Parental Control On Android – How To Put Parental Control On Your Android Phone

parental control on android
parental control apps on android

Parental Control App on Android Phone.

Parental controls are softwares that allow parents to control or prevent their children from having access to unsuitable contents online.

It is used to restrict children from viewing violence and pornography online.

You will agree with me that children are becoming more tech-savvy nowadays compared to before, hence the need to protect them from online predators.

Are you looking for how to restrict the content your children are exposed to, over the internet?

Think about parental control software.

In this post, you will learn how to set up parental control on your android phone.

In case you don’t have an idea of the parental control methods for android device, I will also be sharing them with you.


Parental controls are software, applications or programs that help parents and guardians, control their children or wards use of the internet.

Parental control apps help to restrict the content that can be downloaded, purchased or shared on a device.

Parental control in android phones can also be used to allocate the amount of time to be spent on the internet, and assign the time of day that a child can access the internet.


There are three different ways Parental control in android can be applied; either through the Network, Device or Software.

Parental control via a network

This will require the use of filters to put control on your internet device such as; router, or hub.

This methods filters every device connected to the network in your entire household.

Your internet service providers give room for users to control or restrict contents that can be assessed with their network.

You can find out how to set parental control via the network from your service provider

Some of them make use of block 18+ content, and the account holders permission  will be required to change it.

Note that this type of control does not apply to a wi-fi network, except the wi-fi connection is also set on parental control.

It is therefore recommended that you combine parental control via a network with device parental control.

Parental control via the device

In this type of parental control, the device in use is used to control the activities on a particular device.  Once it is set, it will work no matter the network connection.

You can set up a profile on the phone for every individual according to their level.

Parental control via software

This involves the use of apps to restrict your child’s online activities.

There are a number of free parental control apps for android that can be used to ensure the children are free from the risk of exposure to harmful content online.

There are other means of applying parental control such are parental control chrome, parental control Google,  and parental control YouTube.

You can learn to set parental control on youtube, google and Chrome.

You can apply the three-levels of parental control, for best result.


There are a number of parental control software that is compatible with an android device.

These apps for parental control helps you to keep an eye on your child’s activities online.

Below is a list of some apps for parental control on an android device;

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parental control software for smart devices. It prevents children from accessing harmful content online.

It also has a time management app that is used to control the time spent on the device.

It has a free and premium version.

  • Spyrix Free Keylogger is a parental control app that does monitoring work. The Premium pack restricts the child’s online activities, but the free version monitors the child’s online activities and lets you know what the child is up to.

Other parental control apps suitable for android are;

Net Nanny Parental Control

Norton family



Screen Time

ESET Parental Control for Android



To turn on parental control on your android device, visit Google play store,  download and install your choice App.

Sign up and follow the instructions to set up the App.

You can also set up parental control on play store to prevent your children from downloading inappropriate Apps.


Parental control can also be enabled on your Android phone, as we have seen above.

To do this simply go to Settings on the phone, then navigate to Users, and click on Add user or profile.

You will be given some options to choose from, click on Restricted profile.

Choose your preferred security option; PIN, pattern, or password.

Create a password, PIN, or pattern for the account. If you also have a password enabled on the device this step might not be necessary.

You will be required to either turn ON or OFF the existing Apps on the phone. Using the toggle button, turn off the ones you don’t want your children to access and live the rest on.

Choose a profile name and input it in the dialogue box on your screen, and click OK.

If you follow the steps above, you will create a profile for your child(ren).  They can access only the Apps enabled within their profile.


Parental control apps are used to track a child’s online activities, such as chats, calls, text messages.

Some can track their location, prevent them from visiting harmful sites, and set a limit on the amount of time they spend on the internet.

However, as good as these apps for parental control are; they cannot take the place of wise counsel and instructions from parents and guardian.

Parental control apps are more effective when combined with constant counselling and monitoring.

Which parental control App do you use and why?

Please let us know in the comment section.

Thank You.

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