uTorrent Movie Download | How to download movies with uTorrent on PC Fast


uTorrent movie download.

Are there movie(s) or files you’ve been trying to download for free, but couldn’t find a free download link.

This is where the torrent file comes to mind.

And in this article, you’ll get a detailed procedure on how to download movies from the most popular torrent client: uTorrent.

In this post, you’ll get a detailed procedure on how to download movies and other kinds of files with uTorrent.


UTorrent is one of the torrent client available in Linux, max and windows use to download free media files such as movies, and music.

When you hear torrented files, you mighty probably begin to think of piracy. Actually, torrents can be used to share legally accessed files like movies, music copyright books, as well as podcasts.

One key benefits of download with uTorrent is that you download files from several source and locations at the same time. This makes it operates on speedy download.

Now, before you download any torrent file at all, you must have downloaded the uTorrent on your PC. If you haven’t downloaded the uTorrent downloader on your PC, click here to download it for free.

When you’re done downloading, run it with administrators permission on your computer, follow the instructions for installation— quite easy, and then install.


There several amazing benefits associated with the uTorrent client. I will mention just a few.

  1. uTorrent has an easy to use interface and offers free download services.
  2. It downloads at high-speed and allows users to schedule download speed cap for different times of the day.
  3. RSS feeds can be added within the client.
  4. uTorrent has strong malware protection
  5. It also has a dedicated Android app that allows users to initiate or terminate downloads on home PC while you’re away
  6. You can be streaming while downloading.
  7. Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously.

You will need to have uTorrent in your PC before you can use it to download.


The first step is to download the version of the uTorrent client that is compatible with your PC.

There are two ways to get the uTorrent client; from their website or form a third party software site.

Save and run the uTorrent .exe setup file, then follow the instructions to install it.

Now that you have installed uTorrent on your PC, the next stage is the download process.


Now let’s dive into the main purpose of this article: how to download movies with uTorrent

  1. Launch your newly installed uTorrent.
  2. Enter the title of the movie you want to download in the search bar.
  3. Find the torrent file of the movie, to do that simply click on the “Magnet” icon,  a dialog box in which you will ‘Open Link’ will be displayed.

If you cannot find the torrent file of the movie you want to download, you can actually visit some of these trusted torrent websites below to get any file you want:


The Pirate Bay









  1. When you find the torrent file of the movie you want to download, you can click the download button, and it immediately starts the download provided you have uTorrent installed.
  2. Once you click on the download button, a dialogue box opens to download with uTorrent.
  3. Click Open uTorrent.
  4. Then, select a folder you wish to save the downloaded movie and click OK, the download will start automatically.
  5. When the download is done, you can either double click on the file to start watching your movie or right-click on the file to open the file location.

Usually, it would be stored in your Downloads in your file explorer. The downloads time depends on the internet connection and the file size.

N/B: Download only movies for personal and noncommercial reasons to avoid copyright infringement.

When downloading torrent files, it is recommended that you use a solid VPN to get files from torrent websites as some of these files might be pirated and might infringe rights. To avoid troubles downloading files a VPN is used to hide your IP address.

You can download uTorrent o your mobile device also.


You can easily download new and old movies using torrent. Simply follow the guide below;

  1. Visit Playstore on your mobile device, and download the uTorrent app.
  2. Enter the title of the movie you want to download in the search bar.
  3. When the ‘Magnet’ icon is displayed, tap & hold it to copy the link.
  4. On the uTorrent mobile app click on the ‘+’ icon.
  5. Enter the link you copied in step 3 in the box and click add.
  6. That is all.  You will see the download process kick-off.

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