Instagram Reels Short Videos Tutorial | How It Works


Instagram Reels.

The Instagram reel is a new video feature that was recently added to Instagram. It is very similar to the popular Tik Tok videos.

If you want to learn how to create and share reels, please read this post.


Instagram reels is a new way to create, discover, and share attention-grabbing short video clips with audio, text, and special effects.

They are created with the Instagram story camera.

Users can create 15seconds of short fun video clips and share them with friends and followers on Instagram.

Users can also share reels on their feeds, and stories.

Just like WhatsApp status, reels shared to Stories vanishes after 24 hours.


There are two ways to create your own reels on Instagram; you can either upload a video clip from your phone gallery or record your reels with the camera button on your Instagram live story.

To create reels using the second option, select the reels label at the bottom of the camera.

On the left side of your screen, you will see some editing tools to enable you to unleash your creative skills.

If you want to record multiple clips with different effects, click on the AR effect.

Use the Audio button to add music to your reels; you can either select from the Instagram music library, or record fresh music.


To record Instagram reels, select the reel button next to the story at the bottom of your camera. Once this is selected, the editing tools will pop-up on the left side of the screen.

Press and hold the capture button, to record your reels. To end a clip, simply tap the record button.

Take advantage of the AR effects, audion,  and other editing options to get creative.

You can record your reels at once, and it can also be recorded in series.

A  progress bar indicator will appear at the top of your screen as you record.

Reels appear in feeds after creation, and not story, but can be published in stories.

They can be saved to drafts, hashtagged, and shared with friends


Reels can be shared on your Story, with friends, or via direct message.

After creating and editing your reel, click on the next (>) button to go to the share screen.

Then, click on the cover to edit the cover photo or add a cover from your camera roll. You can also add caption and hashtags.

You can save the reel as a draft if you are not ready to publish it.

You can tag friends, and followers, then share.

Shared reels live, and can be found on the Reels tab on your profile.

Your reel will also appear on your main profile grid if you share to your Feed.

The way you share your clip will depend on the type of account you have, either a private or public account.

If you hold a public account, your shared reels will either accumulate in a dedicated space in Explore for a wider audience reach.

You can also share your reel in your Feed where your followers can see.

If you hold a Private Account, your reels will follow your Instagram privacy settings. You can also share to Feed, just like in a Public account. Reels shared on feeds are seen by your followers.


Reels give businesses a new way and greater opportunity to reach a wider audience in a fun and entertaining way and if being put into good use, can lead to increased revenue. There are so many ways businesses can use these 15seconds video on Instagram to promote their brand, below are a few of them;

  • To share educational/informative content about your brand. You can create content emphasizing the benefits and uniqueness of your brand, thereby showing case your product, and its usefulness to a wider audience.
  • To announce sales and upcoming events, upcoming deals in fun and entertaining video clips.
  • You can also use it to create brand awareness, and generate revenue. Considering that reels sit on the explore page, most people are likely to see it, and if you put out good content about your brand, it will generate traffic and possible high conversions.


The Instagram reel is a short video clip, with special effects, audio, and write-up that can be shared in a public or private account.

If you like Tik Tok, you will definitely like Instagram reel.

Reels are not just created for fun, businesses can use it to reach a wider audience coverage, and generate more revenue.

Shared reels disappear like WhatsApp status, after 24hours.

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