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PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected Fix

Ps4 Lan Cable Not Connected | Why is my PS4 LAN cable not connected?

The message ‘PS4 lan cable not connected issue first surfaced a few years ago and it still affects a few devices.



Many people are yet  to discover a solution and must rely on Wi-Fi.

It is critical to have a thorough understanding of it in order to address the problem.

Once that’s done, you can use a LAN cable to maintain a constant high-speed internet connection.

This Post shows your why Lan Cable keeps disconnecting and how to you fix a disconnected LAN cable on PS4 in simple steps.

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Why does my LAN cable keep Disconnecting?

How To Fix “PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected”



This disorder is caused by a variety of factors. This message has been reported by some PS4 Pro customers shortly after updating their PS4 firmware, but for some, the problem was a defective cable or ethernet port. We’ve addressed every known solution in this tutorial, so you’ll be able to easily fix whatever is causing “PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected.”

Just know that you might need to try several or all of the methods we’ve provided. You may need to reload the firmware, modify the PS4 DNS, or change the dynamic internet Protocol with a static IP. Both techies and newbies with very little tech experience will find our clear methods very easy to follow.

1.Reboot Your Router

This is a simple, straightforward and effective options. After 10 seconds, unplug the router’s power cable and reconnect it.

Allow the  router to reboot before continuing with the steps below.

Select Use a LAN Cable from Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection, then click “Easy” to see the “Internet Settings Updated” message.

Note: If this doesn’t work, try restarting the router as well as the PS4.

2. Plug the Lan Cable into the Port “Halfway “Through



This solution works if the PS4 LAN port has been destroyed.

Simply enter the LAN cable “halfway” into the port and stop before the “click,” and the PS4 should recognize the cable.

3. Change The DNS Settings on PS4

DNS means ‘Domain Name System,’ and replacing it with either Cloudflare’s or Google’s DNS may fix the issue and can also improve the internet speed. .

To set up an internet connection, Follow the steps to change your DNS

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Setup internet connection.
  2. Select LAN Cable.
  3. Then Choose Custom.
  4. Select Automatic IP Address Configuration
  5. DHCP Hostname is not required.
  6. Select Manual under the DNS Settings menu.
  7. Enter ( as the primary DNS address and ( as the secondary DNS address.
  8. Choose Automatic Under MTU Settings.
  9. Use of a proxy server is not recommended.
  10. At this stage, you can test/check your internet connection to be sure it is working.

4. Configure a PS4 Static IP Address

Static IPs, like dynamic IPs, do not change when your router is restarted; they are permanent. You must modify your PS4’s local IP address (this method will not change your public IP address.)

View the status of your connection by going to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.
Go back and write down the following; your IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
Select Set Up Internet Connection then Use a LAN Cable from the menu.
On the next screen, pick Custom and then Manual.



Now you must input your IP address; remember that you do not have to provide the exact IP address; instead, provide the first three numbers of your IP address and a number between 2 and 255 as your last number. After you’ve entered the IP, you’ll need to paste the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway you copied previously.

Select one of the choices below:

MTU which means Maximum Transmission Unit.

Do not use a proxy server.

It should say successful when you test your internet connection. Connect the LAN wire now, and the PS4 should identify it.

4. Rebuild the PS4 database

In rare circumstances, rebuilding the database can resolve the LAN cable issue. Depending on how much data you have on the disk, it could take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Rebuild the database on your PS4 by following the procedures below.

When the PS4 is turned off, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then wait for the second beep, which will start the console in safe mode.
Using a Micro USB cable, connect your PS4 controller. (The USB charging cord can be used.)
On your controller, press the PlayStation button.
Using the D-Pad, scroll down and press the X button to select “Rebuild Database.”



You will now see a loading screen; wait until it is finished before returning to the home screen.
Now login and connect your PS4 to the internet through a LAN cable. If any of the games you purchased have vanished from your library, you can get them back by following the instructions below:

When you do this, make sure you’re logged into the PlayStation Network.

To restore licenses, go to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses and click Restore.

What Should You Do If Everything Goes Wrong?

Don’t give up if none of the options worked for your LAN cable problem. We’ve listed some other options below; please let us know if they work for you in the comments section.

If you’re utilizing a CAT 6 or 7 LAN cable, switching to a CAT 5 cable may help.
On the router, try a different port.
If you don’t have a router, try an alternative NAT Router setup if you don’t have one.
Clean the ethernet port if it has accumulated dust.
Check to see whether the Ethernet plug is twisted in any way.

On your PS4, try adjusting the maximum transmission unit (MTU) settings.
Purchase an Ethernet USB dongle and connect it to a USB port on your PS4 device before connecting the LAN connection.
If it works on another device, the network interface connection on the PS4 is defective; if it does not function on other devices, contact your Internet service provider (ISP).
If you’re still having trouble using the LAN cable, try reinstalling the system software. It will erase all of the data on your hard disk, so use it only if nothing else works.

You’ll need a computer connected to an active internet and a USB drive to download the file from PS4’s website in order to reinstall the system software. To reinstall the software, watch the video below and follow the steps.


What is the Best Ethernet Cable for PS4?



The best ethernet networks cable for PlayStation 4 is the DanYee Cat 7. It comes in a variety of lengths and is braided, so it should last for years.

How to connect a PS4 to a network using a LAN cable

Connect one end of an Ethernet wire to a router port and the other end to your PlayStation 4 console.
Turn on both the router and the PS4 console.
Select Settings from the PS4 home screen.
Select Network > Connect to the Internet > Use a LAN Cable > Simple.

PS4 LAN cable keeps disconnecting.

If your LAN cable is working but disconnecting frequently, consider replacing it or connecting it to a new router port. This issue can also be caused by a loose PS4 ethernet port, thus you may need to have it fixed by a Sony repair shop.

How to Fix It When Your PS4 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Check your Wi-Fi password to make sure it’s right.
Restart both modem and router if necessary.
Restart your PS4 console.
Close the distance between your PS4 and the wi-fi router.
Change your PS4’s DNS settings.

How do I get my LAN cable to work on my PS4?

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