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Goojara is a website that allows users to watch movies, series, and animes for free online. Users can not only watch such movies online, but they can also choose to download them. I’ve only known this website for a few months, but it’s already a fantastic resource worth mentioning or, better yet, adding. has been changed to

We’ve discussed a few websites for streaming movies and related material over time. In this article, we’ll look at a website where you can watch movies, TV shows, and anime for free. We’re referring to Goojara when we say that.



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Quick Review Of is a website where users can conveniently download and stream movies, series, animes, and other media. The website is a forum that allows users to watch movies, series, and anime for free. Streaming movies on the website is simple because it has long been a personal favorite of mine. Users can watch and download movies, series, and anime for free on the website.  This ensures that accessing and using the website is completely free.

This is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of For Goojara, however, as long as the film is available for streaming online, it will be added to their library for users to watch or download for free. You may be wondering why new blockbuster movies or premium movies are available for free on the Goojara website. This is due to the website’s use of copyrighted materials.

They do not have the right to distribute such films and shows, but they do so anyway. This isn’t a new concept in this day and age. There is a slew of other places that do the same thing as Goojara. Of course, this is unethical, but they continue to do so. is a fantastic movie streaming and download platform that makes it easy to get your hands on the latest releases.

Amazing Features of is the new There are a number of interesting features that make this website unique compared to others. I go share a few of’s features in this section. Some of’s features are listed below: High Definition (HD) movies and television series are available.

  1. The website is easy to use:



Often the simplest designs are the most successful. This is one of the most important characteristics of  Unlike other movie streaming websites that have a slew of distracting advertisements, Goojara keeps it straightforward.  Although the website still uses advertisements, which is to be expected given that the service is free, they are not as distracting or disruptive as other movie streaming sites I am familiar with.

  1. The Ability to Search

Another strong point for this site is its search feature.  A couple of similar sites tend not to use the search box, and this makes users have a tough time finding old movies and shows to stream or download. But with  Goojara, however, this is not the case. The website not only has a search box, but it also has better functionality.

As you type the title of the film or series you want to watch, it will usually offer suggestions. It works the same way it does on Google when performing a search. I find this extremely useful when trying to locate a favorite film or series without knowing the full title. I only need a few letters, and if they are found on the site, they will be displayed.

  1. Ability to Make Special Content Requests

Have you tried but haven’t found what you’re searching for? No need to be concerned because the web has a feature that allows you to request specific material. Another cool aspect of the movie and TV show streaming website is this.  They not only make content accessible to their customers, but they also go above and beyond to obtain additional content depending on the user’s request. If you can’t find a movie or series you’re searching for on the Goojara website, you can make a request for it, and if it’s open, you can trust them to make it available for you.

  1. The Contents Have Been Appropriately Categorized

Unlike other places that group movies and series together, making it difficult to find just what they’re looking for, does it better by categorizing series and movies separately. Users would be able to go straight to the movies session if that is what they are interested in. And if they are interested in shows, there is a dedicated session for them.

    5-party websites host movies and series.



    6.It’s easy to download from

    7.On the website, there are a plethora of movies and shows to choose from.

    8.The time it takes for the website to load is relatively short.

There are several more features, but we’ll focus on the ones we’ve already listed.

How To Download & Watch Movies, Series, Animes On

It’s simple to download movies and series from It’s because of the site’s simple navigation. Unlike other websites that require you to go through a series of steps in order to locate the download or watch button, make it extremely simple. It’s as simple as clicking on the movie you want to watch or stream, then selecting the play or download option. I understand that this is perplexing, so I’ll walk you through the process step by step.

  1. Using Google Chrome, go to the official website. Google Chrome is recommended because it seems to fit best for it, and available on both mobile and desktop computers, so make sure you use it.
  1. Look for the film, series, or anime that you want to watch. This can be accomplished by going to a newly added or familiar session. You can also use the search feature to locate the film you want to see.
  2. To get to the movie watch tab, tap on the movie thumbnail or title.
  3. The video player will appear after the page has loaded. In the center of the video player, you’ll see a blue video play button. Make a tap or a press on the

How to Download Movies, Series, and Animes

  1. Select the movie or series you want to download from The procedure is the same as before, except this time you choose the download option.
  2. Go to the page for the film or series you’re interested in. In the case of a series, you must first choose which episode you want to download.
  3. To download movies and series from, you must first watch the film. We suggest that you use the Google Chrome browser once more.
  4. Press the pause button when the video starts playing. On the video player, look at the top and right.
  5. Select “Download” from the drop-down menu. The download should begin after a few seconds.

This method to download series, movies and other contents on Goojara is only doable on android and machine. iPhone users would need to use third-party applications like Total Downloader.



When the download begins, you can use your phone or computer to do other things before the download is complete.


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