How To Make Money On Twitter Free – Top10 Twitter Monetization Ideas

How To Make Money On Twitter

How To Make Money On Twitter – Do you post content to Twitter? Do you have a sizable audience? Twitter is an information and  social media platform where you can make money if you have talent, or  skilled and can demonstrate expertise at what you do, and standout from the crowd.

The platform has over 300 million users who tweet and retweet daily.  Considering the huge number of active users on the platform, you will agree with me that Twitter is a very essential tool in the social media marketing campaign of any business.



People use Twitter as a forum to promote their relationships, businesses, and jobs. Businesses use it to interact with clients and update them on sales and new products.

You can use the Twitter platform to make money, but  you must be able to market both yourself and other people while staying up to date with trends and current events. It is a very simple tool to use when it comes to social media marketing campaign and revenue generation.

How To Make Money On Twitter in Nigeria

Let’s begin with the fundamentals.  Making sure your Twitter account is prepared for marketing is the first step to earning money on Twitter.

You can just try the following to set up your Twitter account  for success. 

1) Create a Professional Twitter account: To make money on Twitter, you need to have a  very catchy twitter profile. You can check the profile of other successful business on Twitter to have an idea of what is expected of your profile.

However I have listed some things you can apply to your own Twitter account to instantly give your profile more polished appearance, and make it much easier for you to make impact and earn money on Twitter.
1) Use the name of your business or brand as your Twitter handle. 
 2) Use your image or your company’s logo as your profile picture.
3) Add succinct biography that highlights your personality, and hobbies,.
4) Add your location.
5) Add a link to your or blog.



2) Grow Your Twitter Following: Iis very difficult to succeed no matter how well you understand these skills if you don’t have a good community to support you. You need to be able to get followers for your accounts and create eye-catching tweets.  More followers equate to more opportunities to monetize your material.

So, how can you increase your Twitter following? Here are some tips that can help you to build your audience on Twitter;

1) Be active on the platform; this  is  the simplest and best  way to get more organic followers. You have be consistent with your posting,  and frequently interacting with other users through retweets, likes, and comments.

2) Use hashtags to your advantage: You have to also use hashtags to increase your reach on Twitter and make sure the content 
you provide is pertinent to your business or specialty. 

3) Maintaining an active Twitter presence will both help you gain new followers and keep the ones you already have.

Other simple strategies to increase your Twitter following include:
Add Twitter feed widget to your website.
Follow people who are relevant to your niche or target market.
Your email signature should include your Twitter handle.
On other social media networks, advertise your Twitter account.
To increase your following, you can add “Follow Us on Twitter” popup to your website.

How to Make Money on Twitter

There are so many ways to make money on Twitter, similar to what most bloggers do on their blog. Follow me as  I show you some of the ways you can make money on Twitter.

Some of the numerous ways you can make money with your Twitter account include;  selling standard advertisements for your profile page, setting your own rates and selling direct supported tweets, charging to send an individual message to your adherents, or charging for admittance to your private rundown of devotees. These publicizing administrations can likewise help you bring in cash through compensation per-click promoting, which can be particularly worthwhile on the off chance that you have a huge after.

1. Generate Traffic for Your Website



Twitter is a social media platform with over 400 million active users. You may still use Twitter to drive traffic to your website or increase the number of leads for a service-based business even if your company doesn’t sell things.

Using Twitter to drive traffic to your website can be a tremendous way to boost your revenue, as increased website traffic results in more clients and more sales.

By tweeting about your most recent blog entries, you can increase the number of people who find your website, increase website traffic, and advance your writing career.

Simply tweet links to your engaging blog post and invite people to check them out to increase site traffic on Twitter. You can use relevant featured image to increase clicks on your tweet. You can also  hashtags, and tag other users to increase tweet visibility.

Having a captivating featured image on your blog post can increase the number of clicks you receive because visual material on Twitter can increase engagement by up to 35%.

2. Use Paid or Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is about promoting other peoples products, services, or brands on your timeline. The  Sponsored Tweet feature allows you to fix your own pricing per click.



If you have a large audience on Twitter, you can reach out to companies or brands  and educate them on the benefits of promoting their product to your audience using a sponsored tweet.  Some companies can notice you presence and approach you to do it for them at a price.  There are some platforms that connect influencers with brands that are want to do Sponsored posts.

To qualify to offer sponsored tweets as a service, your twitter handle must be at least 2 months old, you must have 100 tweets and 50 followers. One you meet these requirements, then you are eligible to register for sponsored tweets.

3. Monetize Your Twitter Presence

With Twitter Media Studio your video content on Twitter can be monetized by adding advertisements and sponsorships similar to what you see on YouTube.

You can monetize your videos on twitter either by using Amplify pre-roll or Amplify Sponsorship.

You can also  include Twitter feeds together with your videos on your website in other generate revenue with your video content on Twitter.  In this manner, your website’s visitors can view your paid films as well. Additionally, you can earn a lot more money on Twitter with more views.

Get Custom Twitter Feeds Pro today to create interesting feeds that will get ton of views for your Twitter content.

4. Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter

Another way to earn on Twitter is by  promoting affiliate products, the same way bloggers do their website
Affiliate marketing gives you opportunity to commission when someone purchases the item using the link you provided.
You don’t need sizable Twitter following to be approved into affiliate marketing programs, which is one of the best things about affiliate marketing.
You can create an account on any of the following affiliate marketing network to see products that you can promote; 
Amazon Associates 
Identify affiliate products you can advertise on Twitter.
However, avoid promoting any affiliate products you come across. Your Twitter profile won’t be focused if you advertise a ton of different things randomly, and your target audience won’t know what to expect from you from day to day.

5. Build and Grow Your  Email List

Email marketing is one of  the best strategies to locate new customers and  increase sales in your business. You can use it to send direct mails to your subscribers to inform them of ongoing or upcoming discount, promo,  new product or updates on old products, etc.
Using automated emails alone can increase sales by up to 320% according to WPForms. 
Interesting right? 
Well before you can use email marketing to boost sales, you will need to build your email list. Incase you wondering you can build your Email list, don’t worry,  I have got you covered.
Email marketing is merely collection of emails from people that are eager to receive emails from you.
There some  plugins that you can use to quickly grow your email list by sizable number of people. You can develop marketing campaigns using plugins that include countdown timers, spin-to-win games, lightbox popups, etc. All you have to do is tweet about your lead magnet and the landing page where people can sign up for your email list.

6. Promote Your Own Products

Running adverts on social media platforms, like Twitter is an excellent way to promote your  products or servicesYou can use Twitter to target a wider audience outside your current website visitors.

Promoting your own goods to your followers is a fantastic strategy to generate money on Twitter. Since they already follow you, they are likely going to like all your products.



Studies show that compared to non-users, Twitter users shop online 6.9 times more frequently each month than non-users do. Additionally, over the course of six months, Twitter users intended to spend 21.7 percent more than non-users.

Promoting your post on twitter is not difficult, all that is required is to develop or choose a captivating product or content, with great photograph, write an interesting product description, a pertinent hashtag, and add a link to the product on their website.

You can also boost your  sales by running promo or discount on Twitter.

7. Provide Customer Service

Any successful firm understands the importance of offering excellent customer service. 
While offering customer service won’t always result in monetary gain, it can increase lead generation and help retain current clients, which will in turn increase revenue.

8. Do a Random  Giveaway

Try holding giveaway if you want to earn money on Twitter. Giveaway actually help you make money. It is great way
to promote your company,  increase brand awareness,  increase your Twitter following as well as to generate revenue.
It can be used to converted window shoppers into buyers and triple sales.
You may create and administer your giveaway with ease by using tool like RafflePress, one of the most effective giveaway plugins available.

9. Create Twitter Ads

You can also create Twitter ads to increase sales for your company. 
Twitter Ads will assist your company in expanding its online customer base, including not just your current followers but also other Twitter users. The more individuals who know about your company, the more sales you may generate.

Final Thoughts

This post is about ways to make money on TwitterThe key is to build sizable following on Twitter, followed by solid online reputation, and you are good to go.

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