IDM Free Download – How To Download And Activate The IDM Free Version

IDM-Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager.

IDM serial key Free Download; The  Internet Download Manager is the principal download manager tool for windows.



The software permits multiple downloads at an amazingly fast speed. What I love about this software is that it doesn’t come on a disk, so there is no risk of getting an outdated version.

It can download just any content from the internet.

To use the IDM,  you have to visit the company’s official website to download the software and activate the product key also called IDM serial number.

The IDM key is a 20 digit code with a unique combination of alphabets and numbers.

The company offers a free and premium version, but the free version can only be used for 30days after which you will be required to upgrade to the premium.

Please avoid the cracked version, it always presents a lot of challenges.




The software is easily integrated with notable apps and web browsers like; Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

Because the IDM doesn’t come on disks, you are sure of getting the latest version always.

  • It has the ability to download videos from any web page; Youtube, Facebook, etc. and can Pause, Resume/Restart downloads
  • It has a built-in Scheduler to set priorities, Drag and drop files to arrange them.
  • It blocks cookies and makes video download faster.
  • It also allows you to download while streaming live or watching videos online on your browser.
  • It also offers batch downloads and allows import/export download options.
  • IDM manages your downloaded videos according to their status.
  • IDM has a lot of protocols, such as HTTPS, MMS HTTP, FTP, and Microsoft ISA, therefore can divide downloads into multiple streams to improve download speed.
  • Built-in virus scanning that scans downloaded files for viruses.
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Easy and Progressive downloading
  • Compatible with all versions 0f Windows.
  • A simple and easy installation wizard
  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface


IDM integrates automatically with your web browser after it is downloaded and installed on your PC.

During the set-up installation, IDM also installs add-ons to your browser, through which it identifies file download links.

As soon a video is identified by IDM, it will be displayed to windows to enable you to download it to your device. Download starts with just a single click.

IDM uses multiple channels to download, and is therefore amazingly fast, especially when all channels are connected to the internet.



To use IDM for your downloads, simply tap the Add URL button, and enter the URL of the file you want to download.

Click on the Start button to commence the download process. You can also click on Save as to download later.

A dialogue box that shows the download status will appear.

You can use the Pause button to postpone the download process. The Cancel button is used to stop a download.

The Stop button stops the download for a particular file. While the stop all button is used to stop all ongoing downloads at that moment.

The delete button just like the name is used to delete the current download. You can also schedule a download with the scheduler button.




To activate your newly purchased IDM, you will need the serial key from the IDM merchant to enable you to activate it.

You can download the IDM bar on the google bar.

  • On your web browser visit
  • Click “download internet manager now link” to download the IDM set-up. Wait for the download to complete.
  • Launch the software and select the IDM.exe file, this will cause the IDM Installation Wizard to open.
  • Click on Next to continue. This will take you to the IDM license window, Click on Next again.
  • The destination location window will be displayed, from there Choose the location to install the software and click Next.

If you want a different location from the ones listed click on browse, and select your preferred location, then click Next to continue.

On the program manager window click Next, and Click Finish to complete the installation process.

Note: If you change your PC, you will need to buy another key, so if you have plans of getting a new computer, I will recommend you don’t activate the IDM until you get the new system.


The IDM is a software that downloads and managers files on Windows pc. It is loaded with unique features.



With IDM you don’t need a YouTube video downloader. It can download YouTube and Facebook videos with the IDM floating option.

Blocks cookies and increases your download speed

The application has a lot of protocols and integrates easily with most browsers. It has a free and paid version.

It is available for download on the website.

Have you tried the free IDM software? Please share your experience with us.

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