Facebook Watch Party Video – How do I Create a Watch Party on Facebook | Facebook Watch Party Video Download online


Facebook watch party

Facebook Watch Party – a unique and cool way to connect and watch videos together with your family, followers, friends, community, or anyone else in the world.

If you have been looking for a way to enjoy movies with your loved ones irrespective of the distance, then this post is for you.

And if you are wondering what Facebook watch party is, then read on.

In this article, you will not only learn what watch party is, but you will also learn how to host and join Facebook watch party video online.

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Facebook Watch Party is a new feature on Facebook that gives users the opportunity to hold a live screening of pre-recorded videos available on Facebook platform.

Users can all watch and comment on the videos publicly in real-time, to create a shared viewing experience.

Users can also create their own Watch Parties on the timeline, in a group, on a page, the news feed on any video without being associated with a group.

It is beneficial for learning new things like a workout technique, product demo, tutorials in real-time,  hosting Q&A session, sharing behind the scenes details of a video, swapping tips and tricks, watch youtube videos together, etc.

The Facebook Watch Party feature allows users to send invites to friends to watch videos with them on the platform.

Let see how to host a watch party on Facebook.


To hos a Facebook watch party video, you need a Facebook account and an active internet connection.

Once all these are ready, launch your web browser and visit the Facebook official website

  • Click on the what’s on your mind, or write a post box as if you want to write on a post, then tap on “Watch Party”.
  • If you are using a PC, tap on the what’s on your mind box, and tap on the three dots at the end to reveal more options, then select Watch party from the listed option.
  • Select and add the video you want to watch.
  • Click on add to Queue next to any videos you’d like to add to your watch party.
  • You can also click on the View Queue option to view your playlist before going live.
  • Click on done after selecting a video.
  • Make a comment about the watch party video and post it.

If you carefully follow the steps above, your watch party video will start without delay.


People will only see your Facebook watch party video when you go live. The set is very simple.

To go live at the watch party on Facebook, simply click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to turn your camera on.

Once you go live on a watch party in a group, all the group members will get a notification, and they can join from anywhere they are.


Sometimes, Facebook watch party participants may want to download the video for one reason, either because they didn’t follow till the end, or they were invited but missed out completely, or maybe they enjoyed it so much and wish to download it, the steps below will guide you on how to download a watch party video.

It is not difficult at all. Just follow the steps outline below to download Facebook watch party video online.

  • To download watch party video, simply visit the Facebook platform and select the particular video you want to download.
  • Right-click on it to copy the link address of the video.
  • Go to Facebook video downloader, and paste the link on the space bar and click on search.
  • Wait for the video to appear, when it does appear, click on the download button to kick start the downloading process into your device.


The Facebook watch party is a wonderful feature for those who don’t like to watch a movie alone.

An active Facebook account and internet access is a must to host a watch party on Facebook. You must go live for people to see what you are doing.

The most interesting of all for me is that even if you miss the live watch party, you can still download the video and watch it later.

If you have hosted a watch party on Facebook, please leave a comment below, and if you have not, please try it out and let us know in the comment section too.

Thank you.