Facebook Friend Mapper Extension (2022) | How To See Hidden Facebook Friend List –Updated!


Facebook Friend Mapper Extension – Access Hidden Facebook Friend List.

Those of you who believe that by hiding your Facebook friend list, your buddy won’t be able to see it, you are mistaken.



Well, I’ve got some fantastic news for you!

A new Chrome extension has been released that displays the hidden list of friends you’ve been hiding.

I tried this tool personally, and I discovered that the “Just Me” method is no longer sufficient to protect the list of your friend’s secrets.

How does the Facebook Friends Mapper Extension Function On Chrome?

Facebook’s Friends Mapper Chrome extension dissembles mutual relationships on Facebook by gathering and publishing secret friends” information from your friends.

Let’s say your acquaintance doesn’t share his or her contact information but only has a few friends.



“We don’t share with the audience, for example, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s friends’ list, and I’m not on his friend list,” THN says. At the very least, I have a mutual friend with him.

So, using Facebook’s Friends Mapper feature, I can view most of his hidden Facebook friends and exploit the concept of shared friends.’

How To Download The Facebook Friend Mapper Extension APK

The Facebook friend mapper is simple to download and install. Only if you follow the instructions that I’ll show you below.

The steps are as follows:

1.Go to the menu on your mobile phone.

2.Find Google Play Store and open it.



3.To find the Facebook friend mapper, type it into the search field.

4.To download or install the friend mapper app, simply click on it.

5.On the download page, look for the word “Install” and click it.

6.Allow a few moments for the app to install.

You may get Facebook Friend Mapper by following these steps.

How To Use The Facebook Friend Mapper Extension

Facebook Friends Mapper is a tool that allows you to see who your Facebook friends are.



Now that you know what Facebook Friend Mapper is all about, the next question is whether you know how to utilize it.

I’ll show you how to put it to good use.

Below are the procedures for utilizing the Facebook Friend Mapper.

The steps for using the Facebook Friend Mapper are outlined below.

The steps are as follows:

1.Open the Facebook Friend Mapper app on your mobile device.

2.Go to your Facebook account and sign in.



3.Now navigate to the profile of the friend whose secret friends list you want to access.

4.In the friend’s tab, you’ll see a new (Reveal Friends) option.

5.If you select the “Reveal Friends” option, you will be able to see all of your friends, whether they are mutual or not.

NOTE: You must have one mutual friend with the target in order to utilize the Facebook Friend Mapper. It doesn’t matter if you’re Facebook friends with that person.

How To Hide Your Facebook Friends on Desktop PC

Due to the recent outbreak of hackers hunting for people to hack, hiding your Facebook could be one of the greatest things to do.

You will be able to hide your Facebook friends on the Facebook platform if you follow the instructions I will show you.

The steps to hide my Facebook friends are outlined below;



1. Sign in to your Facebook account.

2.To access Facebook’s main menu, click the downward-pointing arrow.

3.Locate and select “Settings.”

4.Click on “Privacy” on the left side of the screen.

5.Locate “who can see your friends list” under (How People Find and Contact You) and click “Edit.”

6.You must select from the options Friends and Only Me who you want to be able to see your friends list.

7.You can hide your Facebook friends by following these steps.

How To Hide Your Facebook Friends on Mobile App



To hide your Facebook friends on the platform, follow these steps.

The simple procedures to hide for your Facebook buddy are outlined here.

The steps are as follows:

1.Launch the Facebook app on your device and log in with your details.

2.Click on the three horizontal lines that form the word “Menu.”

3.Select “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down menu.

4.Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

5.Tap “Privacy Settings” under the Privacy section.



6.Tap on “Who can see your friends list” under “How others locate and contact you.”

Who you want to be able to see on your friends’ list is up to you.

You can limit the list to friends or conceal it from everyone else by selecting “Only Me.”

That’s all there is to Facebook friend mapper 2021 – Facebook friend mapper chrome addon 2021.

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