How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage iPhone | Simple Guide

How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

8 Ball Pool Game On iMessage games iPhone.  

Are you trying to figure out how to play 8 ball pool on iMessage? If yes, then we have got you covered, be cause in this post we will show you how to Play 8 ball pool on iPhone.



GamePigeon on iM essage App is one of the most popular iMessage apps for playing games with your friends and family is GamePigeon. It has over 20 sports games for your iPhone or iPad, including 8 Ball, basketball, chess, mini-golf, and more. Out of all of these, 8ball happens to be the most popular game on the app, so in this post, I’ll show you how to play this game on your iPhone.

We’ll start with the installation of GamePigeon App.

Download and Install 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

Game Pigeon is a free iMessage game app that works with iOS 10 and higher. In other words, you’ll see an icon for this program on your menu screen. Installing the game pigeon app on an iPhone or iPad is similar to installing any other software. The first step is to download and install the iMessage Game App on you device. To do so follow the steps below;

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store.
  2. In the search bar, type GamePigeon.
  3. Choose GamePigeon from the search results.

Your phone may ask you to confirm the installation if you tap the download icon. The app will begin to download after it has been confirmed.  Now that you have the iMessage App installed the next step is to locate it on your device and begin to enjoy yourself.

How to Access 8 Ball Pool on GamePigeon

Because GamePigeon is an iMessage app, that allows users to play games using iMessage. This program does not have an icon on your menu screen. The steps for finding GamePigeon and playing it are outlined below.

  1. Tap the New Message icon in the top right corner of the screen to open the iMessage App.
  2. Select the person with whom you’d like to play the game. (Because it’s an iMessage app, it can only be played on iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad.)
  3. When you click the send symbol, your contact will be alerted of your request.
  4. Swipe down to the bottom icons and select the GamePigeon icon.
  5. Finally, choose the game you’d like to play with your companion now.

How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage Rules



Just like every other game, the 8 ball pool game has some rules that every player must know and observe. The rules of the iMessage 8-ball pool are the same as those of the modern 8-ball pool.  However, if you’re a beginner, here’s a quick guide to playing 8-ball pool:

Solids and Stripes are the two types of balls used in the 8-Ball Pool game.

Each player is required to collect seven balls of the same type.For instance, if I pot a solid ball on my first move, I will control the solid balls. To win the game, you’ll need to pot the 8-Ball in addition to the 7 balls. It is deemed a foul if the cue ball is potted. Each player has a set amount of time to make a shot. You can play games and buy cues with the coins you earn in the game.

Ball is one of the most popular and addictive games on GamePigeon. On pool table, eight-ball is played with 
cue sticks and sixteen balls. However, newcomer may find it difficult to learn how to play Ball because no 
instructions are offered. You won’t receive the same features or controls as other high-end games because it’s 
an iMessage game. 
So, here are the steps in detail.

How To Play 8 Ball On iPhone With Your Contact

To begin, open iMessage and search for 8-ball Pool in the applications section. To do this, simply launch the iMessage app, and click on conversation or compose. Search for game pigeon, choose game mode. The ‘8 Ball’ option is the standard game mode, whereas the ‘8 Ball+’ option merely doubles the amount of balls in your game to give you more time to play.

The next step is to send it to the person with whom you want to play, and the game will begin once your contact accepts your request, he or she is given the first move. You will be given the next move once his/her move is completed.

Please note that before you can play, your competitor must have installed the game

Playing The Game Pigeon 8 Ball Pool Game



To begin, position the balls and use a v-shaped indication to aim.

Aiming from the white ball’s current position, the white ball will strike the balls, and the procedure will continue. By moving your finger over the cue stick, you can move it around. Pull back the cue stick on the left side of the screen and take the shot after the direction has been adjusted. The power meter reveals the hit power as you pull back the cue stick to take a shot. You will be fined if you hit the white ball.

If you’re new to the game and don’t know the rules, please see the next step.

Game Pigeon 8 Ball Cheat | 8Ball Pool iMessage Best Break 

  1. When you first start playing, always aim for the second last ball on the last row of balls.
  2. Power up to the full bar and fire the shot once you’ve aimed for the ball.
  3. At least one ball will be pocketed, with the rest lined up for easy pickings.
  4. The game settings, such as music, sound, and pictures, can be found at the bottom of the screen.
  5. To preserve battery and cellular data, disable these options.
  6. When playing, you can use a ruler to locate the ideal angle.
  7. Angle the ruler to determine how far the ball will go and then correctly aim for the holes.
  8. Before firing a shot, keep an eye on the aim circle.
  9. If there are lines in the middle of the aim circle, do not take the shot; instead, modify the aim until the lines disappear.
  10. There aren’t many 8-ball pool cheats out there, but the ones listed above will undoubtedly offer you an advantage when playing.
  11. To achieve the desired outcomes, carefully combine the recommendations.
  12. If you don’t have a ruler, use any item with a straight edge to line up the lines

Turn The Sound & Music On/Off  on 8 Ball Pool

Although in-game Sound & Music are an important element of any game, when you’re in a social setting and don’t have any earphones, the folks around you will prefer it if you turn down the sound on your phone.

To do so, simply navigate to the 8 Ball Pool game screen and click on the ‘gear’ button located in the lower left corner. Then, to switch off the in-game audio, tap the ‘Music’ button. After that, press the ‘Sound’ button toggles to off the game’s sound effects. The customization options located directly above the ‘Sound’ and ‘Music’ controls allow you to change your character’s look, including facial expressions, haircuts, hats, eyewear, and more.

Can I Chat on 8 Ball Pool?

The answer is both yes and no. To communicate with another user, tap on the speech bubble above their name. You will, however, be limited to sending prepared texts.

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