How To Watch GOTV On My Mobil Phone-Android, iPhone and iPad.


Watch GOTV Channels on Mobile.

Are you one of those asking how to watch GOTV channels on my phone?



Have you been wondering if it will ever be possible to watch GOTV live on your mobile device?

If yes, then we are on the same page.

I would like you to know that it is now very much possible to download the GOTV live App and watch it for free, irrespective of the type of mobile device you are using.

So, in this post, you are going to learn how to watch GOTV for free On your Mobile Phone.

Just get yourself a chilled drink and read on.

Why The GOTV Live App is A must Have



The GOTV mobile app is not just for watching movies, once you have it installed on your device, you can use it to do a lot of other things.

1.Once you have the GOTV live app installed on your mobile device, you can do virtually everything with it, be it subscription, change of plan, updating of details etc

2.You can also check your movie time with it, sort your watch watchlist,  and access the self-service platform quickly with ease.

3.Interestingly the App has n inbuilt system for fixing errors. So downloading it will save you the stress of having to visit the Multi-Choice office to fix errors, or to subscribe.

All you have to do is to visit the “Fix Errors” button, you will be given a list to choose the type of error as it relates to your case.

Simple choose the right option and click on “FIX IT.”



4.The also allows you to watch and vote for the popular BBN for free.

How To Watch GOTV On My Android Phone

To activate GOTV on an android smartphone is very easy to use.

All that is required a GOTV decoder, and the GOTV mobile device known as Walka or Drifta installed on your phone.

Then go ahead and activate the GOTV mobile app and improve your viewing experience.

In case you don’t have the GOTV live App on your android device, I will show you how to get it.

GOTV Mobile Device For Watching Their Channels on Your Phone

1.Walka 3.5i – This is a very portable handheld television. It is the only device that can be used to watch GOTV. GHS199.



2.WALKA 7 – This is also a portable TV with a 7” viewing screen. It provides visual and audio quality. GHS 294.

3.Drifta WiFi – It is a mobile TV decoder that is equipped with the ability to receive a DVB-H signal and convert the same to a WiFi signal on WiFi-enabled viewing devices such as tablets, smartphones. GHS 189.

4.Drifta USB –  This is another mobile TV decoder that can also receive DVB-H signal used for watching on laptops and PCs. GHS 118.

5.iDrifta – This is a mobile TV decoder that also receives the DVB-H signal used for watching GOTV for free on iOS devices. GHS 156.

How To Download GOTV Live App To Your Android Phone

To download the GOTV App, visit the Google Playstore and search for GOTV using the search bar.

Once the search result is displayed, click on install to have it installed on your device.

Now you have the App on your phone, to enjoy your movie on your mobile device.

How To Connect GOTV Decoder  To My Phone 



To connect and activate your GOTV mobile on your android phone, follow the steps listed below ;

  • Open the already installed GOTV app on your phone, and fill in the required details.
  • Configure the app based on your preference.
  • Position your antenna vertically for better and clearer signal reception.
  • Send the following number to 4688 to connect with the mobile app; Phone number, ACTM number, and  CAS number.  The CAS number starts with 4 and is written behind the GOTV mobile device.
  • Once you are through with the steps above, you can start enjoying the channels via the app.

How To watch GOTV on iPhone, and iPad.

To download the GOTV mobile App, on your iOS, simple visit the Google App Store and follow the steps as in android.
You can also watch GOTV PC online.

Channels To Watch On GOTV

Find below some of the channels you can watch on GOTV.

BET, Sony Max, Nat Geo World, Select Sports, Disney Junior, CNN, Super Sports Blitz,

Metro TV, African Magic Family, African Magic Yoruba, African Magic world, channel O, GTV.

How To Pay Monthly Subscription

GOTV Plus subscribers are eligible to get free subscription on your GOTV mobile. For other subscribers, you will need to pay a certain amount before you can enjoy GOTV mobile.

How To Activate Your Subscription After Purchasing the GOtv Mobile Device

1. Firstly, ensure that your GOTV Mobile device is fully charged and turned on.
2. For better signal reception, Extend the antenna vertically to ensure better reception.
3. Send ACTM CASnumber your phone number to 4688 via text message.  The CAS number for your GOTV Mobile device  can be found behind the back of the device, it usually starts with 4. Example;  SMS ACTM4012345 07033528483.

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