Is Making My Samsung Device slow. is an application package used by DAV (Digital Virtual Assistant) on Samsung android phones running on android 9 and later.

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Samsung DAV also knows as Bixby has always been under the radar for poor performance and stupid design placement.

There have been several reports from users that the Bixby app is making their devices slow.

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Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S8 and later models, come with a voice assistant similar to Apple Siri.

This voice assistant was designed to be used in the same way that Siri and Google Assistant do.

However, the Samsung Bixby voice assistant is not a stand-alone function.

In a nutshell, is a necessary supporting package used by Samsung android phones to launch Bixby functions such as Bixby Home, Bixby voice, and Bixby button.

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The package’s major function is to supply all necessary commands and resources for the feature to run.

What is the purpose of

How Does, Work?

It’s bloatware that allows you to activate Bixby functionalities by either hitting the Bixby button/long-pressing the home button or by swiping your Samsung mobile screen to the leftmost page.

Samsung has replaced Bixby home as Samsung daily with current upgrades.

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However, both Bixby home and Samsung daily offer identical capabilities and use the same bloatware or app package named ’’’.

Is ‘’ slowing down my phone?

Samsung DAV and Samsung Bixby have received mixed reviews.

Some users found it beneficial because it allows you to link all of your social media apps and view feeds directly on your home page without having to open any of them.

Samsung Bixby home supports a number of essential services, including news headlines and weather forecasts.

However, as we all know, running more resources on an Android phone necessitates more CPU and energy.

This means that if you use Bixby Home, it is consuming a significant amount of your phone’s resources.

And, as we already mentioned in the previous line, the primary package ‘’ is in charge of running Samsung in Bixby.

Yes, any bloatware, including this one, might cause your Android to slow down.

However, the fraction of memory or CPU functionality that is accountable for use has yet to be determined.

Even yet, if you don’t find Samsung Bixby useful, it’s always a good idea to turn it off.

In addition, there are a number of other bloatware that you may uninstall or disable on your Samsung phone to improve its performance and alleviate speed difficulties.