How To Download Twitter Videos On Android And iPhone Free

download twitter videos

Are you one of those that believe it is not possible to download Twitter videos?

Have you come across some videos on Twitter that you would really want to save and share without the Twitter download link, save to watch at your leisure time?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then you have to read continue reading this post, it will provide a detailed guide on how to copy videos on Twitter, without having to share the Twitter download links.

So, get a cup of your favourite drink, relax and read on!


There are several websites that can be used to save videos from Twitter easily using the Twitter video downloader chrome.

Using any of these Twitter video downloaders on Chrome, you can easily download any video and even GIFs from Twitter and save them in your mobile device or PC for later use

Example of platforms that render such services include;

  • The Circleboom Twitter Video downloader,
  • The,
  • The,

These platforms also render other services such as assisting users to change video clip from one format to other file formats. Example; GIFs, MP3, MP4, etc.


There are a number of reasons you might wish to download videos from Twitter, but how you go about it totally depends on your device.

If you are using a mobile device, for instance, you will need to install a Twitter Video Downloader App to be able to save Twitter videos on your mobile device. This makes download process easier.

To download Twitter video on your iPhone, the first step is to Visit the google App store to download a free app called Document by Readaddle.

  • Launch the play store and enter Documents by Readaddle on your search bar, click on install to download it to your iPhone.
  • Launch the Twitter app and search for the tweet with the video you want to download.
  • Click on the tweet to cover the entire screen, tap the share icon at the bottom right of the screen, then select share tweet via from the option provided, and click on Copy link.
  • Go to the Documents by Readdle App, and launch the browser by clicking on the compass icon at the lower right side on your screen.
  • Visit on the browser and paste the Twitter video link in the Enter Video Link field, and click on the download button. You can choose any other site from the ones listed above.
  • Choose the quality you want.
  • Rename the video file and click done.


It is easier to download Twitter videos on android than iPhone.

To download Twitter video on your android phone or tablet, you don’t need the additional app as found in iPhone, all you need to do is simply visit the google play store to download  Download Twitter Videos app to your phone or tablet.


Launch the Twitter app on your android phone or tablet, and open the video you want to download in your Twitter app, then click the Share button.

Select Download Twitter from the options.

Click on the download button and choose the version of the video you want to your android phone.


To download and save Twitter videos using your PC, you will need to use a dedicated Twitter video download website. It is easier and more

So to learn how to save Twitter videos on your PC, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Twitter Website on your browser.
  • Search and locate the video you’d like to download and open it.
  • Copy the URL from the address bar.
  • Go to any of Twitter video downloader on Chrome above, and paste the tweet’s address in the search box.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Choose the resolution you want. If you want a high-resolution select MP4 HD or MP4 for a low-resolution
  • Rename the video and save it to your device.


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