How To Change the PS4 Controller LED Light Bar Colors

PS4 Controller LED Light Bar Colors

PS4 Controller LED Light Bar Colors.

Have been looking for how to alter the color of your PS4 controller’s LED light  without having to go through 



the connect two controllers and sign-in process.

If yes, then you are in the right place.

It is possible to adjust the lighting in an aesthetically pleasing manner using computer.

The DualShock controller LED doesn’t just offer information about device charging; it also has certain

interactive abilities. 

The LED lights bar color on your Dual shock4 serves as charge or immersion indicators in most games.



In this post, you will learn how to change the colors of LED in the PS4 controller, and spice up your setup with some light.

How To Change The PS4 Controller Led Color

They can be used to increase immersion in some games by portraying character damage or chase, for example.
Learn how to alter the color of the PS4 controller’s light.
The PS4 system lacks native function to modify the color pattern of the control’s LED. 
To do so, go to and download the input mapper
program to your computer.
After you’ve finished the installation, follow the steps below to change ps4 controller light bar color.

How to Make Change In the PS4 controller Light Color

Plug the PS4 controller into the USB port of your Computer with the help of a PS4 USB cord.
Then open the input mapper program, and  Select Profiles from the menu on the left side.
Next, tap on New Profile.
Click on Configuration.
From the lightbar settings, choose how you want the light to be;
Choosing the Charging Mode will change the LED color while charging.
The Fully Charged Mode option will change the LED light color when it is fully charged.
Finally, the Discharging Mode will change the LED light bar when the battery is low.
When you are through, click on the Save button to save the changes you have made.

PS4 Controller LED lights

It’s not exactly new to add LED lights to your system or controller, which is where Lightberry comes in.
Light berry is set of LED lights that link to your PlayStation VR and react to what’s happening on screen.
This implies that if you view movie or play game, you will see reduced light show. 
Originally designed to run on the Raspberry Pi, you can purchase an HDMI connection to connect it to your PlayStation with ease. 
This, of course, entails not disassembling or soldering anything.
All you have to do now is open the box and follow the instructions to install your new lights, and they’ll take care of the rest.

How To Alter The PS4  LED Bar Lighting Color

Each logged-in user on the PS4 is assigned separate color, so gamers that are playing at the same moment 
have separate lighting on each controller.
The PS4’s LED color scheme is as follows: blue for the first user, red for the second, green for the third, and purple 
for the fourth.
To assign one of these colors to your user, follow the instructions below.
First, if you don’t have any more than your own three users in addition to your primary, establish new one.
Use one of them to log in. 
Your controller will become blue when the first user logs on.

Change the user to the next, which will follow the color scheme described above: blue, red, green, and purple.

In the relevant place of the color you desire in the control, you will need to connect with your main account.
Make your primary user the third to enter the PS4 if you want the LED with green lighting, which is the third in the list of colors.

That’s all there is to it; now you can enjoy the new look of the control as desired.





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