How to Make Your MacBook Work the Best

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Being a proud owner of Apple’s Mac system, you certainly want it to work in the best possible manner forever.

However, with time it becomes a bit difficult to do so with temporary file storage consuming a lot of space.



When the unnecessary temporary files consume a lot of space, you get less space to work on and save the necessary files and data you want.

Also, your Mac system may get slow and sluggish. 

Sometimes, it may hang for a while or forever, and you might need to turn it off/on to get back in working condition.

At other times, even after performing these steps, your Mac may not be back with the speed and performance it used to be previously.

Therefore, it becomes quite important for you to know how to keep your MacBook clean in the long run, especially when you use it regularly. 

Methods to Keep Your Mac Clean and Running 



There are several ways to keep your Mac clean and running, not just when it is new but even after time passes by.

In addition to making use of the Mac Cleaner app, go through the other ways in which your Mac can work flawlessly and with speed.

Below listed are the methods to make Mac perform optimally

Don’t Saturate Your Mac Drive Fully

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According to, the lack of storage is one of the most common reasons behind sluggish MacBook performance.

There are storage drives on your Mac to store your precious data.

The space on these drives is in GBs, but still, on working regularly, it gets filled up with time.

The amount of space these drives consume depends on the amount of data you store on it.

The more data you store, the more quickly it gets filled. 

But always ensure that you do not fill the Mac drives fully. Always keep a few percentages of the drive space free.



The reason being if the drives are stored fully, the Mac system becomes slow.

Once it runs out of space, the drive needs to re-write and reorganize new data several times.

So, to keep your Mac in the best condition, keep the drive’s storage free to some extent.

Restore Your Mac Every Year

It is advised that you restore your Mac to its original condition annually.

This means you should create a backup of your entire Mac system.

Also, you should ensure that you deauthorize any apps because after deleting all data, your MacBook will behave like a brand new device. 

Once you have restored your Mac, make sure that you have a bootable USB El Capitan ready-to-use install drive.



This is because post restoring your Mac, you would need to install a clean and new version of the latest operating system.

To do so, you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Insert the flash drive,
  2. Reboot your Mac system, 
  3. Finally, select the flash drive you have used, and then choose Disk Utilities under OS X. Utilities.

Use Mac Cleaner App

Mac book



It has been stated in the beginning that one of the main reasons why your Mac gets slow and sluggish is the presence of temporary storage.

This gets accumulated due to continuous storage and deletion of data when you work on it regularly.



So, you should use the Mac Cleaner app to get rid of temporary storage. 

Also, it is equally important to make use of the best mac cleaner app and not just an application that you get easily.

Ensure that you use a tried and tested the application to clean the temporary storage in your Mac. 

Run Mac Updates Regularly

Another thing to know is system updates. Run the updates available for your Mac regularly and whenever available.

This keeps your Mac system in good working condition, i.e., fast and uninterrupted.

This also keeps your MacBook protected from the recent viruses, trojans, and other malware that threatens the device.

Use Disk Utility to Check for Corrupted Data

As a preventive measure to keep your Mac safe and secure, you should make it a habit to run Disk Utility regularly.



You should use the utility to check your Mac for damaged files. I

f there are any, you can either remove them so that your Mac remains protected, or you can uninstall the existing OS and install the latest one. 

Clean the Dust

Whether you like it or not, a MacBook will collect dust, and the problem can get out of hand if you are not careful.

Too much dust inside the laptop means problems with the internal fans. Loud noises and overheating are inevitable.

Some people might consider getting a cooling pad, and while the accessory is worth the money, it is still not enough to counter the dust problem.

Ultimately, you will need to clean the dust inside your MacBook and do it regularly.

Otherwise, there will be issues with the computer that you might struggle to solve yourself.

Manage Background Applications

Having too many applications in the background is not good for the computer’s resources.



It also does not help if there are other factors further increasing the issue, such as desktop clutter and visual effects.

Focus on keeping an eye on Activity Monitor more carefully and close background processes that are unnecessary.

Also, remember that some of these background apps could be the result of too many startup items that you ignore or forget to close.

By keeping the number of background applications to a minimum, you will notice a better overall MacBook performance in addition to increasing its longevity.

Closing Thoughts 

With the end of this article, you now know the several ways that you can employ to keep your Mac performing the best.

You are also aware of how to keep it safe and secure in the long run.

So, in addition to other tips, use the best Mac Cleaner app to get rid of temporary storage and keep your Mac working like a new one even if it gets old.

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