Samsung Push Service: How To Use Samsung Push Service For Free -The Ultimate Guide.

Samsung Push Service

What is Samsung Push Service? What is the Samsung Push Service? Either of these questions represents most Samsung Users Concern, and it has been addressed in this post, with a lot more additions.

Samsung Push Service is a free marketing service for Samsung devices.



If have ever wondered what’s Samsung push service, or what the push service in Samsung is used, then this post is for you.

Samsung Push Service is the best alternative to Google Cloud messaging.

With it you can send messages, reminders, alerts and push notifications to all your customers who have downloaded your application even if they are not using it at the moment.

One of the best things about this service is that you can send messages to multiple devices at once with just one click.

The push notifications can be customized closely to match your app’s look and feel.

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What is Samsung Push Service App and Do I Need It?

Samsung Push Service app is a pre-installed software on Samsung phone that sends brand-specific messages.

Samsung Push service is a free service by Samsung.

Most Samsung phones have it installed from factory, while some don’t.

It is an amazing feature in Samsung Phones that is worth experiencing; it offers a convenient method to keep you up to date on everything Samsung.

If you are the type that use a lot of Samsung app, then you definitely will be needing this App.



So, if it doesn’t already exist on your phone, you have nothing to worry about, just head straight the Google owned Play Store, and have it downloaded and installed on your device.

Functions of The Push Service App -What Does The Samsung Push Service App do.

A number of have sent us questions like “What is Samsung Push Service Used For?”

The answer to this is that it gives updates on all apps in the Samsung family.

Also, if you happen to be one of those that use a lot of Samsung apps, you’ll appreciate the fact that Samsung Push Service sends you notifications for all of them.

Continue reading to find out what Samsung Push Service is used for, how to enable or disable the app.

Benefits of Samsung Push Service

The app is only 13MB, so it does not take a lot of space.



This app’s pop-up window notification provides a brief reminder from any of Samsung’s services.

When you get a notification from a Samsung service, the app displays an unread notification badge so you don’t forget about it.

As we all know, that whatever has an advantage, also has a disadvantage, in this section we are going to see some of the downsides of the push service app by Samsung.

Disadvantages of the Samsung Push Service App.

It drains your battery.

It takes up some storage space, though not much.

It requires frequent updates to get the best of it.

How To Download Samsung Push Service.

Downloading the Samsung push Service app is not difficult.



Just head straight to the Google Play Store.

Enter the Name “Samsung Push Service” in to the search bar,

From the Search result, select the app, and click on install.

Wait for it to download and install, then launch it open, and start enjoying the services.

How To Enable Samsung Push Service: Samsung Users Guide.

To enable Samsung push service app, simply follow the steps below;

Navigate to Settings > Apps > Show Systems App > Samsung Push Service> Notification.

Turn on Notification by sliding the toggle button beside the ON.



This will turn off the Samsung push service.

How To Disable Samsung Push Service

Uninstalling the app means you won’t receive notifications again, hence it is not recommended.

However if you don’t use Samsung apps, you might not notice a change after disabling the Samsung push service app, but if you are like me that use a lot of Samsung apps, you will not to remove it, except you are ready to monitor your Samsung apps manually.

To disable Samsung push service app, simply follow the steps below;

Navigate to Settings > Apps > Show Systems App > Samsung Push Service> Notification.

Turn off Notification by sliding the toggle button beside the ON.

This will turn off the Samsung push service.



Alternatively, you can use the Disable Button, once you locate the Samsung Push Service following the steps above.

Or Click on Setting > Connections > Data Usage > Mobile Data Usage


So by now you know how to use Samsung Push service for free.

It’s a great way to share your files with anyone who has an email account, regardless of what type of device they are using.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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