks accidental touches on your screen, and  stops the screen from being used as a touch phone screen or  sensor button. Settings > Display settings >  enable block accidental touches.

From the Top of the Screen, Swipe down the notification panel.

Select the gear icon in the Settings menu.

Select the Display option.

Toggle off Accidental touch protection by scrolling down until you see it.




To prevent any unintentional screen touches while your phone is stashed away, it is advised you enable the Accidental touch protection. This amazing feature is located in your device’s settings and is not turned on by default, so you need to enable it first.

To turn it on, simply navigate to Settings, then search and select Accidental touch protection.

Click on the slider next to Accidental touch protection to turn it on.

The colour will change to show that it is on.

If you follow the above-listed steps, great! Your Samsung screen will no longer respond to accidental touches when it’s in a dark place.


If your Samsung phone still registers touches after enabling the accidental touch protection even while stash away in your pocket or bag, it could be that your Samsung accidental touch protection is not working.



The issue can be software related, or edge screen touch. Whatever be the reason, don’t worry it can be fixed. To fix the issue of accidental touch protection keeps popping up, simply  follow any of the options below;

  • To prevent the issue of unplanned clicks after enabling accidental screen touch or touch protection, simply turn off the screen manually before stashing your phone into your pocket, purse, or bag.

To do this, press the Power button once and the screen will be turned off.

Considering that edge screen touch has been identified as a major cause of accidental touch issue not working, this happens when the side screen or edge of the phone is tapped mistakenly.

  • To fix this simply turn off the edge screen feature on your phone.

To do this, navigate to Settings, open it, and click on Display.

Select the Edge screen.

Click the slider for both Edge panels and Edge lighting to OFF.

  • There is yet another way to fix the issue of touch protection not working. This is by updating the software and installing the updated version.
  • If accidental touch protection keeps popping up or refuses to work, it might be software related, and this will require a factory reset.

But before you start a factory reset, it is recommended you back up all your data, because this action will revert the software setting of the phone to default.



After backing up your data, go to Setting App and open it.

Click General Management.

Click on Reset, then select data reset from the options. ( Your PIN might be required at this stage).

Click Reset and wait for the process.

When the process is completed, a confirmation window will be displayed to confirm the action, and you are done.

Have you encountered the issue of accidental touch protection popping up, or not working,   How did you solve it?

please let us know in the comment section.



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