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DramaFire Dramacool.9
Dramacool9.com formerly known as DramaFire, is one of the top Korean drama/movie websites, with large collection of Korean, Japanese, and Asian dramas. 
It is safe and secure, so there’s no need to be concerned about malware, and there will be no unwanted advertisements.
It’s truly my favorite because they supply episodes of the most recent Korean dramas. 
However, you will not be able to download any of their dramas from their website, but you will be able to watch them online. 
This post will explain to you how to use a drama downloader to download Korean movies and dramas from Dramafire.

DramaFire | Dramacool web

Dramafire is renowned website where you can watch and download Korean dramas for free.
Dramacool9 is the new name for the website, and they offer various Korean drama downloads with direct link.
The platform has excellent, high-quality complete episodic Korean movies, with English subtitles, which is why we recommend it.
You can watch Korean movies directly on DramaFire’s website without having to download them.
DramaFire has large selection of the most recent and popular Korean films, with full episodes lasting up to hour.
One thing admire about this website is how well-produced their dramas are.
Navigating and searching for movies on the Dramacool web is quite easy, quick, and simple.

How To Download Korea Movies From Dramafire.com

Dramacool is free to use, therefore they rely on advertising to make money. 
We recommend that you use an ad-blocker before learning how to download videos.
Follow the steps below to download from the Dramacool website.
1)Using your web browser, navigate to dramacool9.com’s homepage, locate the search bar in the top right corner, and type in any movie title you like.
2)The preview of the movie and the whole episode will be displayed on the next page, in descending order.
3)To see more episodes, use the number navigation. 
4)You can choose the episode you want to download or watch, and start viewing it online by pressing the play button.
If you don’t want to watch the movie online, copy the URL for the movie page. 
6) To copy the movie URL, press and hold it in the search bar, then copy it to your clipboard.
7)You can open new tab and type in whatever you like.
8)Create a new tab and type www.dramadownloader.com into the search bar, then press enter.
9)You will be directed to a page that has a search box.
10) Continue by pasting the movie URL you copied earlier into the search bar.
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Two buttons will be displayed. There can be up to 4-5 servers available at any given time, so choose the one you want to download from. (However, we advise that you test server 1 first before moving on to the others.)
If you followed our advice and clicked on server 1, you’ll be taken to the Mp4upload.com download page.
To begin the download process, just click on create the ”download link’‘ option and then ”save”.

Korean drama app for Android

There are a number of Korean Drama Apps that are making waves and can be used to download movies with ease, for the purpose of this post, I will mention just a few.
Viki: Viki is the most downloaded app on Google Play, as well as the platform’s editor’s choice.
Several Asian dramas with subtitles are available on the app. 
You can also find non-Korean TV shows such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and other nationalities.
Whether you’re into lifestyle videos, fashion, or anything else, all of them can be found on the channel.
Click Viki to get the Korean drama Android Apk.
Korean drama & moviesAs the name implies, this software allows you to view Korean drama and movies directly on your phone screen.



It contains all of the Korean movies from Dailymotion and youtube for your convenience, so you don’t have to waste time looking through the video links.

The app has well-designed UI and guarantees that you are notified when new movies are added.

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