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Advantages and Disadvantages of MetroOpinion

How Does Metro Opinion Work

We must first examine more closely at the earning opportunity MetroOpinion provides in order to fully comprehend how it operates and what it offers. You should also be able to determine how well you can profit from the website .

Paid surveys are the only type of earning opportunity that MetroOpinion provides. When you sign up for their survey panel, you’ll occasionally get requests to take surveys.

There are two ways to see if there are surveys available for you to complete. You can log in to MetroOpinion’s member dashboard and examine all the surveys they have available, or you can check your email to see if MetroOpinion has sent you any survey invitations.

When surveys are available for which you are eligible, MetroOpinion will email you an invitation. However, you can also search for other surveys by logging in and going to the member dashboard.



If you choose the email option, the email you will receive will contain a link to the survey as well as information about how long it will take and how much credit you will gain for finishing it. You only need to click the link to complete the survey.

You can browse every survey that is currently available by logging into their member dashboard and visiting the “Surveys” section. Simply decide which survey you wish to participate in.

You can now use MetroOpinion after setting up your account.

The length of the surveys and the payment you will receive for completing them are both disclosed by MetroOpinion. We consider this to be positive because it makes it simpler for you to organize your schedule as not all survey sites do this.

In order to begin the survey, you will need to first supply some basic information about yourself. 
After that, you’ll need to respond to series of questions designed to ascertain whether you fit the survey’s target demographic.
Sites that conduct surveys do this to ensure that the responses they receive will actually offer insightful ideas and comments from the target audience. 
You get to take the actual survey if you meet the requirements. If you don’t meet the requirements, 
simply move on to the following survey (if there are any).

MetroOpinion Sign Up

All you have to do to start using MetroOpinion is create an account using the signup page

You will be required to enter information throughout the signup process such your name, birthdate, and email address. 

This will largely be used by the company to match you with surveys that you can participate in.
While some people may be hesitant to provide such personal information, it is actually required step in the registration process for the majority of online survey sites.
Just be sure to read through its Terms of Use and Privacy Notice before completing your registration so you are aware of how the business will be using your data.
After registering, you ought to get verification email at the address you gave. 
You should be prepared to use the platform once you open the email and click the link.

How much Can One make on MetroOpinion?



You receive payment in your home currency for each survey you complete. A survey’s compensation rate may always be checked before you begin to respond to it.

Depending on how long and complicated the survey is, you may receive a different amount of money. However, a 15–30 minute survey will often pay between $1 and $5

How do you get paid On MetroOpinion?

The payment options offered on MetroOpinion’s platform are not really explored in depth. Depending on where you live, this may vary.

Regardless of your country, you can generally cash out using Paypal. If you live in the United States, you may also choose to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice or exchange them for vouchers.

We discovered that the $10 minimum withdrawal requirement applies when you cash out using Paypal. You can claim your earnings if you already have this amount in your wallet by following these instructions:

Register with your profile.
Simply select “My earned points
By entering your PayPal information, you can transfer your earnings to your account.
Your only option for money withdrawal is to your personal Paypal account.



Additionally, there is a 3% transaction fee charged by PayPal, which will be deducted from your earnings prior to your receiving payment.

How to Withdraw Your Cash from MetroOpinion

However, you must first meet the payment criteria, which varies based on your region, before you can
 withdraw your winnings. 
Usually, the threshold will be between $5 and $10. (or the equivalent of that in your local currency). 
You can take your money out of the account after you hit the criteria.

Countries Where MetroOpinion Surveys Is Available

There are some countries where MetroOpinion is not yet available. 
You won’t be able to register if you don’t reside in one of the nations where it is accessible.
It is accessible in few nations in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, as seen in the image above. 
Simply select your nation and complete their registration form to join.
As was already said, your country will determine which currency the website will use.
You can log in to the website after completing the sign-up form. 
To begin the earning process, advise you to finish your profile. 
You will start getting survey invitations as soon as you finish creating your profile.

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