Windows 7 Clipboard Manager | How To Access The Clipboard In Windows 7

Clipboard in windows 7
windows 7 clipboard

Windows 7 Clipboard

Windows clipboard, your vital assistant when it comes to lifting large data or information from one source to another.

If you have been thinking about Windows clipboard, how to view it or how to clear it; then you might need to pause, grab a seat, and read without disturbance.

In a few minutes, we will be looking at the windows clipboard, and how to view its content.

First, I will start by explaining what a clipboard is, after which I will look at how to download clipboard for windows 7.
Next, I will talk about how to view the content of a clipboard and finally how to delete the content of a clipboard.

Yep, that’s all I’ll be talking about in the post. But I’ll ensure that every explanation is detailed.

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The clipboard, also called the pasteboard, is that part of your computer memory that allows you to copy and store information temporarily. It is the section of a RAM that makes the copy and paste possible.

To activate the Clipboard function, highlight the script to be copied, and press CTRL +C, the clipboard will automatically copy and store the information temporarily until you press CTRL +V to paste.

The Clipboard in MS word is an essential element in all versions of Windows Operating System; it holds information until you either log off your system or you copy something else into it.

Any information stored in the clipboard will be wiped off automatically each time you copy a new text into the clipboard or shut down your system.


Looking for how to view the clipboard content? Worry no more.

Even though viewing the clipboard content in windows is not difficult, it varies depending on the windows you are using.

Whatever version of windows in use, you will still need a feature called clipboard viewer, or clipboard manager as the case may be, that allows users to view the content of their Clipboard.

Some Windows OS such as Windows Vista, XP, have it as an in-built feature called Clipbrd.exe, while Windows 7,8,10 does not have such a feature.

To view the clipboard content in windows 7, you’ll need to install a third-party called The Clipclip, which allows users to view, copy, and paste the content of the Clipboard.

It also allows for the organization of Clipboard content in folders and allows you to view the clipboard history.

In Windows Vista and XP, the clipbrd.exe command brings out the clipboard and its content.


The in-built clipboard in Windows OS does not have a history, but some third-party clipboard history tools such as Clipboard manager, Clipcube, M8 free Clipboard, can give you access to stored data at different capacities.

The clipboard manager gives you access to up to 20 texts previously copied, while M8 Free Clipboard gives you to access 500 clips

Text copied on the clipboard is saved over time and can be pasted to any program either by using a configured HotKey of your choice, or by using the Tray Icon, or the CapsLock.

To access the clipboard in Windows 7 , you need to copy the clipbrd.exe  file from an XP computer. It can be found in C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Paste it in the same folder in Windows 7 and to run, click the Windows 7 Start Orb, and type clipbrd, then  press Enter.


The clipboard on the iPhone is an in-built feature that cannot be viewed. It only stores the last text copied.

To view or access the clipboard content on iPhone, simply highlight the text field that you want to copy or cut

Then go to the program or location where you want to paste the text. Tap and hold there until the paste option pops up. Tap paste.

The in-built clipboard on iPhone has some limitations, however, there are many third-party clipboard managers, that offer great alternatives.

To clear the iPhone clipboard, open a text field such as Message, and tap once on the blank space, the keyboard will appear on the bottom of screen.

Press the space bar two twice, this will  generate an empty space in the text field, hold down the press cursor and copy a blank space; it will automatically remain in the clipboard memory afterward.


There are three simple ways to clear the clipboard history in windows 7.

  • The first one is to create a shortcut on the desktop which, when clicked, will wipe your clipboard. To do this Right-click on the desktop and choose > New > Shortcut.

Type: cmd /c “echo off | clip” inside the shortcut box.

Then Click Next,  give it a name and click Finish

They may not start working immediately until you have restarted the system.

  • The next option similar to the first one involves opening the Registry and going to:


Right-click on Shell and select > New > Key, then give it Name.

Right-click on the Name and choose > New Key and name it Command.

Double-click on Default, on the Right pane and Select Modify, and in the Value Data box, give it the Value Data below:

cmd.exe /c echo off | clip and Click OK.

To refresh the registry and shut it down tap F5 .

  • They may not start working immediately until you have restarted the system.

Other quick ways to clear the clipboard history are;

Go to a blank page or harmless text and press the PrintScreen key.

Copy some harmless text or a blank page, this will wipe the clipboard.

  • Shut down or restart the system.

I hope this post helps you access and clear you clipboard in Windows 7.

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