Netflix Sign Out – Netflix Sign Out of All devices

Netflix sign out of all devices

Netflix sign out of all devices doesn’t happen right away, but it is effective.

Fortunately, Netflix makes it simple to remove a device that you no longer use or don’t want to use to watch from your account.



This method has a few limitations, but it is well worth it if you want to deactivate or disconnect unwanted devices from your Netflix account.

The gadget may take up to eight hours to log out so if you want to watch a show right now but all of your streams are full, you’ll have to wait.

Also in this post, I have included some bonuses like Netflix password change, in case you are among those that said they forgot their Netflix password.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on All Devices Using a Web Browser

Using a browser to sign out of all devices is a reasonably simple operation.

To do so, simply follow the instructions outlined below:



1. Go to on your web browser, and log in to your account, using your login details.

2. Go to Setting and select ‘’Sign out of all devices’’.

3. On the next screen, click Sign Out to confirm.

You will be signed out of all of your devices as a result of this action.

It may take up to eight hours for the change to take effect, but you will be signed out of every device eventually.

How Do You Sign Out of Netflix on Your Smart TV

A lot of people don’t know how to sign out of their Netflix on Roku, or TV.



There are menu options to Reload Netflix and Exit Netflix, as you may have noticed.

Both of these options will not sign you out of your Netflix account; instead, they will reload or close the Netflix app.

To sign out of Netflix on TV remotely carefully follow the steps below;

1. Open the Netflix app on your TV.

2. Go to the home screen by clicking on the ”Return” button on your remote repeatedly.

3. To access the menu, press the Left button on your remote.



4. Press and hold the Down button on your remote until Get Help is highlighted, then select it.

5. Press and hold the Down button on your remote until Sign out is highlighted, then select it.

You will be required to confirm that you want to sign out. To confirm, click confirm on the pop-up message.

If you can’t get to the Netflix menu or the Get Help page for some reason, use your remote, and press UpUpDownDown, LeftRightLeftRight,

UpUpUpUp, then you will see the logout option.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on All Devices on Android

You don’t even need to use a browser to log out of your devices if you have the Netflix App on your Android smartphone.

Find below what you’ll need to sign out of Netflix on your Android device:



1. First, open the app, and select the Profile Icon.

2. Click on the ”More” option (the three horizontal lines).

3. Then choose ”Account”.

4. To sign out of all devices, go to Settings > Sign out of all devices.

5. On the next screen, click ”Sign Out” to confirm.

This can take up to eight hours to take effect, just like when using a browser, so don’t expect anything to happen right away.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on All Devices on iOS

Regrettably, the Netflix app for iPhone and iPad does not allow you to sign out of all of your devices.



To sign out on all devices using your iOS device, you’ll need to use the browser method described above.

Launch your preferred internet browser on your iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions.

One very crucial step you must not forget to take is to change your Netflix password, after signing out of every device.

Having said that, now it’s time to change your Netflix password.

How Do I Change My Netflix Password | Netflix Password Reset

This must be your question now.

Relax, I will show you how to change your Netflix password.

If you’ve signed out for security concerns, it’s also a good time to reset your Netflix password.



You can do this by selecting Change Password from the Account section.

Before you can set a new password, you’ll be asked for your old one.

This will prevent anyone with your login information from logging in on another device.

You’ll be able to log back into whatever devices you choose without having to worry about your account being used elsewhere.

You don’t have to log out of Netflix everywhere, of course.

If you want to stay logged in elsewhere, you can sign out of a single device instead.

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