Copy and Paste On Facebook – How to Copy and Paste A Post On Facebook | Copy and Paste Long Facebook Post On Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Copy And Paste on Facebook

How To Copy and Paste A Text On Facebook using your android or iOS.

Do you know that it is possible to copy a text from somewhere and paste it on Facebook and vice versa?



Yes, you can copy a post from Facebook and paste it into another platform, such as a document, an email etc.

You can also copy a text from another source or document such as a favourite quote, and paste it on Facebook either as an update, recent post, or even comment.

This post talks about the steps involved in other to copy and paste on both Facebook mobile app and the Facebook official site.

Copy and Paste On Facebook

To learn how to copy and paste on both Facebook App, and page, simply follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Facebook official page, and select or highlight the text or post you want to share.
  • Use the shortcut key  “Ctrl C”  to copy it.
  • Then go to where you want to paste it,  click inside the area, and press ”Ctrl V” to paste.
  • Then choose either the post or share button.

How To Copy & Paste Text From Facebook Post On Mobile App with iPhone

In other to Copy & Paste on Facebook  Mobile App, you need to open Facebook Messenger.

  • Then open the Facebook Mobile App on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Select and highlight the particular post which you want to share.
  • You will see these three options ”like comment and share,” directly under the post.
  • Just click on the “Share” icon, followed by a click on “copy Link to post“.
  • Then go straight to the Facebook Messenger app, you opened initially, and choose a conversation spot, where you will paste the web link, you have already copied from the Facebook app.
  • You paste by pressing and holding down on the empty space, this will cause the paste option to pop-up, then click on it.



You can also open the link in messenger.

You can as well copy text from the Facebook messenger App. and paste it on your wall from a Facebook app or any other platform.

This can be done without accessing the internet.

However, the share option that is active on the iPhone Facebook App, is inactive on the android Facebook app. Probably it will be activated in their future update.

How to Copy and Paste a Facebook Post with iPhone Using Third Party App.

Due to the recent update, the steps outlined above no longer work easily without some technical steps.

However, here you will see other ways to copy and paste texts from Facebook apps.



The outline below is a simple tip to achieve the process.

  • The first step here is to take a screenshot of the text displayed on the Facebook application.
  • Then, download and install any OCR app (optical character reader) of your choice. This can be gotten from the play store or iTunes.
  • After installation, open the screenshot in the OCR app, which work by reading all the messages on your photo including screenshots.
  • The OCR will read and process the screenshot into an editable format.
  • Then, you will have to copy the text and paste it where you want to use it.

How to Copy and Paste a Facebook Post On Android

The method described above can be used on both Android and iPhone.

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