Conversion Funnel Optimization How To Optimize Your Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel Optimization
The Sales Conversion funnel

Sales Conversion Funnel Optimization.

Conversion funnel optimization simply means making the best use of the sales funnel to achieve the desired results.

A conversion funnel has different stages: What Is Sales Conversion Funnel | Stages Of Conversion Funnel

  • First, the prospect becomes aware of the brand.
  • Secondly, the prospect develops an interest in the brand.  The sales funnel just like a real funnel, gets smaller as the prospects move down the line, reason is that everyone will not develop interest.
  • Thirdly, some will begin to have a desire for the brand. The size of the funnel keeps reducing because all who are interested willnot desire it.
  • Lastly, your call to action :Which can be anything ranging from learning more, to sign up, or even shop now.

This is the narrow end of the funnel, because not many people get to this point, owing to several reasons.


Optimizing your conversion funnel is vital in making the most of your site traffic.

By optimizing your funnel, you can better prepare leads for the sales process.

The best approach to sales funnel optimization is to create a mental picture of your ideal customers, then pen it down.

Set a measurable goal and outline the different stages of the funnel, with their functions.


Every stages in the funnel requires a different marketing technique.

If you can optimize each of the stages using different conversion funnel marketing approach, you will stand a better chance of achieving higher sales funnel conversion rate.

 Upper Conversion funnel optimization. 

This stage aims to attract prospects

To optimize the upper funnel, concentrate on driving quality traffic.

The success of your e-commerce conversion funnel to a greater extent depends on the quality of your traffic.

This can be done by creating engaging keyword-optimized content such as e-books and blog posts, optimizing your keywords for paid search and display ads, Taking advantage of social media platforms, etc.

Middle Conversion funnel optimization.

This is where the main work starts.

It involves building trust with your prospects and establishing the benefits of your brand.

A range of different tools and techniques like testimonials, case studies, and even product reviews are required here

Worthy of note is your ability to understand your customers’ expectations will play a major part in determining the success of your campaigns.

Lower Conversion funnel optimization.

This is where the main conversion takes place.

Having attracted prospects and led them through from the awareness stage down to this point, you can’t afford to lose them.

You need to up your game at this stage, it’s time to start pulling them into new conversion funnels.

Use the customer’s information at your disposal to generate personalized and targeted ads, in other to create experiences you can use to keep them interested and wanting more.

Any lead converted should be pulled into the nurturing phase immediately.

The concept of the customer conversion funnel also known as lead nurturing will help ensure you guide the consumer through the purchasing route until you achieve your desired goal.

However, a potential customer can develop cold feet along the line, if this happens, you don’t need to worry, it does not mean missed sales, and you just need to reach out to them, using any of the following; email marketing, retargeting ads, or even push notifications, to

  • Emails as a subtle reminder.
  • Remarketing Campaign; highlighting the benefits of the products in their cart,
  • Push Notification; mentioning ongoing discount.
  • Keep working on your relationship with them through targeted offers and email campaigns.


Optimizing your conversion funnel is a worthwhile pursuit in your online marketing.

It focuses on your customers, which gets you to optimize other aspects of your marketing.

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