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What Is RootPa

RootPA on android-  What is rootpa?

A number of persons have confronted us with the above question. It possible you have seen this app on your device and wondered what is it.

The name Rootpa raises a lot of questions  particularly concerning the word root.

For clarity, rooting a device entails gaining access to the kernel of its operating system. Is Making My Samsung Device slow.

Once this is done,  you’ll be able to delete preinstalled programs and install certain sorts of apps that can tamper with your system and others that merely require your OS to be rooted, all at the expense of your device’s security.

What is RootPa Android?

RootPA is an ARM trustzone application that provides security-related functions.

It comes preinstalled on Android phones. It improves access logs and monitoring security.

Rootpa also aids in the protection of sensitive data stored in storage.

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Simply said, it’s an app that provides security features like secure storage and security assistance for other apps.

Why Is RootPa On My Phone?

RootPA is a built-in program for Android smartphones with ARM CPUs and ARM Mali GPUs.

It provides security applications for protecting sensitive data from hackers and other harmful user agents  utilizing the ARM TrustZone technology.

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The RootPA app is designed to work on ARM architectures and is there for security measures such as access to logs, which allows you to monitor how your phone is performing over the network and, more importantly, to keep the storage space specifically saved to manage sensitive data of the system secure.

RootPa comes very handy in a variety of situations. It has more benefits than drawbacks

Below are some of the uses

Allows for safe storage.

Access to logs and monitoring is made easier using this tool.

Downgrading apps

Controlling the charging

Assist with device security.

Ends the misbehaving process.

Permissions Required By This Application

RootPa does not require any permission.

Every Android app requires users to approve specific permissions in order to function on their device, although 
certain inherent system apps do not.
RootPA is an example of an app that doesn’t need any permissions to run. 
No Permissions Required” displays  in the app’s permissions.
Go to Settings Apps Show System Apps > RootPA to see what permissions the app requires.

Is RootPA Safe or Is It a Virus?

Users are frightened when they see the word “Root” because they fear the software can be used to acquire root access to their device, however this is not the case.

RootPA is not a virus, rather it is a safe application. It doesn’t harm your device in any way.

This program does not allow others to obtain root access to your device, and it does not spy on your data, so it is not a hacking tool or spyware.

The main goal of this program is to keep your phone safe by safeguarding the hardware, such as the processors and kernel.

It’s a preinstalled program that’s perfectly safe to have on your phone or tablet.

Can I uninstall Rootpa app on android?

No and Yes.

RootPA cannot be uninstalled, and there is no way to disable it. You may be able to remove them from rooted devices, but this is not feasible on non-rooted devices.

Because RootPA is hardware security program, removing it from your device makes it vulnerable to viruses and 
hacker attacks.
As result, it is not advised that you remove this software from your device.
You can delete the RootPA program by connecting your device to Windows PC and using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) software, or you can use the System App Remover app, however this technique involves rooting your device.
The two methods for deleting this app from your smartphone are listed below.

Uninstall RootPA Using Android Debug Bridge(ADB)

ADB gives you the opportunity to access Unix shell on your Android device and run commands right from there.
To utilize ADB, you’ll need Windows computer.
This method does not necessitate rooting your device.
1. To find out more about your phone, go to Settings System About phone.
2. To activate Developer Optionstap the Build number seven times.
3. To open Developer Options, return to the main Settings menu and press Developer Options.
4. Enable USB debugging. by simply clicking on it.
5. Download and Install ADB on your computer.
6. Make folder out of the ZIP file.
7. Open that folder after extracting the ZIP file.
8. Right-click in blank spot while holding down the shift key.
9. Select “Open Powershell window here”from the drop-down menu.
10. Type ”adb devices” at the command prompt.
11. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB data cable and select File Transfer as the USB option.
12. A USB debuggingmessage will appear on your phone; press OK to authorize debugging access.
13. Re-enter theadb devicescommand.
14. The serial numberof your device should now be shown in the Powershell window.
15. Wait few seconds after running the command adb shell pm uninstall –user 
Your device will show that the app has been uninstalled.

How To Unistall RootPa Using System App Remover.

System App Remover is a program that allows you to remove system programs from your computer.

This app can only be used if your device has been rooted. This article will show you how to root your Android handset.

The System App Remover application can be downloaded and installed.

Launch the System App Remover program, search for the RootPA app, then tick the checkbox next to it to select it.

To uninstall the program altogether, tap the Uninstall option.

How To Fix RootPA APK Has Stopped?

The error message “Unfortunately, RootPA has stopped” appears when the RootPA app malfunctions or crashes.

It happens because Cache files have become overloaded or corrupted.

To fix it follow the steps below;

1. Clear RootPA App Cache and Data

2. Force Stop the RootPA App

3. Force Stop the RootPA App

4. Disable RootPA Using Titanium Backup


If you have any further questions or concerns about what RootPA is and what it is used for, let us know in the comment section.
It will be greatly appreciated.

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