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PS4 Controller Input Lag

PS4 Controller input lag – When you’re playing a game and it feels like your controller is just slightly off, that’s input lag, or controller lag.

It can be very frustrating to deal with, especially if you’re playing an online game and need to react quickly.

This delay can be detrimental to your success.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to fix PS4 controller input lag, but you must first understand how it impacts your gaming experience.

This article explains why PS4 controllers lag and how you can fix it.

What is PlayStation 4 Input lag?

PS4 Controller input lag is the time between a PS4 controller’s button press and the corresponding action on-screen.

Simply put, PS 4 Controller input lagging is when the input on your controller fail to register or registers later than they should on the game.

Your PlayStation may be experiencing lagging or disconnecting if you notice that each input you make does not have a corresponding action on screen, or you notice a delay in response time.

Input lag is usually obvious, so if you have ever observed that your inputs behave differently than usual, keep reading to figure out why, PS4 Controller lagging occurs, and how to fix the problem.

Cause of Input Lag on PS4 |Why the PS4 controller lag?

I have heard so many people complaining about the controllers lags, they are continually asking “ why is my PS 4 Controller lagging’’ but no one seems to be able to give an answer about why this controller lag happens.

The PS4 Controller is an excellent controller. It has a great shape and all the buttons are easy to reach.

However, some people have issues with lag when using it.

Is it a problem with ps4 console or is it a problem with the game system.

There are many reasons for this happening; I’ll try to explain some of them here.

PS4 controllers often experience lag and latency issues when connected over a wireless connection.

There is no doubt that Sony has taken its time in rectifying the issue, but there are some workarounds available to fix the problem until an official patch is released.

Low Battery : In some cases, it has been observed that dual shock 4 loses connectivity as the battery life goes down, which can lead to input lag or delay in input registration.

Internet Connectivity issue: Because PS4 operates on the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth spectrum, there could be inference from nearby Wi-Fi connections.

Hardware Issues where by some of the buttons are not responding as they should.

Firmware Issues.

Then, check out these tips for fixing input lag on your PS4 controller.

How To Fix The Issues Of Input Lag on PS4 | PlayStation 4 disconnecting

1.Check to ensure the controllers is well charged, since low battery could lead to delay in your controller’s response time.

2.You many need to disconnect or remove other wireless or Wi-Fi enabled devices within your vicinity such as phones, PS4 hard drive with a USB 3.0 connection, PCs.

3.Turn your PS4 Controller upside down and clean it proper to get rid of dust particles and other foreign matter that might be trapped, which could lead to input lag.

 4.Disconnect and reconnect your PS4 controller

5.Try wired connection: You can connect your PlayStation 4 to a Controller via a USB cord, play the game for a while to see if the issues will continue.

6.You can reset your controller to see if that will fix the input lag issue. Simply press the reset button using a sharp object.

7.Restart ps4 controller

8. If your console hard drive is taking up a lot of space, you might need to consider clearing some things to create space, as this could also lead to input lag on PS4.

To do this, simply go to your console Settings > Memory.

A popup appears, displaying the memory status of your PS4 console.

You have the option of removing any file, go ahead and select the file you wish to delete then click on Options>Delete.

9. The PS4 controller database might be responsible for the input lag issues.

To fix this you will need to rebuild the database, this will fix the lag and disconnecting issues, and improve the overall functionality of the console.

10. Check for the latest update

You controller might be the problem, may be it is already worn. Just check with another controller, if works then you might consider a replacement.

Peradventure the input lag continues on another controllers, then, the issues might be with your console.

You can upgrade Your PlayStation to PS5.

PS4 controller Lagging On Android Device [Fixed]

When you’re playing a game and all of a sudden the controls seem to be lagging, it can be very frustrating.

The most common fix for lag in games is to restart the device and play offline.

Sometimes this solves your problem, but if not there are other ways to solve your problem.

Update Your System : If your Android phone or tablet has been sitting on your shelf for months or years with little use, you might need to update its system software.

Another way to fix the PS4 Controller lag issues on Android device is by installing Bluetooth Auto Connect.

The most interesting and amazing feature of the Ps4 console is its ability to effortlessly connect to any Android device via Bluetooth.

1.On your Android device, you’ll need to install the ‘Bluetooth Auto Connect’ application.

2.Because the app isn’t available on Google Play, make sure you allow ‘Unknown Sources’ on your device.

3.Please launch the app and scroll down once you have it.

4.Select ‘Connect Now’ from the ‘Advanced Options’ menu, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

5.This should resolve your lag issues with the PS4 controller on Android.


If you experience input lag on your PS4 controller, there are a number of things you can check to ensure it’s not your controller.

We’ve covered the most common solutions here so that you can fix the issue as quickly as possible and get back to gaming!

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!