Facebook Protect – What is it and Do I turn it on?

facebook protect

Facebook Protect is  a new security  feature added to Facebook ; the world’s largest social media platform,  that keeps you and your account secure, actively monitoring your feeds where possible and alerting you when similar posts appear.

Have you ever wondered about how to activate or configure Facebook Protect settings?

In this article, I will mainly talk about what the settings on Facebook Protect and how to set up Facebook Protection. So please keep reading as it will take a good understanding of these two areas to achieve your goal for protecting your account.

Many users have not even heard of Facebook’s stricter privacy tool that it introduced last year. It is called “Protect”. When turned onFacebook hides sensitive personal information – such as posts that contain phone numbers, addresses and financial details – from prying eyes. It also comes with security warnings when you log in by browser and whenever you access a news feed or any other public part the site.

Now whilst Facebook Protect is primarily a security reminder, what it means is that if Facebook is accessed through a public Wi-Fi hotspot like hotels, airports etc., attackers can’t spy as easily on what users are doing as if the site was open to everyone.

Facebook has been under fire due to its now-defunct access given only to app developers having mainstream apps. It has brought up major controversy on how Facebook shares our personal data with outside sources, while marketing these parties as partners in developing new technology and innovation.

This issue regarding giving advertisers access of user data led Facebook founder, Zuckerberg, saying that apps downloaded by people don’t run extra permissions like before without approval of their use if it was stopped for this research till 2020 for public comment.

Facebook Protect does not have a pre-set mode option, so when asked “Do I have it on?”, the answer can be both yes or no depending on if

We cannot know for sure but it’s worth exploring if Facebook protect can really do what it’s made to do, hence this article.

What is Facebook Protect?

Facebook is the biggest social media site that it has over 2 billion users as of this writing. It is also changing how people communicate with each other and stay in touch. There are so many ways to interact with a friend, family, or lover via Facebook that you can post picture, comment, or status update. However, cybercriminals often poses as an innocent people on the internet. To combat this security risk threat, Facebook has come up with a powerful tool called “ Protect” to make sure you are always guarded from any form of digital risks.

This tool is aiming to cut down the data that users share with third-party companies and people they don’t know.

It notifies you of a threat to someone you know – because privilege escalation can happen without any notification whatsoever.

It filters the advertisements Facebook users are exposed to and keep their personal data safe and secure.

Some features of Facebook protect

Alerts you when someone may be trying to hack your account(similar concept to what Google provides). In addition it will let you know when someone tried logging into your Facebook accounts from an unusual location and sending emails on your behalf without your consent and sending messages without your knowledge

-If someone get a hold of your phone remotely through applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger , the application will.

How to Activate and Configure Facebook Protect Settings

A lot of people have been getting hacked lately and it’s a shame. It’s time to take precautions.

Facebook protect is a free service that allows you to monitor your account and keep it safe from hackers. It has a lot of settings that you can customize, here are some steps on how to activate and configure Facebook protect.

1) Go to your Facebook page

2) Click on the “Protect” button

3) Click “Setup Protect

4) Select the desired security settings

How do I Turn On Facebook Protect?

To activate Facebook Protect othe Facebook profile, select the downward-pointing arrow” located at the upper-right corner turn it on yourself.

Then select “Settings Privacy > Settings Security and Login.

Click Get Started” next to Facebook Protect.”
Click Next” on the welcome screen.
Click Next” on the Facebook Protect benefits screen.
As soon as Facebook Protect is enabled, it will check the account for any potential flaws and 
offer ideas on how to solve them. 
Choosing stronger password and enabling two-factor authentication are frequently suggested solutions.
To finish activating Facebook Protect after it is turned on, click Fix Now” and adhere to the on-screen prompts.

Conclusion: The Value of Turning On Facebook Protect

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. However, it’s not just a social media platform; it is also the world’s largest advertising company. Facebook has been making headlines for its data breaches in recent years, which has led to people being more concerned about their privacy and security.

The Facebook Protect feature was introduced by Facebook to help people protect themselves against cyberbullying and other online harassment.

The feature is turned on by default for all new accounts but can also be turned on for existing accounts that have not yet enabled it.

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