G.T.A online Treasure Hunt Location 2022, with Pictures

Online Treasure Hunt

Players in GTA Online Treasure Hunt have the opportunity to simultaneously discover a hidden treasure and explore new locations thanks to the Treasure Hunt feature. Players can use this guide to identify their designated area, find a clue letter, and then find the Double-Action Revolver as a prize.

Just bear in mind that stopping the quest midway sends the player back to the beginning, where they receive letter from different place.
Let’s now study about all 20 places and the clue notes needed to obtain the treasure chest in GTA Online.

How To Play The GTA Online Treasure Hunt

GTA online Treasure Hunt participants are to join an online session where they will 
receive an email with randomly selected marked location to start Treasure Hunt.
Players must wait until they get random email from vanderlinde@eyefind.com before they can begin the GTA Online Treasure Hunt for the Double-Action Revolver. So keep watch out for an unique in-game email with the first hint to begin the task on your iFruit.
One of the places, which will have note pinned on any object, will include clue. 
If the clue is nearby, you can hear the sound of metal wind chime. 
The note directs players to three additional clue sites, which will eventually bring them to the treasure chest even though this is not specified location for the loot. 

The entire task will restart if players quit Online Mode or shut down the game after you begin the treasure hunt, so keep that in mind. 

Regardless of prior progress, gamers will get fresh hint and location when online free mode is restarted.

GTA Online Treasure Hunt Clue 1

Your first treasure hunt hint will appear when you open the email in the shape of a black and white photo of an undetermined place in Los Santos. The issue is that you could receive twenty distinct images and places. Every single time, it’s utterly unpredictable. Rockstar will help you out a little bit by marking a general area on the mini-map with a circle. You’ll need to seek for a piece of paper there after you arrive.

GTA Treasure Hunt Clue Locations

There are twenty possible treasure hunt locations, and we’ve listed them below:

  • Del Perro Pier  – It is clearly visible on the Pacific Ocean shore when looking for the location on a map. The note can be found pinned to one of the pier’s beams when the player descends beneath it.
  • Cassidy Creek – This time, Cassidy Creek does not need to be searched for the mountains. Players must instead look for the clue affixed to a tree’s trunk close to the bridge.
  • Grand Senora Desert – Players must conduct a pretty thorough investigation of the area before finding the clue, which leads to the deserted territory of Grand Senora and is attached to the wall of an abandoned building.
  • Great Chaparral – The clue is put on the communications pole at the top of the hill in Great Chaparral, making it simple to find.
  • Great Chaparral ChurchThe player must proceed to the gravestones after arriving at the Great Chaparral Church and locate the one with the associated clue.
  • Los Santos Golf Club – The Los Santos Golf Club’s bridge is where you can find the clue. Players will just need to approach it directly.
  • Mount Chiliad – The clue is on a wooden table at Mount Chiliad, where players can head right away.
  • Mount Josiah / Cassidy CreekOn the map of GTA Online’s Mount Josiah, this clue canbefound in Cassidy Creek,on huge rock on the peaks, therefore players will need to keep looking in that direction.
  • Pacific Ocean – This location can be challenging because you have to search all along the Pacific Ocean beach for the peninsula where the clue is nailed to rock.
  • Pacific Bluffs Graveyard – Players must enter the cemetery at the Hill Valley Church, a church ministry, to take notes that are pinned to the enormous, plainly visible tombstone.
  • Paleto Bay – Players must move in the direction of the collapsed bridge in Paleto Bay to quickly locate the clue, which is located there underneath.
  • Tataviam Mountains – Given that the player must climb the correct mountain, this is the location with the trickiest clue. The puzzle piece is fastened to a rock wall that is situated below a canyon.
  • Tongva Hills / Two Hoots Falls –
    When the player arrives at Tongva Hills, they must search for roomy area where clue is nailed on an owl’s totem pole.
  • Tongva Hills Vineyards – The sixth location on the clue is Tongva Hills, which is difficult to locate in GTA Online. The clue is hidden beside the rushing river on a rock that players must find by going below the bridge.
  • San Chianski Mountain Range –
    boat and small home may be seen here, which is near the San Chianski Mountain Range. 
    The large boulder to the right, which is also visible in the picture, has the clue.
  • Sandy ShoresOn wooden table at the top of mountain close to Sandy Shores is another excellent place to find the clue. Players will need to collect a clue from the biggest white mountain at the site for the clue, which is in a desolate environment where they can view massive white mountains.
  • Sandy Shores / Alamo Sea –
    The Alamo Sea’s southernmost peninsula, Sandy Shores, is depicted on the map as being in GTA Online.  The clue is situated there on rock next to boat on the right side.
  • Vinewood HillsVisit Vinewood Hills and proceed straight up the hill. 
    The answer can be found on tourist sign close to the juice kiosk.

And if you want to match them to the picture, take a look at this gallery:

The GTA Online Treasure Hunt Three Clues

Players in GTA Online must now interpret the three clues given in the messages after discovering them from the designated locations.

These three hints are a body, a shovel, and a little lock box.

Their positions are mentioned on the captions of the images directly below:

Treasure_Hunt_Clue-  Treasure_Hunt-Clue_2 Treasure_Hunt-Clue_3

On Joad Lane in Grapeseed, look for an empty gun case under the tree.
Grab the bloody shovel from a collapsed structure and head for Sandy Shore’s beach.
A man’s dead body found in a cave in the Tongva Hills is only wearing underpants and has many head wounds.

NOTE: You won’t find the prize after you locate the place in the picture, unfortunately. The search for hidden treasure has just begun. Next, three fixed sites will be marked on your map that you must visit. At each location, you’ll receive a hint about where to look for the treasure.

Double-action Revolver Treasure in GTA Online

The last location of the treasure has been disclosed, according to an in-game message you should see after finding all three of the clues. 
Visit that location to open the chest and claim your reward.
When you get at the spot marked on the map, you’ll see that the family members have murdered one another and left the treasure chest for you on the ground. 
You will receive your goodies if you unlock the treasure chest: 
The revolver with golden trigger. 
Finding the gun will also allow players to take on brand-new task that offers even another substantial reward; specifics are provided below.

How to Beat The Double-Action Revolver Challenge

The Headshot Challenge, which calls for players to utilize the revolver to get 50 headshots, will be presented to you once you’ve obtained your golden Double-Action Revolver.
By doing this, you’ll win an additional GTA$250,000 reward, which will be put directly into your Maze-Bank account, and you’ll also be able to access the pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2. (when you link your Social Club account).
The process should go lot more quickly and be far more doable if you only need to get 50 headshots on NPCs rather than other people. 
Additionally, you’ll receive screen notice every 10 headshots to let you know how far you still have to go.
If you decide to check on your progress later, you must do the following actions in the Pause menu:
Choose Pause > Stats Weapons Double-Action Revolvefrom the menu. 
You can view your most recent headshot count on the last page.

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