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ReverbNation  For Artists.

Are you an artist who have produced beautiful songs or albums but don’t have an audience for them?

Have you been looking for promotional tools to grow your music career in the digital world and increase your fan base?

If yes, then this post is for you.

ReverbNation is a platform for artists or simply put stage performers of all kinds who want to gain traction in the industry.

The site has been a rewarding platform for many artists for over a decade now.

Artists who wish to sign up on the platform can insert their logo, songs, and album covers in order to reach huge fans.

In this post, I will do a quick review on ReverbNation, its features, mode of operation, pricing etc.

So stay jiggy and let’s roll!

What Is ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a site for music artists who want to gain connection and enjoy fame. It was designed specifically to give music artists exposure.

It records over 3 million audiences including, managers,  fans, record labels, and artists. They presently cover over 190 countries.

It was founded by Lou Plaia, Michael Doernberg, Steve Jernigan, Robert Hubbard, and Jed Carlson, in 2006 in North Carolina.

With over ten (10) years of experience and new innovations in technology and music, they have improved their system to create a system where musicians can source resources and excel in their career.

There are a lot of programs available on the platform that can help artist advance their music career, some of them include; Crowd Review, Gig Finder, Band Equity etc.

On the ReverbNation platform, there are free and paid packages for both solo artists, and bands that may wish to use the site to grab opportunities.

Features of ReverbNation

The ReverbNation account has a lot of amazing features and interesting benefits attached to it. I have listed only a few of them below;

  • Crowd Reviews

The most helpful feature on the platform for me is the Crowd Reviews. it helps artists to discover what people think about their music.

This features honest and detailed feedback about your song’s performance and market appeal from listeners in your genre.

  • Reverb Press Kit (RPK)

The Platform offers RPK; a digital press kit uses to send vital information to managers, labels, agents, and venues so as to get more exposure or to help one book shows.

The kit provides opportunities for music licensing, festivals, and talent identification programs for labels.

It is one of the main ReverbNation services, it is used to book a venue through a GigFinder feature.

The Reverb Press Kit can sometimes include customisable statistics and traits regarding a band’s online presence.

It has a lot of other benefits such as using the Fan Collector Widget to get emails online.

Also, the Fan Reach can be used to design, send and track email via Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Promote It

The ReverbNation also has another interesting feature called ‘Promote It’. This unique feature delivers targeted ads for bands or artists in so many music hotspots all over the web, such as on Facebook and YouTube.

All you need to do is to provide ReverbNation with some information, and they will create ads and a custom landing page for you.

Their Ads are optimised in a way that artists get the maximum number of fan interactions possible.

How To Sign Up On ReverbNation

Before you can begin to enjoy the benefits of the Reverbnation site,  you need to create your own profile, verify your account, and start interacting with the vast community.

ReverbNation Pricing and Plans

The ReverbNation platform offers both Free and paid profile.

The free profile offers artists the possibility of unlimited songs, and the ability to sell their music, and set their gig finder.

It also provides an email account that comes with social marketing, embedded players and a Facebook app.

The paid option comes in two different packages;

Basic Plan – $12.95

This plan includes bonuses such as the RPK, an ad-free profile, large song uploads (up to 100 MB), and an increase of email contacts in a range of 1,000 – 50,000.

Premium – $19.95

The Premium platform comes with a website with a free domain. It also allows users to add the digital distribution service, music publishing administration service with unbranded embeds, and a lot more.

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