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Facebook Music Story

Facebook Music Story – When it comes to social media, Facebook is one of the oldest sites.

It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers.  It’s also a fantastic way to meet new people online.



They recently created a music story feature on the platform called Facebook Music Story, or Facebook add music to story.

Music and songs can now be added to Facebook stories.

If you are one of those asking how to Add Music to a Facebook story, then I will advise you to read on, because, in this post, you will

learn how to add music in fb story.

Let’s get started!

Facebook Story Music | Facebook Add Music To Story

The Facebook story is a visual way to share content; it’s a function that allows you to apply filters and effects to pictures, and videos on your phone.

Facebook Music to story is a way of adding music to your Facebook story.

The purpose of Facebook’s Story music feature is to allow Facebook account holders to incorporate music into their posted stories.

With the Facebook Story To Music, Facebook users can now include their favorite music in their tales when they share them on the social network.

Many Facebook users have already embraced this feature.



However, because it is not currently available in all Facebook-accessible countries, not all users and account holders are aware of it or have used it.

Requirements To Add Facebook Music Story

In other to add music to a Facebook story, there are some basic requirements. It’s straightforward.

To use Facebook add Music to story feature, you must be a Facebook user with a registered account.

Kindy Note that not everybody that even has a Facebook account will be able to use this functionality.

The reason behind this is that the function is still being rolled out and is not yet available in all Facebook-accessible regions.

I hope this answers the question of why can’t I add music to my story.

How To Get Music on a Facebook story



In other to access the Facebook Story Music Feature, Facebook must roll it out in your region.

Remember I mentioned earlier that this fascinating feature is not yet available to all.

If you have the feature enabled, the music option will appear next to the story option at the top of the Facebook mobile app.

If the feature is also available to you, the next step will be how to add music to your Facebook story.

How To Add Music on Facebook story

Now that we know about this amazing feature, how do you add music to your story? Well, that is what this section is about, so let’s dive in.

The process of adding music to the Facebook story is straightforward, and fascinating too.

When I initially heard about the feature, I thought it was going to one herculean task.



To put music on a Facebook story follow the steps below;

1.To begin, go to your Android or iOS device’s app store and download the Facebook app.

2.Log into the platform, using your Facebook account details.

3.Open the Facebook app on your phone and select the “+Add to Story” option at the top of your Facebook newsfeed.

4.Select “Music” from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

.5.A list of songs will be displayed; you can browse by category or enter the name of the song.6.Tap to choose a song, you want to use, Facebook will create a post with your chosen song automatically.

7.You can choose to change the background color, and apply the preferred effect you want to use.



8.Next, click on the “Lyrics”  from the option,  Also, you can change the length of the bar to match the portion of the music you wish to highlight in your story.

9.When you  are satisfied, click on “Done.”

You’ll be taken back to the main menu, where you can further personalize your story.

Finally, choose the “Share to Story” option.

Your friends will now be able to hear what you’re listening to when they tap on your story


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