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Facebook Badges- Facebook Badge

Facebook Badge 

Facebook Badges are an excellent method, and a useful feature to link your Facebook profile to a third-party website.



It allows Facebook users to share their content with others.

There are a number of badges one can make such as page badges, profile badges, like badges, and photo badges while having a good time.

If you wish to learn how to earn Facebook badges, or how to see your badges on Facebook, I will advise you to keep reading.

In the post, I will show you how to not just how to get a blue verification badge on Facebook page.

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Facebook top fan badge – What are Facebook badges?  Badges in Facebook 



Badges are the Facebook tool that provides added motivation for page followers to like, comment, and share your content.

Someone who is really active on your page is referred to as a top fan.

They’re the people who start conversations, participate in online events, and, eventually, become paying customers.

There are a range of badges that appear on people’s postings within Facebook pages or groups: previously, only Top Fan and Valued

Commenter badges were accessible, but Facebook groups now have access to a number of other badges.

The former is given to individuals who are the most active and engaged on a page or group, while the latter is given to those who remark frequently.

Group badges on Facebook | List of Facebook badges



The following new Facebook group badges are available to groups with 50 or more members:

Admin or Moderator: Indicates who is in charge of the page’s management.

New Member: Make a note of who is new to the group so you can greet them.

Group Anniversary: Appears on the anniversary of that person’s first day in the organization to honor their dedication.

Conversation Starter: Someone who publishes fresh posts on a frequent basis and gets a lot of likes and comments on them is a conversation starter.

Founding member: Recognizes those who were there from the start (within the first three days), assisting in the growth of membership and involvement.



Conversation Booster: Someone who publishes fresh posts on a frequent basis and gets a lot of likes and comments on them is a  conversation starter.

Visual Story Teller: Those who urge others to contribute or who provide insightful comments are recognized as conversation boosters.

Someone who regularly provides relevant photos and video is referred to be a visual storyteller.

Greeter: Someone who welcomes new members and replies to their comments on a regular basis.

Link curator: Someone who offers useful connections to information sources on the internet on a regular basis is known as a link curator.

Rising star: New members who receive the most comments and replies within their first month of membership in a community are known as rising stars.

By simply navigating to Settings > Admin Tools & Insights > Group Badges, group admins, you can toggle these badges on or off.

How Do You Get Top Fan Badges on Facebook | Create Facebook Badges



To create a Facebook badge, Go to the Facebook Badges Homepage to find out more about the Fb badges.

1. Once you type their web address http://www.facebook.com/badges .into your web browser, you will be taken to their homepage where you find their options to choose from.

There are four different badge options on this page, and they are page, like, profile, and photo.

2. Select the one you want by clicking on it. Let’s assume you’re looking for a profile badge for instance; simply click on it.

3. Select the website with which you want to share the information. In the center of the screen, select ‘blogger,’ ‘typepad,’ or ‘other.’

If you chose either blogger or typepad, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to sign in to the right account, to be able to see your new badge!

If you choose ‘other,’ you must copy and paste the code that appears on your chosen website.



The tabs on the left-hand side of the badges page take you to the main page and other badge sites.

All the badges are made in a similar way. You may make a badge with a particular number of photos in a specific format.

The like badge allows you to choose a page to share.  It must be a page that appeals to you.

You can then copy and paste the code onto a specific website.

Sharing badges on non-Facebook sites is a great way to link people with your Facebook content.

Make the world aware of your passions and direct them to your profile.

How To Remove Top Fan Badges

If you want to renounce this access at any time, simply select the Remove Badge option from a Top Fan’s comment.



Alternatively, you can go to Community, pick the person you want to remove the permission from, press the three dots next to their name, and select Remove Top Fan Badge.

Here’s how to send a message on Facebook without having to install Messenger.

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