5 Quick Fixes For ChromeContinue From Where You Left Off Not Working

5 Quick Fixes For ChromeContinue From Where You Left Off Not Working

Google ChromeContinue – How To Quickly Fix ChromeContinue Where You Left Off

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers out there, especially for those who spend hours on their computer.

It has a very beautiful feature that sets it apart from other web browsers, and that is its ability to remember what you were doing on a certain website and continue the action once you return.

When you are browsing the web, Chrome will automatically save all of your open tabs in a special section called “Continue where you left off”.

This is very helpful because if for some reason your computer crashes or closes unexpectedly, then when you come back to Chrome it will remember what pages were open.

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What is ChromeContinue Where You Left Off?

 Google Chrome is an amazing function known as “Continue where you left off” that allows you to pick up where you left off.

It enables users to access all tabs and pages that were open the previous time Chrome failed if your computer went down suddenly.

Users who do not wish to lose their data or web pages they were browsing due to an abrupt PC shutdown can benefit from this functionality.

ChromeContinue where you left off” used to operate fine, but recently some users discovered that the feature no longer works, and that it does not reopen previously opened tabs.

They are looking for a way to solve ChromeContinue where you left off.

Importance Of ChromeContinue

Google ChromeContinue has some import functions which are worthy of note;

1Restoration/recovery of previous session; Even though previous session recovery can be done via cached data or history,  the use of ChromeContinue is also a good option.

Infact that is the most important function of ChromeContinue where you left off, thereby making it possible for one to pick up from where they left off with browsing.

2.It allows users to continue their browsing on other devices or migrate from one device to the next.

3.ChromeContinue does not need the use of any additional software for it to do its job, rather it has a built-in App.

Also, we’ll learn about some of the extra applications that will make it easier for you to use chromeContinue.


This is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions for transferring your previous session from one device to another.

It doesn’t even require any additional software in order to perform better.


To keep surfing the net with any other device, you must synchronize your email address across all of your devices.

Furthermore, if you restart your Browser, you will be unable to resume from where you left off.

Having covered the fundamentals of the Google Chrome continue features, let move on to

some of the strategies for putting it to work.

Causes of ChromeContinue Where You Left Off Not Working

As previously stated, the option to continue where you left off does not always work for a small but considerable percentage of people.

We strongly advise you Clear the cache in your browse, and it has been identified as the chief culprit in this issue.

To Clear The Cache Follow this simple guide.

Cache can cause ChromeContinue where you left feature not malfunction, which can be fixed by clearing cache.

To do this, simply navigate to the Setting icon on your device, then locate Advance under it.

Next click on more option, then locate clearing browsing data, and click on it.

From the options, check the following; Cookies, other site data, Caches images and files.

Please save all work because you will be logged out of all sites.

After that, reopen a few tabs and windows before shutting down to test if they Continue where you left off option works.

Secondly it could be a device or account issue, so please try to login with a different account.

5 Easy Ways To Fix ChromeContinue Not Working

If the either of steps above does not fix the issue, then we will advise you try one of the options below.

1. Update The Chrome Software

Anytime you are faced with the issues Chrome Continue not working, simply go to About Chrome section, and verify if you have the most recent version.

First, Open the Google Chrome browser.

Next, tap on the 3 vertical dots at the top right side, from there navigate to Settings.

Then select “Update Chrome” from the options.

This will automatically update chrome to the latest version.

Alternatively, you can visit Google Play Store, and search for chrome, then update from there.

2. Re-enable The Feature

Several users have reported progress by disabling and re-enabling the ChromeContinue feature.

Launch Settings and type in the phrase “continue where you left off” in the search box.

Uninstall it, exit Chrome, restart your computer, and then enable it again after a few moments. Please double-check.

3. Allow The Chrome Browser To Run in the Background.

You can restrict an app’s ability to operate in the background in Microsoft Windows.

Because Google Chrome may not have the appropriate permissions to run in the background, we must manually grant it those access.

To accomplish this.

Click Settings in the lower left corner of the Start menu.

Select Privacy from the drop-down menu and select Background apps from the list.

Ensure the Allow Apps to run in the background is turned on.

Also, make sure that the toggle for Google Chrome is turned on.

4.Disable All Extension

Many high-tech sites, particularly instructional ones, rely heavily on extensions these days.

Aside from that, it provides revolutionary features that allows you to accomplish a lot with your browser.

However, some extensions contain problems that influence the functionality of other extensions as well as the browser’s general performance.

As a result, removing all extensions will fix ChromeContinue where you left off.

Here’s how to turn off all of your extensions:

Go to Chrome’s Settings menu.

Now navigate to Advanced Tools and then to Extensions.

Finally, select Deactivate All from the drop-down menu.

That concludes our discussion of the ChromeContinue where you left off patch.

We hope this information was helpful in resolving the issue.

5.Use 3rd Party Extensions

This method involves the use of a Chrome extension to preserve all of your tabs so that when you restart the Chrome browser, they’ll all be open. This is how you do it:

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser on your System.
  2. Navigate to Chrome Web Store, and search for “ChromeContinue where you left off”.
  3. Wait for it to open, then Select “Add to Chrome’’.
  4. Once you have done this, whenever you launch the Google Chrome, the last site you visited will open first.

Alternatively, you can launch your browser, the use the three vertical dots at the top right side of the browser, then go to Settings > More Tools Extension.

6. Uninstall and Re-install the The Chrome Browser Software

Another way to fix the issues of ChromeContinue not working is by uninstalling and re-installing the software on your device.

This procedure, however, may be a little difficult, but it is particularly very effective because it installs new updates and removes all issues while doing a fresh installation.

To do this simply Open the Control Panel on your system.

Navigate to Uninstall a Program, then click on Google Chrome, next choose Uninstall.

Then go to Google play Store, or Google Chrome official site and install a new Chrome browser.

7. Avoid Creating A shortcut

Many users prefer to use the Create Shortcut option, which allows you to store a direct link to a web page to your computer’s desktop.

It’s very useful, but there’s a catch.

Chrome is confused for some reason, resulting in Continue where I left off not working.

You can bookmark the website or pin it to a tab instead of creating a shortcut.

The web page will open every time you open Chrome once you pin it.

To pin a tab, right-click on it. To bookmark a page, click the star icon in the address bar.

8.Installing Chrome with an old profile.

Create a backup of the Default folder using the folder structure shown below.

That’s where your bookmarks and other data are saved in your Chrome profile.

If you have multiple profiles, they will be saved under the names Default, Profile 1, and so on.

Ensure to back up everything.


User Information

Chrome may be uninstalled through the Control Panel’s Uninstall or modify a program section.

Reload Chrome and recover the profile folder you created in the previous step.

When prompted, select Replace all files to restore all of your Chrome data.

Try once more to check if the Continue where you left off feature is now working.

9.Restart the program and Run it As Administrator.

Now that we know how to fix Chrome Continue Where You Left Off, we can attempt this method.

When you set any software to Run as Administer mode, you give it complete control over your computer and allow it to make changes straight to your windows.

It’s also risky to provide third-party or unknown apps access to your data because they could steal it.

However, we all know Chrome is a Google product, so we can trust it, and it’s safer to do so.

To run Chrome in administrator mode, follow these steps.

Go to your Home computer’s desktop.

Select Run as Administrator from the context menu when you right-click on Chrome.

A warning will be displayed. To continue, select Yes to enable this app to make modifications to your device.

That’s all there is to it; Chrome will now launch automatically.

Check to see if the ChromeContinue where you left off function is operational.