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IMSlogger Android App

IMSlogger stands for Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem Services which is an in-built app found on Samsung Android. It is responsible for handling call logs and messaging sync services on Samsung android devices.

In this post, you will learn more about the IMSlogger on Android phone , its uses, their permissions required and many more.

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What is an IMSlogger On My Phone?

IMSlogger on Android phone is a Samsung system app that logs calls and messages sent over an IP network, such as Video Call, Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi), Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Internet Chat Message, and Rich Communication Services such as SMS and MMS.

It’s one of the most useful pre-installed apps, and you’ll need it for the majority of your phone’s activities and operations. The Samsung keyboard, contacts, messages,  fused location, storage, and locate missing phone are all available to the IMS logger.

When IMS Service is connected to a carrier network like Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T, it builds a database of call and message logs that can be utilized to troubleshoot difficulties.

What Is IMSlogger Used For?

Samsung’s Ims Logger android is a messaging sync service that allows the device to work with a vendor or carrier-provided communication app, allowing calls and SMS to be delivered over an IP network. It is used to obtain calls and messages sent over the IP network using the IMS Service app and the IMS Settings app. Essentially, this program allows you to receive and send multimedia messages (MMS) as well as access to a database and diagnostics for T-Mobile and VoLTE WiFi calling.

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The ImsLogger apk file’s package name is com.sec.imslogger.

The Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem service, is a preinstalled app that is an architectural framework for delivering voice, multimedia, and chat messaging services over an IP network by establishing a connection with the service provider via a common control layer.

Although some individuals believe that SMS and MMS are not sent over the Internet, this is not totally true. With the RcsSettings app, you may send SMS and MMS via the Internet using RCS, or Rich Communication Services.

What Permissions Does IMSlogger App Have?

IMSlogger on Android phone requires some permissions due to the way it functions. One of the main reasons for this is to increase efficiency and reduce memory usage. Here are a few of them:



Mobile tracker

SMS and Call Log

Samsung keyboard

Fused location

Text Messages


This is all the official information we have, however many internet users believe that the importance given to this program in terms of permissions is simply to steal information and listen to our conversations in order to serve us ads based on the data acquired, but we cannot confirm this.

Is ImsLogger Safe or Is It a Virus?

Many Samsung users have complained about this app’s security. The majority of users believe it is malware, but it is not. It is neither a virus nor a piece of malware.

ImsLogger is a secure application that records conversations and messages sent over an IP network using internet services. It doesn’t harm your device in any way.

You might think it’s snooping on your data because it’s establishing a database of message and call records. This is also wrong because the log database is only used to diagnose problems. This application isn’t spyware.

This software, on the other hand, can be classified as bloatware because it has no direct impact on the functionality of your smartphone when it is removed or disabled.

Is it Possible To Uninstall ImsLogger?

Sadly, as is common with pre-installed apps, you will not be able to delete it or at the very least move it to your SD card; the only way to do so is to use a different system with a different type of encryption than the default, but this is a risky procedure that could impact your handset if done incorrectly.

How To Unistall or Disable ImsLogger

ImsLogger is a system app that cannot be uninstalled in the same way that third-party apps may. The following methods can be used to uninstall IMSlogger on your Samsung Android device;

1. Uninstall ImsLogger Using Android Debug Bridge(ADB)

2. Uninstall ImsLogger Using Titanium Backup

3. Uninstall ImsLogger Using System App Remover

The ADB approach does not necessitate rooting, while the other two strategies do.

How To Fix ImsLogger Consumes Too Much Battery

According to some people, the ImsLogger app drains a substantial amount of battery power, resulting in battery loss. However, our research revealed that while the app itself does not consume battery power, communication services such as VoWiFi calling, VoLTE calling, video calling, and internet messaging do.
The application does not run in the background all of the time. When you utilize these voice or multimedia communication services, this app will start up.

The app’s battery consumption can be reduced by employing the following methods:

(1) Restrict Background Data and Battery Usage

The instructions below will allow you to limit this app’s use of background data.

Go to the Settings menu.

Select Data Usage from the drop-down menu

Scroll down to ImsLogger and tap it.

Then Turn on Restrict Background Data by tapping the toggle button.

Follow the steps below to limit the app’s background battery usage.

Open the Settings.

Select Device Care > Battery.

Go to Battery Usage and click on the ImsLogger app

(2) Restrict Use of Internet Communication Services

If you use a lot of online communication services for lengthy periods of time, such as Video Calling,  Internet Voice Calling, WiFi calling, and Chat Messaging, your battery will quickly deplete.

In such instances, the easiest strategy to reduce battery usage is to limit the use of these services. Your battery will last longer if you minimize your use of online communication services.

Imslogger | Faqs

Slide to access the Smart Launcher app drawer page to locate your hidden apps on the launcher.
Select the three dots in the top right corner of the page.
Select Apps that are hidden from view
How do I check my IMS status?
Steps to check IMS status is as follows;
  • When you open the network settings, you’ll discover that there are no VoLTE options.
  • Launch the Phone app.
  • ##4636## is the number to dial.
  • Make a selection for Phone Information.
  • VoLTE-related choices are grayed out and toggled off.
  • Choose IMS service information from the three dots in the top right corner.

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