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Channel 131, popularly written as Chan 131, or Ch131 is a platform, where users watch TV shows online for free.

So if you want a website for free TV shows4mobile, Chan 131 is suitable for it.



It is a reliable and safe website that provides free access to recent movies.

Aside from Ch131, there are a plethora of sites where you can view and even download TV shows online without having to pay for them.

So in this post, I will show you everything you need to know and how to download and watch free TV shows online, and their alternatives.

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Channel 131Tv Review | Tvshows4mobile

Channel 131 all in one place for TV shows.



Chan131 focuses on TV shows, however, they have other categories like TV shows, movies, and music, albeit the last two are not yet live at the time of writing.

The TV shows are further categorized into two: TV shows airing today, and recently added TV shows.

The TV shows Airing Today and recently added TV shows can be accessed currently on their homepage via

Channel 131 TV Shows Airing Today.

On Channel131’s homepage, you will find the TV shows Airing for that day, just like the name implies.

This information is always updated.

Immediately after the TV shows Airing today is the particular day of the week the show will be displayed



TV programs are shown on certain days of the week, this information is also provided on the page.

The TV shows airing today are immediately followed by a list of television programs to be presented or displayed on that day immediately.

Channel 131 Recently Added TV Shows

This section of the homepage shows the recently added Tv shows just like the name implies.

You can view the most recent updates and their episodes in the area.

You might choose to watch from the same session.

It’s that simple to get through Channel 131.       



The interesting part is that even though the site displays only TV shows for free, being a member grants you access to more recent content

Channel 131Features

Some of the amazing features of channel 131 are listed below.

Thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from.

An easy-to-use Interface.

Upcoming shows are always advertised on their home page.

Regular File update.



They exclusively show TV series and movies.

You may watch and download free TV series and movies.

Ch131 Alternatives

Considering that the ch 131 movies section is not active at least for now, you may want to consider any of its alternatives.

There are a lot of channel 131 movie alternatives, where you can get both TV series and movies. 

Some of them are listed below; 







How To Watch TV owShs On Channel 131

It’s quite easy to watch online TV shows on channel 131.

It’s simply a few simple steps to watch TV shows on Ch131 online.

However, to avoid making a mistake, follow the instructions below to watch your favorite TV show on Ch131.



1.Go to the Ch131 official website @, and select your desired TV show episode.

2.Tap on any server tabs under the description. 

For instance; type ‘Berlin Station‘, and choose between Vshare, Vidlox, Vidoza, and Openloa.

 To download any TV show, including the one you’re watching on Channel 131, simply select the Vidlox server option and then press on the video player.

3.Once any of the video players has been selected and shown, simply click on the p0lay button.

4.It’ll just take a few seconds, and then it’ll be done! 

Your television show will begin to air. 


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