Google Trends 2021: How To Use Google Trends For Market Research

Google Trends

Google Trends Review.

Google Trends can help you find out what’s going on in the market.

It isn’t your typical search engine optimization tool, but it’s quite useful for those of us in e-commerce.
It gives an insight into the seasonal trends of specific products or your area of specialization. 
You can even utilize it to get an advantage over competitors by keeping track of their rankings.
In fact, this tool is a very powerful tool that is capable of boosting your business.
In this post, I will show you how to track everything from YouTube statistics to the Google Trends comparison function
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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is Google search function that shows how popular a given search phrase is.  It shows you how many times a word phrase is entered in the Google search engine in relation to the site’s overall search volume over a given time.
Google Trends provides keyword-related data ( such as search volume, geographic data, etc)  and can be used to compare keyword research to find spikes in keyword search volume caused by events.
You can see if trend is increasing or decreasing.
To assist you better understand Google trendsyou may also uncover demographic information, relevant subjects, and related questions.

Uses Of Google Trends

Google Trends is a very useful tool that is being undermined by many, partly because of ignorance.
You can use google trends to discover market trends in your niche.

With this tool, you can learn what individuals in your target market are looking for, and create content around it, this of course will boost your traffic and revenue as well.

Trends is fantastic tool that allows you to compare search phrases and trends over time. It can also be used for marketing and  SEO;
It can be used for keyword research in order to compare and spot spikes in traffic caused by events. This is crucial skill for marketers.
To see if search phrase is worth targeting, you may look up its lifetime or present popularity, as well as how it compares to comparable 
It improves the focus, relevance, and effectiveness of your SEO and ad targeting tactics.

How To Use Google Trends For Marketing and Seo



Here is a quick rundown on how you can use Google trends to stay on top of your content marketing plan.

Visit their official page on your web browser, once on their homepage/dashboard, you can examine the most recent hot topics
or add your own terms and see their trends
You don’t have to log in or pay to utilize the service, making it an excellent resource for small enterprises on budget.
You can filter the results by location, date range, category, and type of search.
The search result changes with every change you make on any of the filters.
Interesting right?
Let’s now see how to properly utilize this tool in your content marketing and improve your SEO.

How To Use Google Trends For SEO And Content Marketing

The most obvious application of this tool is for keyword research.
In this section, we are going to explore how to Use Google Trends to Conduct Keyword Research and Develop Keyword Strategy.
It’s especially useful for finding long-tail keywords to inform your content strategy,  as well as determining the popularity of given search term.
As more people use voice and mobile to search, longtail keywords are becoming increasingly important for SEO. 
Instead of inputting few keywords, these forms encourage consumers to type extended, conversational questions.
So, let’s start looking for Google keyword trends.
When you type your phrase into the search bar, it will return up to 25 relevant search queries as well as up to 25 trending searches. 
(If you search for keyword that is particular to niche or business, Google may not return as many results.)
Although Google Keyword Trends won’t show you the precise volume for specific keyword, you can utilize secondary SEO tool like 
SEMRush, ahrefs, etc. to get an estimate. 
To make your statistics even more useful, this will display the monthly search volume for that keyword.
The related search terms can be used to plan future content or to determine which search terms can be targeted twice in piece of content. 
As result, you can use your content to serve multiple keywords at once or expand your site to include new topics that your 
the audience is interested in.
The most useful part of finding Google keyword trends is probably the trending queries. 
Monitoring the trends in any of your niche topics will assist you in identifying new opportunities.

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