Avant Credit Card Login | How To Sign Up And Activate Avant Master Card

avant credit card

Avant credit card helps pay for what you need while building your credit.

Avant is a personal lending company that provides access to unsecured and secured standard consumer instalment loans using an Avant twist.

For some past years now, I have used Avant credit card and their loan and I can boldly say that it is the best lending online platform I have ever come across though they have a certain fair and bad credit limit to the borrowers of (689 or lower FICO).

Most Avant customers have a credit score between 600 and 700. So if you are short on cash and you are looking for how and where to acquire a loan for a need then I will advise you to try Avant.

They are known for their quick funds delivery compared to other platforms, and the card has a credit score between 600 and 700′ FICO.

Avantcard DAC is a designated activity incorporated company in Ireland under the number 541980 with a registered office at Dublin Road, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim.

Avant treats your data with the ultimate care in a way that restricts access to third parties using the encrypt method. You may want to refer to the Avant privacy policy notice for more clarity on this.


  1. They are transparent with original charges fee no other hidden charges.
  2. They are affordable
  3. Loan flexibility
  4. Good customer service
  5. A fast mobile App that’s allows borrowers to make payments at ease, observe their payment history, and adjusting of payment dates.
  6. Zero amount required during deposit
  7. Zero fraud liability for unauthorized charges.

Note: Avant does not offer direct payments to creditors.

A four-year $10,000 with a 21.8% APR would have a monthly payment of about $314. But you could pay $5,072 in total interest paid on the loan.


If you have some difficulties that you can’t handle along, you might want to contact the customer support team with;

Email: support@avant.com

Call: (800-712-5407)

For credit card complaints;

Email: creditcards@avant.com

Call: (855-752-7012)


  1. In terms of the application process; it is very easy and fast to use.
  2. Strong credit with responsible uses.
  3. A 24/7 best-in-class online payments portal.
  4. They have a secure loan option.
  5. Cash transfer made easy.


To login into your Avant account, head to the main Avant website, once you are on the webpage, Insert your email and password then click on login.

If you are new to Avant then you will need to sign up for an Avant account here.

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Your Avant credit card can be activated online once you received your credit card by easily referring to avant when you are on the card activation page continue and by clicking the “LOG IN” button at the top of the page.

Since you haven’t registered the card yet, click on the “Not registered yet link that will display on the page after clicking Log In. Then insert all the details you provided during your application for the card that includes;

  1. Your credit limits details and your account number or credit.

After the process,  a welcome message will pop up on the home page where your new card image will display select your service then finally click on ” Activate my card” You have completed your Avant credit card activation successfully.


Avant is a fast personal loan company, that gives personal loans with competitive rate to both fair and bad-credit borrowers.

The company has the ability to fund a loan as quickly as the next business day.


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