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Reddit Downloader | Reddit Video Downloder | Can I download reddit Videos

Have you come across a vide, or image  on reddit and you wanted to save it for later use, or so you can share with friends, and family, but you do not know how? If yes, then this post is for you.

Reddit is social networking site with large amount of user-generated original content as well as user-reposted content in the form of specialized subreddits for memes, news, hobbies, etc. 

There are numerous ways to download reddit videos, but the majority of Reddit users are not aware of this.
Simply put, using the website is one of the finest ways for you to download videos from
 this platform. 
You may easily download Reddit video to your smartphone with the aid of this platform.

Reddit Video Downloader | Download Reddit Video

There are two ways to download Reddit movies to your computer or mobile device. All you need is URL 
to use the RedditSave website to easily download any Reddit video or GIF. 
On most smartphones, you may also capture your screen in order to create Reddit video.
The Reddit video downloader technique is also not as difficult as you might initially think. 
Additionally, it’s incredibly simple to access the download process. Users only need to follow few simple
 steps and instructions to obtain the download listed below.

Download Reddit Videos | How To Download Videos On Reddit

On the reddit website, or mobile app, search, and select  for the video you want to download.

Open it, and copy the video’s URL so you can download it.

Using either or, to access the Reddit download site.

Then, paste the URL that you copied into the box that appears on the website, then click on the  go button to initiate download process.

Please Note: The search box you see at the bottom of the page allows you to conduct a search on any Reddit video of your choice, so you can use it to search for any video you want.

How To Download Reddit Videos on Android

With a specialized video downloader program, downloading Reddit videos is simpler whether you use the official Reddit app, a third-party client, or just a desktop browser.

Reddit videos with audio can be saved using Viddit, a straightforward yet effective video downloader. Simply use the Share Sheet to share the post that contains the video, and the program will retrieve, download, and save the file to your phone.

Download Reddit Video with Viddit App

Viddit App is a nice software for downloading Reddit videos is Viddit. Additionally, numerous videos
can be downloaded at once. Simply Install Viddit first by going to the Play Store. Access the Reddit post where the video you want to save is located. Select Viddit from the Share Sheet by tapping the Share icon.
The Viddit program would retrieve the post’s link, analyze it, and locate the video file. The processing of
the movie could take few seconds, but once complete, it will automatically save the video to the Android

Reddit video downloads using web browser. There is also a simple answer for you if you’re not too keen on downloading a distinct app for every little thing. You can utilize, a straightforward downloader that runs off a website, to download Reddit videos to your Android mobile device.

The post link is all that is required to download the Reddit video. So feel free to copy the post’s link. Tap the copy link after selecting the Share option from the post’s bottom.

Now, open your Android phone’s web browser and navigate to the website by typing it into the address bar or by touching this link. To display the paste button, tap and hold the input box on the webpage.

The Reddit post link would appear in the input area once you clicked the paste button. 
To retrieve the video from the link, tap the right arrow button.
The download button would be located directly below the video preview, which you would see.  When
you tap it, new tab with the video loaded. Press Download after selecting the choices button at the 
bottom of the video.
Your video would start downloading and being stored on your phone. You can now open the video file 
from the Files or Photos apps, so there you go.

Download videos from Reddit using third-party client

There are many good third-party clients that offer distinctive features if you don’t like the official
Reddit app. With simple user interface and one-tap feature, Infinity for Reddit  allows you to save
 Reddit movies to your phone.
Install Infinity for Reddit first by going to the Play Store. Find the post that contains the video you want 
to save by opening the app. To launch the video player, tap the video.
Download button would be located in the top right corner. To save the Reddit video to your Android
 phone, tap the button.
It’s really simple to store videos using Infinity. The video is stored with the simple click of button, 
but if you don’t use Reddit frequently or don’t want to download an additional app, you may also use web browser.

How to Download Videos from Reddit to Your Android Phone

These three different approaches were used to download and store Reddit videos to Android mobile 
devices. Every technique has unique approach, but they are all successful.
With just few touches, the downloader software saves the video, and third-party clients have native 
integration to save videos. How do you feel? Exists better approach? Tweet it to me if you can.

How to Upload Reddit Videos on PC

Launch your web browser and go to To sign in straight away, however, if the user is not already logged in, click LOG IN in the top-right corner.

In addition, users who chose not to participate in the Reddit redesign can log in by entering their login credentials in the top-right bank and selecting Log In.

Select CREATE POST from the menu. This blue button will open the new post form; it is located in the top right of the page.

Select a community from the menu. On the new post form, it is located close to the top-left corner. Upon clicking, a list of the user’s subscribed subreddits appears.

Choose the Reddit subreddit where you want to post. Users can enter a different subreddit if the one they want isn’t listed in the “Search.

Launch your web browser and go to If the user is clicking the Image Video tab, 
though. This is located at the very top of the new post form for users.
You won’t be able to upload video to that topic in that manner if you attempt to click the tab and see circle with line through it.
Select “UPLOAD” from the menu. located close to the page’s middle. 
Users can then choose video to upload by clicking on pop-up window that appears.
Alternatively, users can click this UPLOAD button and then drag and drop their video clip on top of it. 
The video will also be uploaded in order to be searched.

Tips For Uploading Videos online

Click Open after selecting your video. The user’s new post will now have the video attached.
The user’s video needs to be GB or less, in the MP4 or MOV format, and no more than 15 minutes.
In the “Title” field, type post title. The post’s header contains it. 
Simply click on Add description of your video in the text field if the user has trouble finding it.
Include tags in your video (optional).  If the user’s video corresponds to any of the tags, click them in the lower left corner of the video. 
Therefore, from the FLAIR menu, the user can select OCSPOILER, NSFWor an optional.
OC, or original content, is the abbreviation. 
In essence, this denotes that the user is sharing an original video and not one that was posted by another
SPOILER indicates that the user’s video contains spoilers for significant portions of film or other work of 
The acronym NSFW stands for Not Safe for Work. This indicates that the user’s video contains explicit
 material that shouldn’t be viewed in public.
Press POST. Consequently, it is the blue button in the post’s bottom-right corner.  The user’s video is
 then posted to the chosen sub-reddit.