Facebook Marketplace App Free Download – Buy And Sell Locally On Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is a powerful social media platform, where buying and selling of goods and services take place conveniently.

By downloading the free Facebook app, buying and selling of items locally become very easy.

You can use filter to narrow down your search by category, location, price etc.

The Facebook market place is a convenient place for your online shopping.

In this post, you will learn a step by step guide on how to sell and buy with the Facebook marketplace app and enjoy shopping at the comfort of your home.


There are a number of other free apps like the Facebook marketplace, but they don’t receive the same number of audience as the Facebook platform.

Facebook is a social media platform with a lot of users already on it, it has extended reach, such that you can buy from brands or locally.

You can buy or sell used as well as new items on Facebook marketplace.

Items are easily accessible.

Unlike other marketplaces, the Facebook marketplace is free, you don’t pay a dime to list your items.

You enjoy personalized customer experience; buyers are directed to sellers for negotiation, buyers or sellers can have direct interaction in order to complete the transactions.

Buyers are allowed to set prices on their products.


The Facebook marketplace app is built into the Facebook app.

You can also get it from the Facebook website on your device, you can access items for sale on the Facebook market right from the comfort of your bedroom.

The marketplace app is easily accessible on any smart device be it Android, iPhone, PC or tablet.

Once you have the Facebook app, the market place is inbuilt into it.

There are two major ways to use the Facebook marketplace app; you use it either to buy or to sell.


Selling on Facebook market place is not difficult, to sell on Facebook marketplace, you must have a Facebook account and a Facebook app installed on your device.

You must also have an active internet connection on your device.

With these things in place, Launch the Facebook app, and log in with your details.

Click on the Facebook Marketplace or store icon on your screen.

Select the Sell button, then click on the item to be sold.

Enter the title, price, the location, then choose a category for the item.

Upload the picture of the item that is to be sold, select the groups you want your post to be displayed, then click post, to publish it and it will go live.

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Buying on the Facebook marketplace can be fun and easy too. There are various ways to buy items on the marketplace app, simply

Launch the Facebook app on your mobile phone, or log in to the Facebook website on your web browser.

Select the Store icon on the top part of the screen.

Click on Categories to select the type of item you want to view.

If you see what you want, click on it to see more details.

If you want more information about the product, click on Ask for Details.

To buy the product click on  Message, then save it by clicking on the Save button.

You will be directed to the seller for negotiation.


Facebook has a number of rules guiding the marketplace to ensure the platform is safe for merchants and buyers.

Below are a few of the dos and don’t of the Facebook marketplace.

  • The platform allows the sale of physical items only.
  • Before and after pictures are prohibited. Products showing before and after results are prohibited on the Facebook marketplace.
  • Product description must match the uploaded image.
  • Sale of illegal products is not allowed on the platform. Facebook does not allow items like ammunitions,  adult content, alcoholic drinks etc.

Order must be shipped within 3days and received within 7days.


If you are having the issue of  Facebook Marketplace not working, it could be a network issue or  from your system’s browser cache,

These are a list of things to do to fix the issue of Facebook marketplace not working;

  • Ensure you have an active network connection.

If you are using a desktop or laptop, follow the steps below;

  • Log out of your Facebook account.
  • Clear the cache or cookies on your browser if you are using a PC, then restart your system.
  • Log into Facebook and try again.

If you are using a phone,  Log out of your Facebook account.

  • Update your Facebook app to the latest version; you can uninstall the app and reinstall it again.
  • Restart your device.
  • Log into Facebook and try again.

If the issue persists, notify Facebook support by following the step by step guideline on the Help Center.

Another issue you could have is Facebook marketplace not on the app.

If you have this issue, it could be that the app has not been rolled out to your region. You can access the marketplace from here if it is available in your country or not.

You can also visit the help centre for clarity.

Have you shop on the Facebook marketplace, please let us know your experience in the comment section. Thank you.


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