What Is KLMS Agent and Can I Delete It?

klms agent app

The KLMS agent app on Samsung phone is part of the Android KNOX platform. The App ensures that the sensitive data/ materials on your phone are protected and kept private.

In addition, it also plays a vital role in recovery of stolen phone, the agent can assist in tracking and locating a stolen phone using IMEI.



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What Is KLMS Agent

The KLMS agent is piece of software installed on your Samsung phone that helps prevent unwanted access to the 
phone’s system and contents.
The program is useful for securing your files, like mails as well as other work-related applications. 
In addition to data security, the application can assist with organization by allowing users to distinguish between business and personal tasks.

Feature of KLMS (KNOX)

1.Specialized User Experience

2. Network Protection

3. Automated App Deployment

4. Data Storage Protection



5. Device Feature Restriction

6. Block/allow listing

What Is KLMS Agent Used For?

The KLMS agent is critical for keeping your data and connection secure and preventing cybercriminals and viruses from compromising your files. You can, however, uninstall or stop KNOX at any time, just like any other application.
It prevents unauthorized access to all files on your smartphone, it provides security, and privacy
In the event that your device is lost or stolen, the agent can be used to locate, lock, or wipe it.
It provides exceptional protection for high-end Samsung phone.  It also aids in the separation of personal and 
commercial data for quick access when needed. Some individuals use it as Samsung passcode or secure folder. 
The biometric area of the phone’s Settings allows you to access these folders.
 Ensures safe working environment by ensuring that Data outside the KNOX is inaccessible to apps inside the  KNOX,  and data inside the KNOX is inaccessible to apps outside the KNOX.

Is KLMS Agent Spyware or Virus?

No, the KLMS Agent is not spyware; nonetheless, individuals who do not want Samsung Knox may consider these programs to be bloatware since constantly run mostly in background & occupy CPU/RAM.

Can I Uninstall KLMS Agent

Yes, however as previously stated, the  KLMS agent is component of Samsung’s Knox security system. 
Some Knox features may stop functioning if you disable or delete the KLMS agent.

How can I remove KLMS Agent (KNOX) from my computer?

There are two ways to delete KLMS Agent from the KNOX app. The first method is to do so without root access, while the second method is to do it with root access. Both strategies are described in detail below.

1. Uninstall KLMS Agent (KNOX) without Root Access

2. Uninstall KLMS Agent Using ADB Without Rooting

3. Uninstall KLMS Agent (KNOX) With Root Access

How Do I Root My Android Phone?

If you’re having trouble uninstalling KLMS Agent without rooting your smartphone, you should root it to obtain more power and the ability to simply delete any system software.

While most Android devices can be rooted with ease using an Android program, certain newer Android devices do not. In such situation, you’ll need a computer running Windows to root your devices.

propose utilizing an Android software like Kingo Root to root your device without using computer. 
If that doesn’t work, connect your device to Windows computer and use program like Dr.Fone or Kingo Root PC to root it.

How to Root an Android Phone Without Computer

On your Android device, download and install free KingoRoot app.
The OneClickRoot button should be pressed.
Wait for the procedure to finish. (If it doesn’t work, the software will provide you with a link to download Kingroot PC.)

How To Root an Android Phone With Computer


Who is Knox security? |What does it mean when Knox is tripped?

It is safety precaution that identifies if your phone has unapproved software installed. If the Knox bit has triggered, 
you won’t be able to build new Workspace on that device. It is no longer possible to retrieve data that has been 
protected and saved in an existing Workspace.

Does KLMS Agent (Knox) Use System Resources?

Because it is system app that must operate in the background to function properly, the Knox app utilizes system resources. 
The majority of individuals who don’t require this security tool want to uninstall it as quickly as they discover that it uses operating system in the background. 
Some users have also reported about Knox depleting their batteries.
Keep in mind that Knox isn’t the only system software that runs in the background; Samsung phones come with slew of bloatware-like apps.

Does Rooting Break KNOX?

The Knox Warranty feature is tripped if you rooted your device. 
Knox services aren’t available on devices that have violated the Warranty bit, which means the device has been hacked and flashed with an unauthorized Android build. 
Knox can no ensure the security of your data due to this security issue.
When Warranty bit is tripped, key Knox services are affected.

Final Thoughts

Samsung’s security framework includes KLMS Agent, which safeguards your phone and maintains your files safety. 
It’s feature of the pre-installed KNOX app that operates in the background.
It is neither virus nor spyware program. 
You may easily uninstall KLMS Agent on your device with or without root access.

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