What Is Nativedropboxagent And How Do I Uninstall It?


NativeDropBoxAgent App on Motorola

NativeDropBoxAgent App on Motorola devices doesn’t have any known function.



It comes with the main software, therefore cannot be uninstalled, but can be deactivated or disabled.

Pre-installed apps can be very annoying sometimes and useful at other times, but in most cases, the app just slows down your device.


NativeDropBoxAgent is an android app pre-installed on Motorola devices. Being an android app it runs with Android OS.
It is not associated with the Dropbox cloud service, and its purpose is unknown.

The application appears to have no implications if not in use, and it is generally known to slowdown device performance, reduce device memory space, and battery life.

Antivirus oftentimes find NativeDropBoxAgent as potentially harmful, and mark it as an unwanted application.




Unfortunately the NativeDropBoxAgent App cannot be removed or uninstalled, because it is a system application.
Just as the name implies, it is natively installed on Motorola mobile devices with Android OS.

Even though the NativeDropBoxAgent, cannot be uninstalled, you can choose to disable or deactivate it.

Before you deactivate or disable the NativeDropBoxAgent App from your device, make sure you uninstall all updates.

You will be warned that it might misbehave or the action might affect other apps. Nothing to worry about because reactivation is possible.

NativeDropBoxAgent – How To Uninstall Updates.

To uninstall updates follow the steps below;

1. Go to the device Settings menu.



2. Tap Apps.

3. Select the Dropbox app and uninstall updates. Once you have uninstalled updates, you can disable the app itself (Press Clear Data and Clear Cache).

How To Disable NativeDropBoxAgent

1. Go back to the Settings menu, select Apps again, click Dropbox app.

2. Tap NativeDropBoxAgent.

3. Lastly, click Disable.

4. The device will ask you if you want to restore factory defaults. Choose Yes, the app and the agent will be disabled on your device.



Wow you have disabled or deactivated the NativeDropBoxAgent, and you will notice visible improvement on your device performance and memory space.

Hope this article answered your question about what NativeDropBoxAgent is, what it does, and how to disable or deactivate it on your system.

What is NativeDropBoxAgent App?

NativeDropBoxAgent is a pre-installed app on Motorola devices, that doesn’t have any known practical use and can be force-stopped.

Can I delete NativeDropboxAgent?

Unfortunately this application cannot be deleted because it is natively installed on Motorola mobile devices, but it can be disabled by following the steps above.

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