Mypoints Reviews – Earn Big Cashback Taking Surveys, and Shopping


Mypoints – Saving money while shopping.

Are you looking for a passive side hustle that can fetch you money without draining you?

One of the greatest rewards programs to join without an atom of doubt is MyPoints. This App has proven to be very beneficial especially too those trying economize and save.

This App was founded by Steve Markowitz in 1996, but later purchased by  Prodege, LLC, an internet and media firm.

The company’s website states that its present headquarters are in San Francisco.

Members earn points by completing surveys, viewing movies, and many other activities.

Points can also be earned through reading emails, playing games, printing and redeeming coupons. A lot of people have been earning through MyPoints for more than 20 years.

Members can exchange their points for airline miles, donations to charity, Visa Prepaid cards, gift cards to stores and restaurants, or donations to particular causes.

You can use PayPal, airline miles, or your favorite shops to redeem your earned points.

This post covers everything you need to know about MyPoints Cashback reward program.

What is Mypoints?

MyPoints is a cashback or an online shopping rewards program that allow users earn points through surveys, printing, watching videos, shopping and redeeming coupons.

They also receive points for each purchase made from their preferred brands, over 1,900 retailers.

You’re losing money if you don’t use a cashback website like MyPoints when you shop online.

Shopping, completing surveys, viewing videos, and other activities are just a few of the ways you may earn points with MyPoints that can be exchanged for extra money or gift cards.

If you frequently shop online, beginning your trip through MyPoints is a simple way to get cash back on your purchases.

To gain credit for your purchases, just keep in mind to start with MyPoints.

Amazing Fatures of MyPoint App Download

There were several features that stood out in my mind that differentiated MyPoints from other sites of this ilk I’ve tried. Here are a few of them:

Score is the built-in browser bar for MyPoints that makes earning rewards points simpler and quicker,

Score also provides you with coupons, offers, and the most recent promotions.It’s a great tool because most individuals forget to use their MyPoints accounts when making purchase online. But with Score feature,  when you utilize this for online purchasing, your

MyPointsaccount will automatically receive points based on your transaction.

Daily Deals: This highlights the most significant MyPoints campaigns currently running.

Shop in-store Feature: This is simple way to redeem MyPoints rewards points. Simply use your smartphone to scan the receipt when making a purchase in a partner store to use MyPoints reward points.

How Does Mypoints Work

Mypoint is an online platform marketed as a make money app. It is a platform where you earn by doing simple online tasks like shopping, playing games, or taking surveys.

It is similar to Inboxdollars, and it follows a four step process which are;

1.Sign up and introduce yourself.

2. Receive survey invitation; A new survey will be sent to you by way of invitation.

3.When you give your answers to the survey you will earn some points.

4. Point Redemption for gift cards such as Amazon Gift Card; this is the last step.

Members of MyPoints earn points by participating in various activities like online surveys,

watching movies, and playing games. For referring customers to these businesses, MyPoints

receives referal commission from them, with a portion of that commission going back to members in the form of  points.

Once you sign up with MyPoints, you immediately begin earning points in a variety of ways.

Online shopping may be the simplest and most well-liked way to accrue points, with over 1,900 retail partners that include well-known retailers like Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Best Buy.

But you may still earn points between shopping excursions by doing things like playing games, watching movies, taking surveys, and online research, among other things.

Ways to Earn on Mypoints

1.Sign up and get a $10 Welcome Bonus.

2.Get Paid Taking Surveys and sharing your opinions. Answer research questions and share opinion by take surveys, and earn.

3.Earn rewards for playing Free Fun, and popular games online, mobile games, trivia, puzzles, bingo, like Solitarie, Bejeweled Champions and more.

4.Earn Points on groceries and online shopping. Shop over 1,900 popular retailer via my points online, and earn.

5.Read Emails and earn Points.

6.Watch videos and earn Points.

7.Refer someone and earn points.

Ways to Redeem

Members use a United MileagePlus account to exchange their points for money, gift cards, or even travel miles. United Airlines’ rewards program is called MileagePlus.

Anytime you’re ready to use your points, you may use United MileagePlus to exchange

them for cash, gift cards, or travel miles.

If you prefer a gift card, there are more than 70 shops and eateries from which to choose.

You can exchange your points for a PayPal deposit or prepaid Visa card if you’d want to make extra money.

Alternatively, you might transfer them.If not, you can convert them to United MileagePlus miles and use them to purchase airline tickets.

Depending on the redemption option you choose, the value of your MyPoints rewards vary, but points are normally worth about.006 cents apiece.

Most gift cards have a value between $5 and $100, however certain shops might let you use them for more or less.

These quantities differ from store to store, but when you cash them out, you will be able to see exactly how many points you need for each redemption option.

You might even discover that MyPoints has lowered the number of points needed to redeem for a certain incentive, enhancing the value of your points

Gift Cards : Choose from 70 top retail and restaurant brands.

Cash: Redeem for a PayPal deposit or Visa prepaid card.

Travel Miles :Add travel miles to your United MileagePlus account.

How To Sign up on Mypoints

Signing up for MyPoints takes only a few minutes, assuming it works. An email address is all that is required.


Go to MyPoints official website to create a MyPoints account.

When you go there, Click “Join Now,” and enter your email address, then choose a password. Mypoints will send a verification email to your inbox, you will need to click on a verification link contained in the email to activate your account.

Then your account is ready, you can now start using MyPoints to earn money. You may also earn rewards while on the road by downloading the MyPoints mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

It should just take a few seconds to complete the process, but if you encounter difficulty signing up, MyPoints customer service will guide you through.

Mypoints Alternatives to consider

There quiet a number of other cashback Apps out there that are very good , I will just go ahead a mention a few of them, in case you want to check them out.

Similar to MyPoints, these platforms allow you to reward yourself with money and points for a variety of online activities, however some of these activities are different.

The payouts aren’t necessarily the same, but all three rewards programs provide options for users to earn money or points by conducting online purchases.

Check all three websites the next time you shop to determine which offers the most benefits.



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