How to Find Facebook Code Generator in the Facebook App on an Android Smartphone 2021 –Updated!

Facebook Code Generator

Learn how to set up two-factor authentication on Facebook and what to do if you can’t get into Code Generator.

What is the code generator on Facebook – The Facebook Code Generator is a function that comes standard with the Android Facebook app.



It is a 6 digit code generator for Facebook.

Every 30 seconds, the Code Generator generates a unique security code.

The generated code is specific to the Facebook ID used to access the account through the app.

In order to improve the security of Facebook profiles, Code Generator has been added to the app, which prevents users from logging on to their accounts with any new device unless they have a unique code.

Facebook will ask for the unique code when you check in to your account from a new device.

Check for the Code Generator’s unique code and type it into the appropriate box on your end.



Make sure you do this within 30 seconds of receiving the code. If you don’t, you’ll have to type the new code that the Code Generator generates.

Where Can You Find a Facebook Confirmation Code?

On the Facebook app, go to the place described in the steps below to find the Code Generator and the unique code for your Facebook account:

1.Activate your Android device.

2.To get to the applications list, tap the Menu button.

3.Locate the Facebook icon and touch it.



4.Provide your login credentials in the appropriate areas and touch the login button to sign in to your Facebook account.

5.Tap the More button (icon with three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner of the interface once the News Feed page has loaded.

6.Under the HELP & SETTINGS section on the More page press the Code Generator option (option with a lock symbol).

Type the six-digit unique code from the Code Generator window to sign in to your Facebook account from the new device.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Confirmation Code?

When you enable Facebook’s two-factor authentication, which we strongly advise, you’ll be prompted for a security or confirmation code whenever you log in from a new location or device.

Read our two-factor authentication guide to learn more about the security method and why you should use it.



To connect to your Facebook account without two-factor verification, all you need is your username or email address and password.

You’ve added an extra layer of security by enabling Facebook’s two-factor authentication.

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

Open Facebook in your browser, click the arrowhead in the top right to expand the navigation menu, then proceed to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login to enable two-factor authentication.

Click Edit next to Use two-factor authentication under Two-Factor Authentication.

You may be required to enter your password at this point.

Select the technique you’d like to utilize for Facebook’s verification to activate two-factor authentication.

You can use an Authentication App (preferred), a Text Message (SMS), or a Security Key to proceed.



After you’ve made your decision, click Next.

We chose Text Message and entered the six-digit code that Facebook had texted to our phone number.

You can add a new phone number or use one that is already associated with your account.

To finish the first setup, input the Facebook confirmation code and click Finish.

Click Setup next to the appropriate method to add an authentication app, save recovery codes, and establish a security key.

Simply select Manage next to the Text Message (SMS) option to alter the phone number that Facebook uses to text you a login code.

Note: If your Google Authenticator app’s code doesn’t function while you’re setting it up as your 2FA method, open the app, hit the three-dot button in the top right, then go to Settings > Time correction for codes. It should now work.



If you need to temporarily disable two-factor authentication, go to Facebook’s 2FA settings page and choose to Turn Off.

You’ll be able to log in with your regular login credentials.

How to Access the Facebook Code Generator

Code Generator is a simple way to get two-factor authentication codes without having to provide your phone number.

When you’re on the go or don’t have access to a phone, this gadget will come in handy.

The Facebook app for iOS and Android includes a Code Generator feature.

Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device, click the hamburger button in the upper right corner, scroll down, expand the Settings & Privacy menu, and pick Code Generator.



Every 30 or 60 seconds, the tool will go through fresh security codes.

Have you misplaced your phone and are unable to use the Code Generator?

Losing or breaking your phone, which you’ve set up as the key to your Facebook account, might be an issue.

Here’s what you can do if you’re unable to use the Code Generator.

1.Allow Facebook to send you a confirmation code through text message.

Is the mobile phone number you specified for two-factor authentication still accessible?

Allow Facebook to text you a confirmation code in such a situation.

Even if you’ve added other phone numbers to your profile, Facebook can only utilize that one number for two-factor authentication.



Select Need another way to authenticate?

From the screen that asks for the login code. (bottom left), then select Text me a login code from the drop-down menu, and wait for the text to arrive.

You can also give Facebook permission to call you.

2.Use a Saved Recovery Codes

You have the option of saving a set of recovery codes as a backup after enabling two-factor authentication.

You may have printed the code, taken a snapshot, or written it down and saved it somewhere safe.

If you haven’t already done so, save your recovery codes as soon as you regain access to your account.



You can use one of these codes to log into Facebook from a new device or location if you ever lose access to Code Generator.

3.Approve the Login from a Known Device.

If you successfully connect to Facebook from a new device, application, or browser, Facebook will ask if you want it to remember your information.

The next time you wish to access Facebook from that permitted device and location, you won’t require a login code.

This could be your private backdoor into your Facebook account now that you can’t access Code Generator.

Use a browser or app that you’ve previously used to visit Facebook.

Perhaps you’re still using an old laptop, a work computer, or a tablet.



You should receive a notification asking you to approve the new login when you find a device that can still access Facebook.

4.Verify Your Personal Information

What if none of it worked? Send a message to Facebook.

Select Get More Help from the menu that appears when you select Need another way to authenticate (see option 1), and Facebook will lead you through the procedures to recover your account.

You’ll need to provide an email address and a copy of your identification, which can be a passport, driver’s license, national ID card, or any other official document.

After you’ve submitted the needed information, Facebook will send you an email with instructions on how to regain your account.

Have you been able to re-enter Facebook? Remember to keep your recovery codes safe, install a new authentication app, and update your other recovery choices.



Have you misplaced your phone?

If you didn’t log out of the app, terminate the app’s Facebook session to prevent access to your Facebook account from a lost phone or laptop.

Go to Facebook > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Mobile >

If you registered your phone number, go to Facebook > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Mobile >

If you registered your phone number, go to Facebook > Settings & Privacy > Settings >

At this stage, you should delete the missing phone number.

There are several ways to log out of Facebook from devices other than your phone if you’ve misplaced your phone or haven’t set up your mobile number.

Go to Facebook > Settings & Security > Settings > Security and Login > (on a recognized device) Find the relevant session where you’re logged in and log out.

End many sessions if you’re unsure. You will be logged out of the app as a result of this action.

You can keep a batch of backup codes as indicated above until you receive your phone back or can set up Code Generator on a new phone.

Another option is to use a third-party program to generate codes.

In the future, make sure you have an approved login on at least one device other than your laptop or phone.

It might be a computer at home that you have access to at all times.

Allow Facebook to remember only private and secure devices and locations.

Also, examine your list of Authorized Logins on a regular basis and delete any items that are no longer valid.

To be cautious, change your Facebook password as well.

How To Login To Your Facebook Account On Your PC

Locate the drop-down arrow button on the top right side of your taskbar, and click on it, then select security, and privacy, Scroll down and click on setting.

Select the Security and Login option, then Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication>Use Two-Factor Authentication>Edit.

Select your preferred security method and input a six-digit confirmation code that will be sent to you, then click submit.

The next step is to add an authentication app, save the recovery codes, and create a unique security key.

You need to assign a phone number with which you can receive the login code from Facebook.

It will be sent as a text message.

If you want to enable two-factor authentication simply, go to your web browser and log in to your Facebook account.

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Safeguard Your Facebook Account

People who have lost access to their Facebook account contact us on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist the majority of them because they failed to implement security measures, their passwords were cracked, and the hackers altered their password and recovery choices.

In such circumstances, all you can do is hope that Facebook would assist you in regaining access to your account.

As a result, don’t let things go that far.

Enabling two-factor authentication and saving Facebook recovery codes takes only a few minutes.

You will be able to recover your Facebook account if calamity strikes again.


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