How To Send Direct Message on Instagram To All Followers

Send Direct Message on Instagram

How To Send Direct Message on Instagram To All Followers.

Instagram  Direct Message or DM as mostly used, is a very effective way to message messages to your followers  especially if you they are not much, but for people or brands with high followership, this might not work.

So if you have been lookin for a way to either how to a send DM to all your Followers on Instagram then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will show you  how you can send a message to all of your followers.

How to Send Direct Message to All Instagram Followers

 Send Direct Message On Instagram Via Group Chat

This a great alternative to the mass DM feature, and it gives the same result., but there are few issues with this strategy, though. 

You must understand that this group chat can only accommodate certain number of individuals.

Even though there is no restriction on the amount of followers you can have on Instagram,  private Instagram account can only create a group chat for a maximum of 32 users,  while for an Instagram business account is only permitted to add up to 100 persons to group chat.

The steps to setting up group chat on the Instagram platform  are as follows:
1: Launch the Instagram app on your  device and log in with your details, this will take you to your home page automatically.
2:From you homepage  click on the message symbol at the upper right upper of your screen to access your Direct Messages.
3: In the DMs tab, Tap on square icon with pencil drawn diagonally on it to start writing new message.
4: When your message is ready, you will choose the recipient of this message, once you select more that one recipient, the chat  will automatically become group chat.
5: Once you’ve selected all the people you want to send the message to, touch the Chat button this page, and you’ll then notice
that group has been created.
6: From from point on, every message you type in this chat will be sent to everyone in the group. 

 One challenge with this method is that just like WhatsApp group chat, everyone in the group will know that have been added to a group chat and not a direct personal message, so there nothing special about the message, since  it is not personal to the reviver.

Forward Message to All Your Followers

You can also type the message once and keep forwarding it to all of your followers without creating a group chat or adding them to an existing group. 
Forwarding an Instagram DM is simple and straightforward
You only need to long-press on the discussion where you wrote and sent this message to open it.
When you do so, these  three options (Reply, Report, More) will appear at the bottom of your screen:
When you tap More, three options will appear, the first of which is Forward in this instance. 
If you choose this, list of all your followers will be displayed for you to choose from.

The fact that you may only forward a message to 5 individuals at once is the primary problem, though. This would imply that doing so will require considerably more time, depending on how many of your followers you have, to complete the task.

Go ahead if that sounds manageable to you. However, there are some third-party programs that you can use to send bulk DMs as well, in the unlikely event that it doesn’t. In the part after this, we’ll discuss these.


Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites for numerous reasons, but the messaging feature isn’t one of them.
The best way to ensure you have trustworthy communication channel with your followers is to use SMS. 
Your followers already interact with your material on their phones.
The good news? You can always rely on us because we are independent of Facebook if Instagram ever has another outage.

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