Airpod Microphone Not Working -8 Quick Fixes

Fix Airpod Microphone Not Working

Airpod Microphone Not Working -Is your airpod giving you issues such that it has stopped picking sound, intermittent call dropping, or does your conversation sounds garbled?

There could be a number of things that cause your airpod microphone to stop working.  Things like dirt inside microphone
holes and poorly setup settings are some of the causes. If your AirPods mic isn’t working, it might be because they aren’t fully charged.
Software issues, Minor faults or malfunctions can also prevent things from functioning properly. In fact, it might still be technically”
 operational,  but with an extremely, low output—such that the person you are communicating with cannot hear you.

Why is my Airpods Microphones Not Working?

There are three possibilities that could be causing this issue:



1) The battery might be low and needs to be charged; The operation of the microphone could be disrupted if the battery is low.

2) The Airpods may have lost Bluetooth connection with the device or they may not be in range of the device’s Bluetooth signal.

3) There may be something blocking the Airpod’s microphone from picking up sound, such as hair or earwax.

4) Software Issues.

How To Fix Airpod Microphone Not Working

1. Charge The Airpod’s Battery:

If your AirPods batteries are almost drained, or not fully charged,  this is probably the reason it’s mic is not working.  Your AirPods won’t function as well as they would when fully charged if they run out of battery. AirPods that are almost dead may lose volume control, device connectivity, or microphone power.
Check the charge on your AirPods case while holding it next to your iPhone before continuing. To see whether it fixes your microphone issues, try charging your AirPods.  If your AirPods aren’t charging, then try the next step.

2. Restart Your iPhone



To fix sporadic connectivity issues that prevent your iPhone from correctly identifying the input audio from your AirPods, you may try rebooting the phone. In some cases, the issue might be with your iPhone and not your Airpods, and rebooting the phone has proven to be a simple and an effective to get this fixed.

Simply turn off your phone, wait for 30 -45 seconds,, then turn it back on. This will restart your phone and all of its connections, and it’s usually sufficient to make your AirPods’ microphone functional once more.

3. Clean Your Airpods to Get Rid of Any Dirt

The mic on your AirPods may occasionally become covered in earwax or other gunk, muffleing or even entirely obstructing your voice. 
Regularly check and clean the mic on your AirPods.
It’s easy to remove debris and crud from your AirPods. 
However, since you’re working with delicate electronics, you need to be certain that you’re cleaning them properly.
To carefully remove filth and dirt off your AirPods, use clean, dry toothbrush or an item of similar nature. 
In the same manner that you would clean out your physical ears, you can also use Q-Tip to clean out your AirPods.
Just be careful not to use any water or soap, since doing so will simply exacerbate the obstruction and put the speakers in danger of being irreversibly harmed.



4. Update Your iPhone

Another issue that prevents the AirPods microphone from functioning properly is problems with theiPhone’s system software. 
Try to update your software and this can help too. To do that, go to SettingsGeneral Software Update.



5. Put Your AirPods Back in the Case and Reconnect

Most audio issues with your AirPods can be fixed by reconnecting to your iPhone, especially if they were working properly just
moment ago. Reconnecting your AirPods to your device is another quick and simple solution for the microphone issue on your

To do this, simply put  your AirPods back in  smartcase ( Charging case), and close the lid, then bring them out again and insert them into your ears. Your AirPods and device shouldbe reconnected by now. Check the microphone on your Airpods once more to confirm the issue has been fixed. 

6. Reset Your iPhone’s Network Settings
AirPods microphone problems might also be caused by incorrect iPhone network settings. 
Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then choose General Transfer or Reset iPhone Reset Reset Network Settings to try to reset them



7. Check the Active Microphone Settings

You airpod is designed to work even if you have only one earbud in,  thanks to the microphones built into the AirPods.
However, there may be an issue with your settings if you notice your microphone only works in one ear. 
When using just one earbud, the AirPods microphone should automatically swap between them, but this setting can be altered.
To find out if your AirPods are set up to use both mics, check the active microphone setting. If it is not on automatic switch please update it.
To update the settings on your AirPods microphone, follow these steps:
Select” Bluetooth” from the Settings menu, then Click on the Info button next to your AirPods.
Click on Microphone.”
Three options are available for the AirPods’ microphone settings:
Select ”Automatic AirPod Switching” to allow your AirPods choose the best microphone for the situation at hand.
The other two options will only make use of your left or right AirPod’s microphone.
Change your settings to Automatically Switch” if they don’t already indicate that.
8. Update the AirPods Firmware
The AirPods microphone may stop operating due to outdated firmware. 
To view your current Firmware Version, go to Settings General About AirPods.
Try updating the firmware if you notice an outdated version number (the AirPods Wikipedia page is great resource for finding the most recent version).
To do that, plug in your AirPods to charging station and place them next to your internet-connected iPhone. 
After 30 minutes, check back again; they ought to have updated.

9. Reset Your AirPods and Reconnect

Resetting your AirPods before reconnecting them to device is another method that has proven to be effective in fixing Airpod not working.
Close the charging case’s cover after placing your AirPods inside and wait for 30 seconds.
Leave your AirPods inside the charging case as you open it.
Go to Settings on your iPhone and select Bluetooth.
Tap the info icon next to AirPods Tap Forget This Device.
Confirm Forget Device.
Confirm Forget Device again.
Once the status light becomes amber, press and hold the Status button on the charging case  for few seconds.
You’ve done resetting them, so that’s it.
Now place your iPhone close to the charging case and tap Connect Done (or remove your AirPods Max from their Smart Case).



10. Repair Your AirPods or Get a Replacement

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked, your AirPods are probably broken. 
You might have potentially damaged the mics if you frequently drop your AirPods.
You may need to replace your AirPods. You might just have to swallow the bullet and buy new AirPods if  you consider it essential.


A bad AirPods with broken microphone is terrible especially for phone calls, Facetime, or Zoom. 
Fortunately, there are several ways to fix  your AirPods microphone.
Feel free to experiment with the list above and let us know your experience.

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