How Does Facebook Suggest Friends Work in 2021?

Facebook Suggest Friends

How Does Facebook Suggest Friends Work Exactly?

You might be wondering why strangers are knocking on your Facebook door, requesting that you add them as friends.

People you may know’ on Facebook is a term that appears harmless if a little formal.

You’ll run into a lot of people you know! ‘ – but in recent years, it’s become synonymous with Facebook’s creepily accurate Suggested Friends carousel, which features people you may know, but how does Facebook know you know them?

Is Mark Zuckerberg a true magician? Or, to put it another way, what is the foundation for Facebook’s suggested friends?

Is it a case of stalking? Is it dependent on the number of times a profile has been viewed? What does that exactly imply?

For many people, the method by which Facebook suggests friends is a mystery.

Facebook utilizes a variety of methods to propose new people for you to add as friends.

In this article, I simply listed all of the characteristics that Facebook considers when recommending friends and then went into detail about each one.

What is Facebook’s suggested Friends algorithm based on?

People suggestions are a regular feature on Facebook that everyone sees where the most common people are recommended for mutual friends to add to your friend list.

If you’re curious about the elements that Facebook considers when displaying friend lists or suggesting people, I’ll explain them in this guide.

Many factors come into play, including the persons you glanced at or who looked at your profile.

Work, education, activity, friends of friends, and other key variables are counted in order to offer people suggestions on Facebook, according to Facebook.

These are not all of the factors that are taken into account when displaying the ‘People you Might Know’ section.

Facebook Suggest Friends Using Your Mutual Friends

I just looked at this section, and it appears to propose folks based on mutual friends.

You may also come across some strangers.

Facebook believes the people you see in the “People you may know” section are mutual friends of your current friends, so you can connect with them on Facebook as well.

So, the friends of your Facebook friends will be available to you in your “People you may know” section and you can connect with them by sending them a friend request or by direct messages.

Facebook wants you to connect with more people so you can grow your Facebook friends list and spend more time with them.

In fact, this is one of the most common reasons for the suggestions you’ve received on your Facebook page.

It is not necessary to only see people you may know in your Facebook timeline, those who are listed in the ‘Friends’ section.

Sending them a friend request and waiting for a response is all it takes to add somebody to your Facebook account.

Facebook Suggest Friends Based On Your Profile information

The suggestions for people you might know in Facebook’s “People you may know” area are also based on your personal profile and the information you’ve provided.

This personal information can include your city, school, college, work details, workplace, and other information that Facebook uses to make recommendations to its users.

Facebook uses your personal data to discover people who match all of your personal information and shows them to you in that section.

If any of those individuals piques your interest, you can connect with them by sending them a friend request on Facebook, and if they accept, you will become Facebook friends.

Some individuals find this method to be very interesting and useful, while others may find it frightening.

So, if you want Facebook to propose more accurate people to you, you should supply better and more accurate information on your profile.

Facebook Also Suggest Friends Using Your Most Recent Data

Facebook clearly provides you suggestions from other people based on the personal information you supplied when creating your

Facebook account, but these suggestions might also be based on the date of the most current information you have placed on your Facebook account.

You may need to update information on your accounts due to a change in school, city, college, or anything else that has occurred in your life.

Facebook uses all of your recently submitted data to recommend people who fit your profile and allows you to send them a friend request so that you can connect and become friends with them.

You can meet a lot of new people who have similar information or hobbies on their profiles if you use all of those tips.

As a result, it is critical that you update your personal information and tag people on your Facebook account on a frequent basis, as this may impact your friends’ recommendations.

Facebook Suggest Friends Based On The People you Searched on Facebook

Facebook also proposes persons in the “People you may know” section who you have previously searched for using your Facebook account, albeit this is unconfirmed.

It’s possible that you looked for a certain individual from your account and discovered that you’re not friends with them.

Those folks may appear in that section again in the future, allowing you to make friends with them.

Now, this only happens if the profile information for that individual in your circle matches what I outlined.

However, there are only a few ways for this to happen, and just a handful of the people you’ve been looking for appear in your friend’s proposal.

If you’re looking for someone you haven’t heard from in a long time, this could be a terrific opportunity.

Facebook may collect information about the person you looked for and display that information in the “People you May Know” section of the site.

You can play a trick by adding comparable information or profile interests to that person’s friends’ suggestions while searching for him.

Facebook Suggest Friends Based On Who Looked at your Facebook Profile

It is stated that Facebook will propose persons to you based on previous searches from your account.

Similarly, those who have searched or looked at your Facebook profile from their accounts may be suggested in your “People you may know” area, and if there are no mutual friends for such people, you can be certain.

However, it is possible that the aspects of profile information that you must confirm by viewing their profile.

As a result, you will be encouraged to send a friend request to a few profiles that have searched for your profile.

However, it’s possible that you don’t know those folks, making it difficult to select persons from the list of choices.

Facebook Uses People who have your Contact number Saved To Suggest Friends

You may have been curious about your Facebook account’s “People you may know” section.

Facebook makes a recommendation for those people based on a variety of factors.

People who already have your phone number saved in their phonebooks are one of these factors.

As a result, anyone who has your phone number in their contacts will appear in your Facebook account’s “People you may know” area as well as on Messenger.

You can also add those friends to your Facebook account this way.

You might not even be aware when one of your pals has lately joined Facebook.

(Whenever you see them in the “People you may know” area, you may easily send them friend requests.)

Note: It is strongly recommended that you only connect with people you genuinely know as Facebook friends, as they may have access to all of the personal information you have entered on your Facebook profile.


These are the factors that Facebook utilizes to display the people you may know section, and these are the factors that are counted in order to provide the People suggestions.

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