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Facebook Gaming is now readily available for gamers who wish to have real fun gaming.

Even though this gaming site has been around for a while, yet not everybody is aware of it.

Peradventure you have heard of it and wish to know more, or you are new to the standalone gaming app, please read this post.

In today’s article, we shall be focusing primarily on learning what Facebook gaming is, its features, how to create a gaming page, and I will also discuss Facebook gaming strategy as a whole.

Let’s go!


Facebook Gaming is an online gaming platform ideal for gamers who wish to show off their gaming skills and grow a solid social media following with it.

This new standalone Facebook Gaming app is not the same as the gaming section of the Facebook mobile app, rather it is a website you access from a desktop browser.

Facebook gaming is also available for android and ios devices.

The gaming site allows gamers to live stream, watch streams and broadcast games directly from the cloud, and it is totally free.

Facebook Gaming is not just for fun, but it is also perfect for growing one’s influence on social media


  • Gaming Video Hub: The video hub features allow users to stream games on Facebook via the Facebook Live tool.

It also gathers all the pre-recorded life and Facebook gaming live videos from the platform and puts them in a             place where they can be seen easily.

  • Tournaments: This is one of the greatest features of the gaming hub. This feature allows gamers to create or schedule their own tournaments and compete with other players on selected dates.

Users can as well join other tournaments if they choose to.

  • Play Games: Users can play Facebook games with friends on the platform from anywhere in the world.
  • Live Esports: This is one feature that differentiates Facebook Gaming from other gaming platforms.  The platform gives the option to see ongoing esports events. Just scroll down on the left sidebar and select “Live Esports”


To start Facebook Gaming, you must have a computer and an active Facebook account.

If you would like to stream your games, you will also need to create a Facebook Gaming Page using a PC and a capture card.

You will also create a Facebook gaming account, which will be connected to your personal account on Facebook.

The Facebook gaming app pulls from your existing gaming-related interests, and display.

With all these ready you are good to go.


Creating a Facebook Gaming Video Creator page account is not difficult, all you need to login to Facebook Gaming account using your Facebook personal account.

  • Once you are logged in click on “Create”.
  • Select “Page” from the options provided.
  • Choose a suitable title for your page.
  • Then choose “Gaming Video Creator” as the category.
  • Add a cover page, avatar, etc and publish your page.

And that’s how you create a Facebook page!

Once your Facebook Gaming creator account is ready, you can live stream while playing the Facebook game live via your Facebook Gaming Creator account.


Facebook gaming streaming allows gamers to share their gaming experiences with friends, followers and fans online.

  • The first step is to set up your video gaming creator Page. Follow the steps above to do that, if you have not created one.
  • After creating your gaming page, choose an encoder. you can use an appliance or a software encoder. This step is key for optimal streaming experience.
  • Then visit the  Facebook game Creator Portal, and click on “Create live stream”.
  • From there select your gaming video creator Page from the “Choose where to post your live broadcast” section.
  • Copy the server URL/ stream key and paste into the streaming software settings.  Anyone who has access to the key can stream video to your post, so handle it carefully and do not share with others.
  • Under Service, select Facebook Live.
  • Go to your streaming software and start streaming.
  • Tag the game In the Creator Portal,  and write a description for your followers.
  • Click on Go Live to begin streaming.


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