Google Authenticator; How To Transfer Google Authenticator To A New Phone


How To Transfer Google Authenticator To A New Phone

Google authentication; two-step authentication is a must, to protect your Google account from unauthorized access.

The benefits of having Google Authenticator installed on your new phone cannot be overemphasized.

It provides greater security for your Google account, by using a two-step authentication process for login, unlike the regular single password method.

In this article, I will be showing you how to transfer Google Authenticator to a new phone.

Let’s get started.


Google Authenticator is an essential security application, which uses two-step authentication on your Google account, and allows you to use your phone as a second step in confirming your identity before accessing your account.

The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and offers an additional level of security.

If you have just acquired a new phone, and you have Authenticator app installed in your old phone, Google Authenticator doesn’t automatically transfer codes, or start showing codes on a new phone.

You need to manually transfer the Google Authenticator app to your new phone so that it can be used for two-step authentication.


Whether you want to transfer Google authenticator to an iPhone or Android phone, the process is the same.

Luckily, it’s not difficult, even though it can be burdensome and time-consuming. However here are the steps you need to take to move Google from an old phone to a new one.

  • Simply go to apple play store or Google play store to download and install the Google Authenticator app for your new iPhone or Android phone respectively.
  • Then, using your computer, open Google 2 step-authentication in your web browser and log into your Google account.
  • In the “Authenticator app” section, click “Change Phone.”
  • Select the type of phone you are migrating to and click “
  • The “Set up Authenticator” with barcode or QR code will be displayed.
  • At this stage, open the Google Authenticator app on your new phone and follow the instructions to scan the barcode. Click “Set-up,” and “Scan the Barcode.”
  • After scanning, a six-digit code, that changes every few minutes will be displayed on the Google Authenticator app. input the one-time code and click ‘‘Verify’’to ensure it’s working.

Google Authenticator should now be installed on your new phone.

Congratulations! Your phone is now protected with 2 step verification; an extra security layer that protects it from hackers.

It is strongly advised to transfer Google Authenticator to a new one or opt for back up codes, before discarding the old one.

However, it is also advisable you have a third-party app for authentication, in case of phone lose, reset, or you switch to a new phone without moving your Google Authenticator app and the 2FA codes.

Also if you want to reset or change the phone, log in to your Google account first, and turn on SMS or voice message for two-factor authentication.


Google Authenticator; Two-step authentication (2FA) is of utmost importance, it is an application that uses your phone to strengthen the security of your Google account.

You can transfer Google Authenticator to a new phone to continue enjoying the protection it provides.

However, in an emergency, there are not many ways to by-pass the requirement of 2FA, but there are many ways to prevent it.

So don’t wait until you lose your phone to set take advantage of backup codes, third-party authentication, etc.

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